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The Norwegian Lundehund Price: A Costly Devil of a Dog

The average price of a Norwegian Lundehund is around $2,000. Yes, that's the hefty sum you will have to pay to bring a Norwegian Lundehund home.

If you’re going to plonk down that much cash, you should know a thing or two about this breed’s temperament before settle on this rare breed.

Norwegian Lundehund Price

What follows is a synopsis containing everything you need to know about the Norwegian Lundehund to help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

The Norwegian Lundehund, Up Close

A breed’s history can increase your interest in selecting a particular breed – especially if it gives you a cool story to share with friends and family.

Take, for instance, the Norwegian Lundehund. These dogs have been around since before the Ice Age even happened!

In fact, early breeders used to use these dogs to hunt puffin. How many breeds out there can you say hunted puffin?

And actually, the “Lunde” in Lundehund translates from Swedish to “puffin”!

At one point, there existed only six Norwegian Lundehunds in the world after a distemper outbreak nearly ended the breed.

So if you do decide to pay the Norwegian Lundehund puppy price, consider yourself lucky that you’re able to get one at all!

Norwegian Lundehund Temperament and Personality

A breed’s temperament is perhaps the most important thing you can familiarize yourself with before you bring a dog home.

After all, there are some pretty negative things out there that you could end up with in your home, like food aggression, clinginess, etc.

Norwegian Lundehund Agility

Here are some things you should know in particular about the Norwegian Lundehund before you make your final decision.

He Has a High Energy Level

The Lundehund’s personality makes him seem like every animal except for an actual dog.

People often mistake the Lundehund for a fox due to his speed and athleticism.

He will play games with himself just for the challenge, like hiding his own toys.

Most dogs prefer you to challenge them – but this one is perfectly happy playing tricks on himself.

He also pounces like a cat, and he enjoys squirreling away food for later.

Definitely not your typical dog, he’ll keep you on your toes, that’s for sure.

He’s Loyal

He loves his family and would do anything for them – even laying down his life, if the situation called for it.

He doesn’t trust strangers right off the bat – better to be cautious.

But if you socialize him early and frequently, he’ll soon understand that not everyone is a threat to his family.

He’s on High Alert…Always

There’s alert, and then there’s the Lundehund.

This dog seems to know what’s going to happen before it even happens.

He is so hypersensitive to his environment that you might find yourself questioning if he really is a fox – or perhaps a feral dog once.

And if he does sense that something is off, he will bark – not with aggression, mind you, but as a warning to back away from his family.

Norwegian Lundehund Size

The size of a Norwegian Lundehund is practically that of a slightly taller fox.

Adult Lundehunds height is between 13 and 15 lbs. and 12 to 14 inches tall.

If this seems like a good size, then by all means, press on!

However, if this breed may be a smidge too small for you, then it’s better to know before you buy.

Norwegian Lundehund Price – How Much Do Norwegian Lundehunds Cost?

The price range of a Norwegian Lundehund tends to, on average, go up from $2,000.

This is because, despite the breed bouncing back after that distemper outbreak, they’re still actually pretty rare in the U.S.

Norwegian Lundehund Portrait Sitting

However, some breeders out there may sell them for slightly less – it all depends on who you choose.

And, of course, Norwegian Lundehund puppies’ price goes down significantly if you choose to adopt or rescue.


Because the Norwegian Lundehund is a rare breed (only about 600 dogs in the U.S.), the price of a Norwegian Lundehund can be astronomical.

What adds to the Norwegian Lundehund price, however, is its demand.

If someone else wants one of these dogs at the same time you do, the increase in demand will encourage some breeders to charge more for their pups.

That’s why it’s important to find out how rare a breed is before you head out to buy one.

Rarity and demand play a big part in how much you can ultimately expect to pay for a particular breed.

Norwegian Lundehund Rescue and Adoption

If you’re not sure where to adopt or rescue a Norwegian Lundehund, check out the Norwegian Lundehund Association of America, Inc.

This organization does all they can to re-home Norwegian Lundehunds and give them a good life.

You can contact the organization for more information, including possible local rescues near you.

You can also check your local animal shelters to see if they have any Norwegian Lundehunds – or Lundehund mixed breeds – up for adoption.

If you strike out, don’t give up. A shelter’s “stock” changes frequently, and you never know when they’ll get a Lundehund in.

Let them know if you’re interested in a mixed breed, as this may reduce the amount of time you’ll have to wait for a pup.

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Norwegian Lundehund Cost of Ownership

Sure, everyone knows they’ll need to budget for food when they bring home a new pet, but what about those other costs of ownership that can sink a budget?

For instance, what if the dog you bring home has a lot of health problems, or even just one long-term one? This increases the amount of vet visits and possibly even medication you’ll need.

Norwegian Lundehund On Leash Outdoors

And what about grooming needs? Do you think you’ll be able to maintain your dog yourself, or will you need help?

How about training?

Here is a list of some things you should consider when weighing the overall price of a Norwegian Lundehund.

Health Care Expenses

Unfortunately, Norwegian Lundehunds can come down with a condition known as “Lundehund syndrome.”

Lundehund syndrome is a condition wherein a dog cannot absorb the nutrients his body needs through his digestive tract.

You should be able to manage this condition if you catch it early enough, but this, of course, costs money.

Not only that, but a dog with Lundehund syndrome may live a shorter lifespan than other Lundehunds.

Is this something you would be okay with after dropping $2,000 (or more) on one of these dogs? That’s something only you can decide.

Some Lundehunds with this condition have barely any symptoms, while others experience major difficulty. It all depends on the dog.

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Grooming Costs

One thing that is relatively easy with this breed, however, is grooming.

The Norwegian Lundehund does not require much of it – a weekly brushing should be enough to keep him looking his best.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about needing to hire a professional groomer unless he doesn’t let you touch his feet.

Sure, he can wear his nails down naturally by walking on the pavement outside, but it’s much better to clip them properly.

And here’s something interesting for you: with the Lundehund you actually have two extra nails to clip because he has an extra toe on each foot!

These extra toes would help his ancestors hold on to the sides of cliffs while they hunted puffins!

The Lundehund’s Ears

Here’s something else interesting about the Lundehund: you don’t have to worry as much about him developing an ear infection.

This is because he can close his ears to protect his ear canals.

So, he can bury his head in the dirt without getting water or dirt in his ears.

That’s right – his body has actually thought of a way to help him get into even more mischief!

Training Programs

Oof, you may want to seriously consider hiring a professional trainer to help you with the Lundehund. This is because trying to train a Lundehund is like trying to train a cat.

He hears you, and he knows what you want from him, but nah – he’s too busy chasing after his toy to listen to you.

He is not an easy dog to train, and some Lundehunds are downright impossible to housebreak.

You’ll just have to invest in a doggy door and restrain him to a small section of your yard. Else, he’ll figure out how to break free if left to his own devices.

He also knows how to manipulate you, and once he’s learned one way of doing it, you can trust that he will repeat it again.

He always knows how to stay one step ahead of you – and he enjoys it way too much to ever stop.

Not for the First-Time Dog Owner

The Lundehund is definitely not the right dog for a first-time dog owner, that’s for sure.

If he’s your first, and after the difficulties, you’ll have in training him, you might never want to get another dog again.

And, on top of all that, if you scold him too harshly, you can cause him to develop permanent trust issues.

You’ve got your work cut out for you with this one. Do you think you can handle it?

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