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The Mastiff Temperament – Get To Know Its Easy Going but Courageous Traits

Beautiful woman and English-Mastif dog

The Mastiff temperament is that of a seasoned – but retired – fighter.

This description fits because Romans once used the breed as gladiator dogs in arenas, as well as guardians of themselves and their property.

The English Mastiff Temperament and Personality

Today, owners of the English Mastiff consider him to be one of the best companion animals of all the dog breeds out there.

With intense affection and great patience, the English Mastiff temperament is the epitome of man’s best friend.

Mastiffs Love Children

A Mastiff’s protective and gentle temperament comes into full effect when dealing with children. This is because they consider children to be their “puppies.”

Many families with Mastiffs can attest to the fact that they trust their pets with their children, even the younger ones.

There is a unique bond that forms easily between children and their Mastiffs, and it is this bond that makes them best friends for life.

Living Up to the Gentle Giant Reputation

A Mastiff never fails to live up to his reputation as a gentle giant. Mastiffs can grow to be as big as 200 lbs., and it takes most between three and four years to reach their maximum physical growth.

But don't be intimidated by their size. For a dog who grows to be as large and powerful as a Mastiff, these dogs are surprisingly calm and good-natured.  

The calm English Mastiff temperament makes him one of the most diplomatic of all the dog breeds. He is very tolerant of other pets in the home, so there is no need to worry about aggression.

However, never forget that when a Mastiff feels he needs to defend himself, he will use his brute strength to his advantage to scare off a potential opponent.

The Mastiff’s “Live to Please” Attitude

The English Mastiff's affectionate temperament is rooted in the fact that your pet lives to please his you. He recognizes you as his alpha leader, and it is this attitude that actually makes the Mastiff very easy to train.

The Alert Mastiff Temperament

The Mastiff is an alert dog, and he certainly lets you know it. Although Mastiffs are not ”yappy,” they can certainly become bothersome when they bark. This is because his bark is a booming one, sure to scare away an intruder but will also annoy the hell out of your neighbors if he keeps it up.

Thus, you have to train your Mastiff to obey your command to stop barking unless absolutely necessary.

Early Obedience Training and Socialization

Because of the Mastiff’s size, early socialization and obedience training are musts for this breed. He’s a big guy, so you definitely don’t want him jumping up on people or pulling on his leash as an adult.

It might be cute while he’s still a puppy, but for an adult dog who is 28 to 36 inches tall, and weighing between 120 and 230 lbs.? Not so much. If you have trouble training him, hire someone who can – it’s that important.