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Want to Get to Know the Skye Terrier Temperament?

Bred to find and kill badgers, foxes, and otters on farms, the Skye Terrier temperament is loyal, good-tempered, and fearless. Skye Terriers make devoted family companions especially to the member they bond with the most. They do well in homes with older children and can be dog selective – especially if you do not raise them with other dogs.

Photo of Happy Skye Terriers on Lawn| Dog Temperament

Hailing from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, the Skye Terrier is an old breed., of which, Queen Victoria was a fan.

She bred and kept Skye Terriers and they eventually became one of the most popular terrier breeds.

Today, the Skye Terrier enjoys life as a loving companion dog.

Skye Terrier Temperament and Personality

The best way to know whether the Skye Terrier is the right kind of dog for you and your family is to examine the aspects of the Skye Terrier temperament.

Let’s take a look at some of the personality traits that make the Skye Terrier a Skye Terrier.

They Show True Terrier Traits

The Skye Terrier dog is a classic Terrier – fearless yet friendly with people they know.

They are clever and sensible as well as incredibly canny.

Like other Terriers, they are also, very independent dogs. If they sense anything “wishy-washy” about you, they will walk all over you like a doormat.

But if you hold your ground, especially while training them, they will learn to respect and listen to you as the leader of your home’s “pack”.

They are Wary of Strangers

True to the Terrier heritage, Skye Terriers are cautious and reserved around strangers.

They tend to study humans carefully and only give affection to those they deem worthy.

Once they decide to give you affection, you have it for life.

However, it is important that you socialize this breed as much as possible while they’re still young, else a switch can flip, and their wariness of strangers can become suspicion.

You run the risk of your dog trusting only you and your family for life if you do not properly socialize him while he’s still young.