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The Tibetan Mastiff is a large dog breed that was originally developed to be a herding dog  and flock guardian for the Tibetan nomads and guard dog in Tibetan monasteries. The breed appeared near the beginning of the 20th century but nearly died out during the years of the first and second world war. Since [...]

The English Bulldog was first developed in the 1800’s. Breeders favoured certain genetic features such as their round heads, their wide chest, and their natural underbite. The practices of breeding these dogs in an attempt to favor these features worked in that the English Bulldog we commonly know today looks quite different from the original [...]

The pocket beagle, also known as a mini beagle, toy beagle or teacup beagle, is a smaller version of the Beagle dog breed. These fun-sized dogs are known for having an incredible sense of smell and are often used as narcotics dogs at airports, in the police force and of course as integral members of [...]

The Canis Panther is a large sized dog breed, that is known to be one of the first designer dogs, and is a mixture of four different dog breeds put together to create one high quality guard dog. Commonly referred to as the “Panther dog”, there are many similarities to both canines and wild predatory [...]

The black German Shepherd is still considered a pure German Shepherd and is not seen as its own separate breed. These dogs are actually very rare, as the recessive gene that produces the all black coat that characterizes black german shepherds rarely takes precedence. These beautiful dogs are a lot harder to find, and as [...]

Dachshund’s have been an incredibly popular breed of dog for decades. These canines, commonly known as sausage dogs, are hound dogs that were originally bred for hunting. They naturally have a strong prey drive, and as a result love to dig and chase anything that moves. There are other dog breeds that are arguably better [...]