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7 Tibetan Spaniel Temperament Traits, and Important Facts Every Owner Should Know

Those familiar with the Tibetan Spaniel temperament say that it makes her seem more like a cat than a dog. For instance, she's curious about everything and will climb on chairs, couches, whatever's available, to see what's going on outside.

Photo of a Black Tibetan Spaniel Sitting in Chair |Inteligent Temperament

However, the Tibetan Spaniel makes it known that she's no cat.

She loves jumping into your lap to lick your face with that long tongue of hers!

A Brief History of the Tibetan Spaniel Dog Breed

Early Tibetan Spaniel dogs were referred to as “Little Lions.”

This was a respectful compliment, earned because of their resemblance to the highly respected Chinese guardian lions of Chinese Buddhism.

Tibetan Spaniels served as guard dogs on monastery walls. Their keen eyesight allowed them to see for long distances, so they could keep a good watch on things.

If they saw anything suspicious, they would bark to warn the monks. They would then sleep with the monks at night to keep them warm.

Tibetan Spaniel Temperament and Personality

The seven must-know traits of the Tibetan Spaniel temperament is that they are:

  1. Determined – When she sets her sights on something, like a challenging toy, she will spend hours trying to master it.
  2. Reserved – If she's not socialized at an early age, she can develop a suspicion of strangers that makes her seem aloof.
  3. Self-confident – She knows where she's going, and she'll lead the way.
  4.  Independent – She marches to the beat of her own drum, which can sometimes get in the way of her obeying your commands.
  5. Playful – She enjoys exercise, but she won't run you into the ground.
  6. Intelligent – She is sensitive to the needs of her family and will give you cuddles if she senses you've had a bad day.
  7. Happy – She is just as happy going for a walk with her family as she is spending a rainy day inside with them.

While the Tibetan Spaniel temperament makes her a great watchdog, she is not in the least bit aggressive with people.

On the contrary, she adores her family. She hates being alone, and she's in her glory when playing games with those she loves.

However, she can become standoffish with people she doesn't know, especially if they're trying to baby her and get in her face.

Photo of an Assertive Tibetan Spaniel Lying Outoors

Socializing her early can break her out of this otherwise distant behavior. She is also great with other animals, provided you introduce her to them early on and allow her to mingle.

One thing she's great at is problem-solving. For instance, if you hide her treats, she'll climb up on the counter,