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The Keeshond Temperament: A Delight for Any Pet Owner

The Keeshond temperament is playful, intelligent and obedient.

This makes her a joy to be around. Keeshonds love people – any people, all people, doesn’t matter…people!

She loves spending time playing with her people during the day, then curling up with them on the couch at night.

Photo of Keeshond Portrait | Dog Temperament

Keeshond Temperament and Personality

Perhaps more than many breeds, temperament is so very important to understand. When she is properly trained and socialized, she can be one of the most friendly and well-behaved dogs out there.

The Keeshond temperament can truly make her a joy of a dog to own.

This is partly because she is one of the few dogs who does not have hunting, herding, or any kind of attacking in her history.

Breeders bred the Keeshond for companionship, and that is what you get with this dog.

Here are a few traits you need to know about the Keeshond temperament that can help you decide whether she is the right dog for you.

Agile and Sturdy

Photo of Two Keeshond Dogs In Grass | Dog Temperament

The Keeshond has a strong jumping ability and lightning-fast reflexes, which make her both agile and nimble on her feet.

The Keeshond has a sturdy body that does her well when she’s out playing and having a good time.


The Keeshond needs companionship just as much as she needs her daily exercise. In fact, she prefers if those things happen together.

She is very playful because she knows it gets her the attention she so desperately craves. She’s even playful with strangers.

In fact, Keeshond Dogs have a nickname: “The Smiling Dutchman” because of the way they curl their lips and “bare their teeth”. The gesture is not mean whatsoever, though – she’s actually smiling!


Like many other intelligent dogs, the Keeshond can use her intelligence for naughty things. That’s right – they can be rather mischievous when they want to be.

Your Keeshond may also use her smarts to manipulate you into getting her own way. So be on the lookout for that.

Photo of Keeshond Laying In Grass Head Slightly Sideway | Dog Temperament