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Russell Terrier Price and Cost of Owning

Purchasing a Russell Terrier from a reputable breeder will cost you around $800–$1500. If you’re lucky to find one at a rescue center, you can have him for around $50–$500.

In this post, you'll find out the different factors that affect the Russell Terrier price. You'll also get an estimate of the annual cost of owning this amazing breed.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Russell Terrier Price?

The price of a Russell Terrier varies depending on his pedigree, type of coat, the breeder's reputation, location, and more.


Just like all other dogs, the reputation of the breeder influences the price of the dog.

Typically, well-recognized breeders like the American Kennel Club (AKC) sell puppies at a higher price range.


Russell Terrier with top breed lines and breeding rights is priced higher compared to the regular ones.

According to NextDayPets, you can purchase Russell Terrier dogs with superior pedigree and show quality for $1700–$4500.


The demand for Russell Terrier dogs can spike at a particular month in a year and may go down at some point.

If the demand rises at the time that the supply is little, you'll expect the price to go higher. Conversely, if the demand drops when the supply is high, breeders can decrease the price to ensure each Terrier will get a new home.

Color and Coat

The color and coat of Russell Terriers also affect their price. Those with rare and unique colors and longer fur typically cost more.

Russell Terrier

What Is the Average Annual Cost of Owning a Russell Terrier?

Russell terriers are one of the least expensive purebreds you can own. However, in their initial year, you'll incur about $2300–$4500, more or less.

This cost will drop in the following years since you won't need to include the one-time payment for microchip and spay/neuter.

Now, here are the details of the expenses you'll spend for the dog’s first year:

Food Costs ($235 – $345)

Since Russell Terriers are small-sized dogs, their food consumption is little compared to others.

At age 1, you should feed him 8oz–12oz of dry dog food per day. You'll have to divide this food serving into two meals.

Take note that his food intake can increase depending on his activity in a day and his overall weight gain.

A 15-pound bag of the best-selling Blue Buffalo dog food will cost you $46.98. Typically, this is already good for more than a month's consumption.

In a year, Russell Terrier puppies can consume about 70 lbs–110 lbs of good quality food. Hence, you can budget around $235–$345.

Health and Vet Care Costs ($200 – $500)

Health and Vet Care are going to cost you a lot, but it's one of the crucial responsibilities of every dog owner.

You'll need to bring your Russell Terrier to a vet at least twice a year. This will help in the early detection of possible health issues common to this breed, such as pancreatitis and patellar luxation.

Depending on the locality and the clinic, this can cost you anywhere from $300–$500.

On top of this, you'll also have to get your Russell Terrier vaccinated. A package vaccination that includes a Heartworm test, leptospirosis shot, and deworming can run between $79–$99.

Moreover, you may need to add $75–$250 for a spay or neuter procedure.

Grooming Costs ($30 – $360)

Russell Terriers are pretty easy to groom. You can take care of their grooming needs at home. This includes brushing your dog once or twice a week and bathing him occasionally.

With this, you can spend $30 on his grooming essentials in a year.

Alternatively, you can take him to a professional groomer. This is to ensure that every vital grooming need of your pet will be properly taken care of.

According to Daily Paws, the grooming cost will generally run from $39–$90.

If you opt to groom your dog at home and send him once every quarter to a professional groomer, you can allot $360 per year.

Insurance Costs ($360 – $720)

Accidents and other unexpected things may happen to your pet and you may not be able to control it.

For this reason, some dog owners prefer to get insurance for their pets as it can drastically lower veterinary bills.

If you decide to get pet insurance for your precious Russell Terrier, it may cost you $360–$720.

Toy Costs ($180 – $360)

A Russell Terrier is extremely energetic and needs plenty of entertainment. If you give him a toy, he'll be happy to play with it constantly.

Although he doesn't have a strong jaw, he may eventually break his toys, which means you'll need replacements.

Toys usually cost around $15–$30. Depending on the number of toys you'll buy for him in a year, you can budget around $180–$360.

Training ($700 – $1400)

Russell Terriers tend to be stubborn and vocal. To correct this and to ensure he'll behave well, you can enroll him in special or professional dog training classes.

Russell Terriers are challenging to train, so you can expect to pay $700–$1400. This will also depend on your locality and the type of training you choose.

License ($25 – $50)

In many states, it's mandatory for all dog owners to license their dogs.

Hence, you should get your Russell Terrier a license as soon as you get ahold of him.

The license in the United States will cost you $25 for a neutered dog and $50 for an unneutered one. You'll have to renew this each year.

Microchip ($50)

Microchipping is crucial for the identification of your Russell Terrier. This will help you a lot in case he gets lost.

Although it's optional, dog owners would spend an average total cost of $50 for the microchip registration and injection procedure.

Russell Terrier walking on a tree branch

Dog Walking ($15 – $25 / 30-Min Walk)

Russell Terriers may be little, but their activities are huge. They need a lot of exercise, otherwise, they'll redirect their energy to destroying things.

If you don't have the luxury of time to give him the amount of exercise he needs, you can hire a professional dog walker instead.

Dog walkers will charge you $15–$25 for a 30-minute walk.

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