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The Maltese Price: Can You Swing It?

If you’re in the market for a Maltese, there’s something you should know: the Maltese price can be very expensive.

As such, you really want to be sure the Maltese temperament and personality is right for you and your family before you lay down such a huge chunk of change.

Photo of Maltese With Woman

If, however, you decide once you’ve reached the end of this article that the Maltese isn’t as good of a match as you had hoped, don’t panic.

You can always research one of the many other dog breeds out there to find a more appropriate match.

Maltese Temperament and Personality

Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the Maltese personality now. Let’s face it: the only way to know if you want to spend oodles of money on a dog is if he sounds like a great match.

The Maltese is, essentially, everything you thought she would be when she first caught your eye.

She’s gentle, sweet, and playful. She’s affectionate and easygoing, but she’s also fearless when she needs to be.

She’s great with children, provided those children know how to play with her properly. Get too rough with her, and she’s likely to let you know it.

One thing you may not like about this breed is that they’re very fragile.

You need to always be aware of where this little dog is. Too often, her owner will accidentally sit or step on her, which can lead to injury.

On a related note, you always want to have the Maltese on a leash when you take her out.

This isn’t so much because she’ll run away as it is easier to pull her away from danger before she hurts herself.

A Tidbit on the Maltese History

Experts believe the Maltese is actually a close descendant of a breed similar to a modern-day Spitz.

They also believe breeders breed their traits on purpose to create a smaller-sized dog.

Maltese Size

Size is more important in some breeds than others when it comes to making your decision for your next pet.

The Maltese, for instance, is a good choice if you’re looking for a “purse dog.”

This is because adult Malteses only grow as tall as 8 to 10 inches in height.

What is the Maltese Puppy Price?

So, are you ready to know the Maltese dog price? One thing’s for sure – it ain’t cheap.

No joke, provided you buy this dog as a puppy, the Maltese price range can run you anywhere from $4,300 to upwards of $10,000!

The Maltese average price, however, tends to run closer to $1,100.

Photo of Maltese In Chair

If the Maltese just isn’t small enough for you and you’re considering the teacup version of this breed, the Micro Maltese price is about the same.

The teacup Maltese price can range anywhere from $500 to $2,000.

There are a lot of factors that go into determining a breed’s price.

For one thing, is the puppy you’re considering the child of show dogs? Because that can certainly up the price.

You also want to get clearance on the dog’s bloodlines.

You certainly don’t want to pay a high Maltese dog price, only to somehow find out that the dog’s lineage isn’t as pure as you thought.


For being a dog who would once cause people to say “who?”, the Maltese’s popularity has grown significantly since the 1870s.

Now, here in the U.S. the AKC ranks Maltese as the 22nd most popular breed out of 191 recognized breeds.

A breed’s popularity matters for several reasons.

For one thing, if the breed is more popular, this can cause the Maltese price to go up. Supply and demand at work!

For another, if a breed is more popular, breeders may put out lesser quality dogs in an attempt to fulfill customers’ needs.

However, these folks may, unfortunately, end up with a sick dog at worst, and a less-than-pure dog at best. When you’re paying for top quality, and you get bottom shelf, this is a major problem.

Another problem with a breed’s popularity is that you may have to wait for several litters before the breeder of your choice has a puppy available for purchase.

Maltese Rescue and Adoption

You can save literally thousands of dollars on the Maltese price tag by adopting or rescuing one of these little cuties.

The American Maltese Association can be a great resource in helping you find a reputable breeder.

What’s good about a breed who is in demand is that you may have better luck finding one at a local shelter.

This is because people may get a Maltese solely because they’re all the rage, then discover the dog isn’t entirely what they wanted.

Of course, with a Maltese dog price of upwards of $10,000 for a purebred, you can probably expect to find more mixed breed Malteses at the shelter.

If you’re okay with this, however, you can give a beautiful dog a home who might never have found one otherwise.

Maltese Cost of Ownership

When considering bringing home a dog, the cost of ownership is more than just the sticker price.

You need to consider all the extras (and not-so-extras), like a leash, toys, a food dish (and food to put in it), as well as regular medical care.

Cost of Food

Considering the size of a Maltese, food is not a huge concern. She’s not going to eat you out of house and home the same way a Great Dane would.

However, because of this, you have even more of a reason to keep her well-stocked in higher quality food.

Add $30 a month to your budget. This should get you about 40 lbs. or so of food to last her the month.

Go cheap, and she may end up suffering from health problems due to a poor diet.

Health Care Expenses

You also really need to research a breed’s typical health concerns before you bring one home.

For instance, if a particular breed is prone to a number of genetic concerns, you may want to opt for another breed.

Here are the conditions most common to occur in the Maltese:

Something important to note: Shaker Dog Syndrome is most common among small dogs with white coats.

So, remember this if you decide the Maltese isn’t the right dog for you, and you begin considering other breeds of small, white dogs.

This is a rather lengthy list of potential conditions that can affect your dog.

In certain cases, surgery may be necessary to treat the problem. Is this something you are emotionally and financially prepared for? If not, then you may have just realized the Maltese isn’t the right breed for you.

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Grooming Costs

Something else you may need to consider putting money aside for is grooming.

This is especially true for the Maltese, who needs a lot of extra attention.

Photo of Maltese Groomed
Nicely Groomed Maltese Dog

For one thing, her coat – which consists of hair, and not fur – mats easily.

For another, her hair breaks rather easily, so you have to brush her daily to keep her looking her best.

This breed also needs frequent baths, particularly to keep the hair around her beard and eyes clean.

If you know your schedule is just too demanding to allow for this, then you’ll need to hire a professional groomer for help.

Training Programs

Training is an important thing to get right. You want your Maltese to respect you as her master.

If you think you may have difficulty remaining firm and consistent with your dog, then you may need to hire a professional trainer.

This, of course, is an additional expense to tack on to your cost of ownership.

And it may not just be the trainer you’ll need to pay for, but certain materials that go along with the training program.

It is important that you prepare for this as well. While you may be able to train your dog on your own, if you need help, help costs money, too.

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Final Thoughts on the Price of the Maltese

Now that you know the purebred Maltese price, and all the things that go along with it, does this change your opinion about owning one of these dogs?

Sure, the Maltese cost can run high, but if you decide instead to adopt from a local shelter or rescue organization, you can save oodles.

Remember, when considering the Maltese puppies price, you must factor in much more than just what you pay for the dog.

Consider all the possible health concerns and whether you can put money aside “just in case.”

Consider whether you’ll need to hire a professional trainer or groomer to help you out.

And consider all the money you’ll need to spend on leashes, bowls, and food every month.

Only then can you truly know for sure whether you can “afford” a Maltese.

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