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The Italian Greyhound Price: Is It a Dealbreaker?

The Italian Greyhound just sucks you in with her sweet looks and equally temperate disposition, but is the Italian Greyhound price and cost of ownership within your financial budget?

Photo of Italian Greyhound Peeping | Dog Temperament

You’ve fallen for her hook, line, and sinker. And now you want to know how much she costs. After all – that’s why you’re here!

Yes, price is important, but so is a breed’s temperament.

You need to determine before you even go look at a dog whether that dog would make a good fit for you and your family.

Plus, once you’re already there meeting with her, it’ll be impossible to say no – even if you should.

So, here’s a closer look into what makes the Italian Greyhound temperament tick.

After reading, you’ll have to decide, does the Italian Greyhound have what it takes to become your home’s next puppy?

If not, you’ll need to look into other breeds to find your next companion.

Italian Greyhound Temperament and Personality

The Italian Greyhound has an ironic personality, meaning that she needs a leader, yet she makes a great watchdog.

She can take charge of your property, but she has trouble taking charge of herself.

She’s not a good guard dog, though, so while she’ll alert you to danger, it’ll be your job to handle it.

You also don’t want to get this dog if you have a noisy household. She thrives best in a quiet environment.

This is not to say that you can’t have her around kids. But, if you do have kids, they should know to be calm while around her and handle her with care.

It is therefore a smarter idea to have her around older children, rather than the younger ones.

These guys are also hunters by nature. So, if you want or have a smaller animal at home, like a cat or a hamster, the two will not mix well.

If you don’t want to give up your cat, or your dream of owning a cat soon, then this may be a dealbreaker for you.

A Brief History of the Italian Greyhound

It’s important to know this breed’s history because it’s easier to understand how the Italian Greyhound became the breed you know today.

Photo of Small Italian Greyhound

Like, the Dalmatian, the Italian Greyhound has a history of being a favorite dog of royalty and the elite.

Interestingly, what made this breed a favorite was that it was on the smaller side when small dogs were in short supply in Italy.

In fact, the Italian Greyhound almost slipped into extinction when breeders began trying to breed smaller and smaller versions of them.

This led to birth defects and deformities that, if not for a dedicated group of breeders, would have ultimately killed the breed off.

We’re lucky to still have the Italian Greyhound with us here today!

Italian Greyhound Size

The size of an Italian Greyhound is, as previously mentioned, rather small. So, if you’re looking for a mid to large-sized dog, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

A healthy weight range for an adult Italian Greyhound is between 8 and 18 lbs.

As for height, they only grow to a maximum height of between 13 and 15 inches tall.

These small dogs are perfect for apartment life, or life in a smaller house.

You just need to walk them daily; else, they can become withdrawn.

How Much Do Italian Greyhounds Cost?

The Italian Greyhound price is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s manageable.

Photo of Italian Greyhound Black Outdoors | Dog Temperament

The Italian Greyhound price range is between $1,000 to $4,000 on average.

However, more likely is that you should expect to pay an Italian Greyhound dog price of around $1500.

If you’re looking for a purebred, the purebred Italian Greyhound price is more likely to be at the higher end of that spectrum due to her superior bloodlines.

Italian Greyhound Rescue and Adoption

You may find the Italian Greyhound Club of America helpful if you’re looking to adopt or rescue one of these dogs.

Typically, these kinds of clubs exist for every dog breed.

The purpose of the groups is to give interested adopters a resource that will provide them with dependable information on where to secure that breed.

This is because the last thing a rescue organization wants to see is a dog returning to the shelter who had supposedly found her “fur-ever” home.

Something to remember, though: no matter how cute they may be in person, never buy a dog from a pet store! These stores are all connected to puppy mills, where dogs receive cruel treatment and often come with birth defects.

Puppy mill breeders don’t care about you nor the dogs they sell. All they care about is making that almighty buck, whether your dog has problems or not.

Italian Greyhound Cost of Ownership

Some things to consider before you purchase an Italian Greyhound are the additional costs of ownership that come with the breed.

One of, if not the most, important of these is healthcare. Knowing all you can about the health of a breed before you buy is a good way to protect both your heart and your wallet.

Health Care Expenses

For the Italian Greyhound, your chief concerns include:

While some of these things are manageable with little if no veterinary intervention, some can be chronic and costly.

When you consider how many health conditions this breed can develop, you really have to think about that Italian Greyhound price.

Sure, the dog herself will cost you around $500 to $1,000. But do you have the funds necessary to take regular care of her if she develops any of these conditions?

If not, you may want to look into a breed that has less health concerns on average, though remember, nothing in life is a guarantee.

Just because a breed is healthier than other breeds on average does not mean your dog won’t develop something later or suffer an accident.

Helpful Dog Health Resource:

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Grooming Costs

Grooming is easy enough when it comes to the Italian Greyhound’s coat.

Where you may need help, however, is with her teeth.

The teeth are the most important thing to clean on an Italian Greyhound. This is because toy breeds, like this one, are more likely to develop gum disease.

Photo of Italian Greyhound Sitting In Forest | Dog Temperament

You must brush her teeth every day. If she doesn’t let you, then you must hire a groomer to help you.

When you consider your average groomer charges between $30 and $90 for a session, grooming can become costly very quickly.

However, the groomer should be able to offer you some tricks and tips to help you have more success on your own.

But even if these tips work, experts recommend you take an Italian Greyhound for a professional cleaning every year – just like a dentist visit.

Some dogs may need a professional cleaning more than once a year. It depends on the state of your dog’s mouth and how often you brush her teeth.

Other than that, clip her nails and give her the occasional bath, and you should be able to handle grooming on your own just fine.

Training Programs

When you prepare to train your Italian Greyhound, you must remember to stay consistent and in control at all times.

As long as she understands you are her leader, then you should have no problems.

You may want to coddle her when she makes a mistake, but don’t. She needs to see you as her pack leader, and if you coddle her, she may mistake you for being the weaker one in the relationship.

If she still refuses to listen to you no matter what you do, you might want to consider hiring a professional trainer to help you.

You have two options when it comes to professional training. You can enroll your dog in a group lesson, or you can hire a trainer for some individual one-on-one time with your dog.

Group rates, on average, cost between $30 to $50 per class.

However, if you’re paying the trainer for individualized attention, then you should expect to pay between $45 and $120 per hour.

Some trainers offer discounts if you sign up for a lesson package, rather than onesie-twosie lessons here and there.

Helpful Online Dog Training Resource:

The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan a world-class Dog Trainer from New Zealand is worth taking a look at. This online resource has hundreds of fun informative dog training videos that can help you learn the basics and more.

Final Thoughts on the Price of an Italian Greyhound

The average price of an Italian Greyhound is between $1,000 and $4,000, averaging out at around $1500.

This is a large chunk of change to spend on a dog you know nothing about. That’s why it’s so important to research the breed’s health and temperament first.

Of course, anything could still happen. But you want to minimize your chances of spending $4,000 on a dog who might not be a good match for you and your family.

Hopefully, with what you’ve learned above, you can make a more informed decision when it comes to owning your next pet.

Whether or not that will be an Italian Greyhound is up to you to decide. But at least now you have more information to work with before you ultimately say “yes” or “no” to this breed.

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