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Collie Temperament – What Made Lassie So Smart?

The Collie temperament, highlighted in the movie, “Lassie”, and detailed below, is quite unique and is part of the reason why the Collie is such a great family dog.

A Rough Collie

A Brief History of the Collie Breed

Before we delve into the Collie temperament, let's take a quick look back at his history. After all, a dog's history often has quite the effect on how his temperament develops over time.

Experts believe the Collie originated in Scotland in the late 1800s as a sheepherder.

A number of breeds originated from the Collie. Some, like the Border Collie, continue to share his name, while the Australian Cattle Dog and about a dozen others do not.

To be clear, you should take any reference here to a “Collie” to mean either a Rough Collie or a Smooth Collie. The only significant difference between the two is their fur. Else, there is no difference between a Rough Collie temperament and a Smooth Collie temperament.

Collie Temperament, Personality and Other Interesting Facts

If you want to bring a Collie home the following temperament and personality traits will help you decide if this breed is a good fit for you.

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Intelligent and Trainable

Collies are highly intelligent and very trainable. Housetraining is generally easy with a Collie. If you are into agility and obedience training, then you will find your Collie to be extremely responsive.

Their intelligence, however, means that you must vary up their training regime to keep it challenging and fun. This is not a mindless dog who is going to feel satisfied doing repetitive tasks all day.

The Collie’s intelligence also demands regular doses of mental stimulation. If his home is a farmhouse surrounded by a border of forests, then daily walks on different paths are probably going to be enough.

However, a Collie who has his home in a typical suburb will require a little more effort on your part. Check out “Ten Fun Ways to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog” to get some good ideas.


Sensitive and Responsive

The Collie could very well be the most sensitive breed on the planet. Along with their sensitivity, they have a strong desi