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Are You Ready For The Affenpinscher Temperament?

The Affenpinscher temperament is an admirable one.

Photo of Affenpinscher DogHe is a loving dog who pays attention always to any outside threats. Anyone tries to mess with his family, and they will have to deal with him!

A Brief History of the Affenpinscher Dog Breed

The Affenpinscher dog’s name comes from the German word “Affe,” which translates to mean ape or monkey.

This is a fitting description, as the Affenpinscher’s playfulness and tendency to get into mischief is quite like the temperament of a monkey.

He also looks a bit like a monkey.

Early Affenpinschers were slightly larger than today’s Affenpinschers, averaging about 12 or 13 inches tall.

The Germans created the breed to be a ratter or a dog that catches rats in places like kitchens and stables.

Affenpinscher Temperament and Personality

The six must-know traits of the Affenpinscher temperament are that they are:

  1. Stubborn – When he gets in one of his moods, it’s his way or the highway, which can make housetraining difficult.
  2. Curious – A strange noise or something moving around in his peripheral vision will never fail to catch his attention.
  3. Playful – Once he picks out a favorite toy, he can play with it for hours.
  4. Adventurous – He likes seeking out new things to do.
  5. Fun-Loving – Throw a ball, and he’ll chase it, bring it back to you, and wait for you to throw it again…all afternoon.
  6. Active – He loves when you keep him busy, whether it’s playing with him or training him.
Photo of Affenpinscher Dog

And When It Comes to the Affenpinscher Personality

Size Don't Scare Him


He works so hard to protect his family that he thinks nothing of going up against dogs much larger than him.

When he does this, he becomes one of those small dogs that shakes when he’s excited.

His family then has to watch out for him to make sure he’s not getting into any trouble. You must teach him not to taunt animals that are bigger than him and that could hurt him.

If he does become excited at the idea of defending his family, he may take a long time to calm down.

Watch out for the kids

The Affenpinscher is territorial to a fault.

And because he is so territorial, it’s best that he not be