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Dog Behaviors

Do Puppies Remember Their Owners?

Yes, puppies do remember their owners. However, dogs’ memories don’t work the same as humans' memories. Therefore, if you gave your puppy away to another owner or even traveled abroad for a long time, leaving them behind, they’ll still remember you. On the other hand, if you’re the new owner, there’s no need to worry,…

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Do Puppies Fight Sleep?

The plain answer is yes; they do fight sleep. Just like humans, puppies may fight sleep due to issues with their physical well-being, emotional well-being, or just crankiness. Whenever your puppy’s head drops unconsciously, and then they snap it back up, that’s an indicator that they’re trying to fight sleep. However, you shouldn’t be alarmed.…

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Does Music Help Puppies Sleep?

Yes, music plays a helpful role in your puppy's slumber. It's common for a baby dog to be restless when you first take them home. It's because they need to adjust to the new environment they've just been introduced to. So, to calm your pup's nerves,