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dog looking at the shot in worry

Yes, puppies feel sore after shots. It’s the same as how we humans also feel sore after we get the shots. The good news for you and your puppy is that this is a mild side effect that will usually be gone in just a few days. Puppy shots are essential in developing immunity against […] Read more

Presa Canario

The Presa Canario is a big-sized breed that you can buy from a reputable breeder for about $1500 to $3500. However, if you can find one in a shelter, you’ll be lucky to pay only $150 or $500. That said, Presa Canario dogs with breeding rights and show-quality may soar up to $5000 or $7500. […] Read more

Photo of a puppy being petted

Yes, puppies do remember their owners. However, dogs’ memories don’t work the same as humans’ memories. Therefore, if you gave your puppy away to another owner or even traveled abroad for a long time, leaving them behind, they’ll still remember you. On the other hand, if you’re the new owner, there’s no need to worry, […] Read more

puppy on the carpet

The first step in stopping your puppy from chewing the carpet is determining why he’s doing it. Then, you can fix the issue by nursing the puppy, stimulating him, or easing his anxious thoughts. Puppies mostly chew on weird items out of anxiety or when they’re teething. You can easily determine the cause by monitoring […] Read more

Photo of a scammer

Puppy scammers are individuals or businesses who often use stolen photos and false information to advertise puppies for sale. The scammers will then ask for payment via wire transfer or online payment methods, and then disappear once they receive payment. These heartless criminals are experts at preying on unsuspecting pet lovers, and they’re getting increasingly […] Read more

dogs playing

If your puppy is biting you during play, it’s best to nip it in the bud. To do that, you’ll need to use obedience training and desensitization tactics while redirecting this natural urge to a toy. Figuring out how to play with a puppy without encouraging biting is tough, but it’s a crucial skill. Play-biting […] Read more

Photo of a dog drinking milk

Did you know that you can make puppy milk replacers with evaporated milk and goat milk? Ideally, it’s best to use commercial puppy milk formula in case a mother dog can’t nurse her babies. This is because it’s made to mimic the natural milk that a dam produces. However, in emergency situations, you might run […] Read more

sleeping dog

It’s all about a well-planned routine for you and your puppy to get those extra sleeping hours during the weekend. It takes three simple steps—from observing to creating a schedule and finally adjusting while being consistent with the plan. Then, the puppy will follow a correct sleeping schedule without sleeping earlier than he should. How […] Read more

holding a dog

How to carry a puppy? It’s simple, really. All it needs is a bit of know-how. For example, before picking up your puppy, just let him know what you’re about to do. It’ll help avoid startling him and give him time to prepare. Then, slowly pick him up as you support his back and front […] Read more

golden retriever dog and mother

Puppies usually whine and cry when their owner takes them from their mothers. Some puppies whine for only a few hours, while others whine for the first few days. However, if you take a puppy away from his mother after he’s six to eight weeks old, he should be able to tolerate being alone, but […] Read more