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Understanding the Dogo Argentino Temperament and Other Breed Characteristics

Pet owners often describe the typical Dogo Argentino temperament as a bit of a dual personality.

These powerful dogs can be outgoing and amiable around people and children. However, they are often territorial around other dogs.

Dogo Argentinos (also called Dogos) are strong, yet gentle. They are also fearless hunters and loving companions.

Before adding a Dogo to your family, you should ensure that you understand their temperament and personality.

Most Common Traits of the Dogo Argentino

Dogos often receive an unfair reputation due to their similarity to the American Pitbull.

Dog owners often introduce these animals as family pets and protectors of children. However, both breeds are known to get aggressive in certain situations.

If you are thinking about caring for one of these remarkable dogs, examine the most common Dogo Argentino characteristics.


Loyalty is at the top of the list of recognizable Dogo Argentino temperament traits. These dogs are loyal animals that tend to develop strong bonds with their owners and family.

Due to the loyal Dogo Argentino temperament, these dogs make great family pets. They also do well around children, when introduced at a young age.

When properly trained, they are very obedient and devoted to their owners.


Loyalty is a positive aspect of the Dogo Argentino temperament. However, when combined with the territorial nature of the dog, they can become overly protective around strangers.

The protective Dogo Argentino temperament occurs when these dogs do not have defined boundaries. It is up to the owner to establish rules and correct bad behavior.

For example, when your dog barks at a stranger, you need to redirect their energy to something else, such as obeying a command.

Strong Willed

While the Dogos are often loyal, they are also strong-willed and a little independent. They need owners that can assert themselves as pack leaders.

Showing assertiveness requires you to remain calm. If you are loud or act erratically, your dog is less likely to follow your commands.

Patience is also essential to the training process with stubborn dogs. Strong-willed breeds such as the Dogo Argentino, may suddenly decide that they do not want to train anymore. If they get tired of the training routine, you should not force it.

Give your dog a break when he or she starts to lose interest. Within an hour of rest, your dog should be ready for another training session.


The Dogo Argentino is an intelligent breed. These dogs love to learn and pick up new commands relatively quickly compared to similar breeds.

Dog owners should take advantage of this intelligence. Starting training early helps ensure that your dog develops positive behavior.

However, you also need to keep in mind that these dogs are strong-willed. While they learn quickly, they also need an owner to take command.


The Dogo Argentino tends to love his or her family. These dogs crave physical attention from their owners.

It is not uncommon for this breed to like nuzzling, cuddling, and getting close to the family. Your dog may even seem loving to other pets in your household, including cats, when raised together.


The Dogo Argentino is a territorial animal. If a stray cat or dog enters your yard, you may witness a fight. It is hard to remove the territorial nature from this breed, especially when it comes to your yard.

This breed may also exhibit territorial behavior around visitors. While you may want your dog to bark at strangers that approach your house, they should stop not act territorial when you invite guests into your home.

When a guest arrives, you should command your dog to sit. With repetition, you can train your Dogo Argentino to wait patiently to greet visitors. You should also allow your visitors to feel at home. If they remain calm and comfortable, your dog is more likely to remain calm.


While these dogs often appear calm, they are full of energy. Your Dogo Argentino may get easily excited by visitors, the mail carrier, and other animals.

Without proper training, it is difficult to calm an excited Dogo Argentino. Their energy and excitement may keep them from listening to commands, which is why owners need to train this breed from an early age.

These dogs are best suited for active households. They require regular exercise to help burn off some of their energy. This stimulation also supports the strong muscular structure of the Dogo Argentino.


Due to several of the most common aspects of the Dogo Argentino temperament, these dogs can be aggressive. In fact, aggression is one of the traits that the original breeders tried to remove through selective breeding.

Aggressiveness is also part of the Dogo Argentino temperament with other dogs. They do not always socialize well with other dogs.

While aggressiveness is a common trait of this breed, training helps reduce aggressive urges.

Socialization also helps with aggression. When these dogs spend time with other dogs, pets, and people from an early age, they often exhibit less aggression when they mature.


When they detect a threat, these dogs are fearless. They will do anything to protect their territory and their family.

Fearlessness is both positive and negative, depending on when the dog exhibits this behavior. Without fear, the dog is more likely to do something dangerous without thinking.

For example, a Dogo Argentino may chase after a smaller animal, even when their path leads to danger, such as running into the street.


Based on the traits of the Dogo Argentino temperament, you may not expect these dogs to be sensitive. However, these dogs are known to be sensitive in certain situations.

For example, when scolded, your Dogo Argentino may cower or seem overly anxious. They just want to please you and may become nervous when they get in trouble.

Owners should use caution when scolding these dogs. There is never a reason to hit a dog. With the right training techniques, your pet should respond to verbal and physical cues, without the need to hit.

History of the Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino history is an interesting story. Two brothers in Argentina developed this breed through selective breeding, starting in 1925.

The brothers originally started with a Cordoba Dog, which is known for its aggressive disposition and hunting ability. The brothers wanted to remove the aggression and improve the hunting instincts.

They combined the Cordoba Dog with a total of nine other breeds to create the dog that people now call the Dogo Argentino.

The brothers introduced the dog to the public in 1947. The popularity of the breed has grown over the years and you can find them in a variety of settings, including police work and guiding the blind or disabled.

Training Your Dogo Argentino

As mentioned, the Dogo Argentino temperament makes these dogs strong willed. They may get aggressive in the right types of situations. Obedience training is a must for these powerful animals.

The average Dogo Argentino size is 80 to 100 pounds and a lot of that weight is muscle. They are strong animals that need effective training to help reduce the risk of unwanted attacks.

Socialization at an early age is critical. You may not eliminate the aggression completely. However, you can get them used to other pets and people.

When socializing your dog with animals or humans, it is important to remain calm. Your dog can pick up on subtle cues. If you are nervous, the Dogo Argentino is more likely to act aggressively.

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Caring for a Dogo Argentino

Caring for a Dogo Argentino requires more than frequent training. You also need to pay attention to a few potential health issues, exercise and