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If you’re planning to buy a Lancashire heeler, you must learn everything that will help you raise this breed and keep it happy and healthy. This dog may look like a small and cuddly pet, but you shouldn’t underestimate its physical prowess, intelligence, and hunger to learn new tasks and tricks. This dog will not [...]

You may wind down in your favorite comfy chair or on the sofa to catch up on reading or watch the latest TV show when you may find that your dog has also settled down—on your feet! While this may feel nice and cozy, there are instinctual reasons behind why our dogs do what they [...]

Just as human beings need water for our survival, our furry friends, too, need water to keep dehydration and other health problems at bay and maintain good health. How much water a dog needs depends on many factors. But if you notice your dog drinking less water than usual, it may be a cause for [...]

Caring for a dog is rewarding, but it is not easy. From the time it is a pup until it grows into an adult, you need to keep a constant lookout for how well it is growing, eating, drinking, playing, and so on. A dog’s health and growth are every pet parent’s priority and concern. [...]

Dogs aren’t very picky eaters, and they eat even when they aren’t hungry. So when a dog does not care for any food put in front of it, it is incredibly concerning for its owner. Many things can cause a loss of appetite in dogs. Whatever the reason, you must take action immediately so that [...]

A dog collar is an essential accessory that you need to get for your pet. You can easily find one in different sizes, materials, colors, and styles. But the most crucial consideration is the collar’s fit and how comfortable your dog is when wearing it. A well-fitting dog collar ensures that your canine companion does [...]