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German Shepard Puppy laying against white background

German Shepherds of all ages are typically heavy year-round shedders. Yet, puppies, in particular, will start to shed more when they’re around four to six months old. Not to worry; it’s completely normal. The reason for their noticeable increase in shedding is that this is when they start to grow in a new adult coat. […] Read more

Corgi On Couch

Just like adult corgis, puppies will start shedding from an early age. This rule applies to all different corgi species, such as Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, as Corgi is a double coated breed. Corgis are amazingly cute dogs that are popular for their fur coat shedding, but do Corgi puppies shed too? […] Read more

Closeup small black german shepherd puppies sleep on grass in a garden

When my German Shepherd gave birth, I expected no more than four or five pups.  That seems to be about the average size of a standard litter, and my pup didn’t look particularly big during pregnancy.  Imagine my surprise when out came not five or even six, but nine puppies!  That made me wonder: how […] Read more

Puppy destroying stuffed bear

How Hard Is It to Raise a Puppy? Raising a puppy is arguably one of the hardest jobs that you’ll ever love. Unfortunately, people often confuse living with a dog and raising a puppy. From the outside, living with a pet dog is a magical experience that everyone wants. But, in reality, it takes a […] Read more

Mother feeding her puppies

Mom can be away from puppies for less than two hours in the first four weeks. By week three, the mother may walk away from their puppies for three or four hours at a time but not more. As you approach the four-week mark, the mother can leave her puppies for up to six hours […] Read more

Puppy barking while on a leash in the park

Puppies bark for many reasons, but how long can a puppy bark? A puppy can bark for a whole night without stopping. An adult dog, on the other hand, can bark for days without taking a break! Barking is generally a normal behavior for dogs. It’s their means of communication, and it could sometimes mean […] Read more