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Brussels Griffon Temperament: What You Need to Know Before You Bring a Puppy Home

The Brussels Griffon temperament is happy, comical, and intelligent. He is also unmistakable in his appearance – you’ll certainly know a Brussels Griffon when you see one!

The Brussels Griffon is very much like a Terrier, which you will come to learn as you brush up on his behavioral traits and quirks below.

Photo of Brussels Griffon in the Park | Watchful Temperament

Brussels Griffon Temperament and Personality

Brussels Griffon owners know this dog for his sense of humor and human-like expressions. This breed is extremely intelligent, and he has a sense of self-importance that amuses everyone around him. But he can also be a bossy little thing if he doesn’t get his way – something you must curb if you’re ever going to enjoy living together.

Bossy Pants

The Brussels Griffon can be bossy at times and will try to run your household whenever possible. But he is actually a big softy at heart who loves to be around his family.


In fact, when it comes to getting your attention, Griffons can be quite needy. If you’ve ever had a needy child nipping at your heels all day, then you know what this is like. The Griffon too will constantly seek out his family's approval. Wherever you go, expect your Brussels Griffon to follow.

If you ignore him or otherwise refuse him the attention and love he’s looking for, the Griffon will act out and misbehave to make sure your attention is back on him. Even bad attention is good attention for this dog.

That Memory of His!

Like an elephant, the Brussels Griffon has an excellent, long-term memory, especially when it comes to what