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The Tibetan Spaniel Price: Average to Pricey

It’s hard to resist the oh-my-goodness face of a Tibetan Spaniel. Once you see one, you just have to have one.

But how much should you expect to spend on one?

The Tibetan Spaniel price ranges from $1,600 to upwards of $4,500. This if you buy from a breeder. Adoptions or Rescue can be significantly cheaper (see below).

Photo of a Tibetan Spaniel on the Run outside | Playful Temperament

If this seems like something you can manage, you should double-check that this breed’s temperament is a good match before you commit.

You certainly don’t want to spend thousands on a dog who won’t fit in with the family.

In addition to temperament, let’s look at a few aspects of the Tibetan Spaniel to help you decide whether this is the right breed for you.

The Tibetan Spaniel, Up Close

A breed’s history can you give you some insight into what you can expect from today’s pups.

For instance, early Tibetan Spaniels worked in monasteries as guard dogs.

Their impeccable eyesight allowed them to see over great distances. And if they saw anything unusual, they would bark to alert the monks.

At night, they would sleep with the monks to help keep them warm.

So right there, that tells you that the Tibetan Spaniel makes a good guard dog and a warm bed buddy.

Tibetan Spaniel Temperament and Personality

Here are some of the more common personality traits that you can typically observe of any Tibetan Spaniel.

See if any of these traits either encourage or dissuade with you respect to your decision to buy.

She’s Affectionate

The Tibetan Spaniel loves spending time with her family.

She hates solitude and is most happy when playing games with her loved ones, either outside or inside.

She’s Determined

When the Tibetan Spaniel has her sights set on something, it takes a lot to pull her away.

She loves a challenge, and she will spend hours trying to master it.

Her interaction with puzzle toys, for example, makes her an absolute joy to watch.

She’s also incredibly self-confident and will often lead the way for you.

She May Act Reserved

If you do not socialize her early and often, you could end up with a dog who’s suspicious of everyone she meets. She can’t help it – it’s the guard dog in her.

If someone comes up to her and starts babying her, she may try to defend herself and become standoffish.

She’s never aggressive with people, though – she just may not trust your friends until she gets to know them better.

Socialize her as frequently and as early as possible to help her combat her innate sense of distrust.

She’s Smart

The Tibetan Spaniel is definitely one smart cookie. She’s the kind of dog who senses when you’re feeling off and will give you cuddles