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a happy Chihuahua puppy

Tiny they may seem, but never underestimate chihuahuas, as they can knock you off with their secret weapon: cuteness. Speaking of which, have you ever wondered how big your chihuahua can get? Chihuahuas are cute-sized adorable doggies with an average height of about 4 to 9 inches and weigh between 2 and 6 pounds. In […] Read more

Catahoula dog

You adopted a Catahoula puppy and now wonder how big Catahoula dogs get. In general, the Catahoula Leopard dog is classified as a medium-large breed. Once it’s fully mature, this breed weighs about 50 to 95 pounds and sizes up to 20 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder. Catahoulas reach their full-grown size within […] Read more

a limping dog

Your dog limping after jumping off the bed can be linked to several potential reasons, including a paw injury, broken toenail, sprain/strain, arthritis, or a rupture in the cranial cruciate ligament. Sometimes it’s to snuggle at night, and other times, it’s a way to greet you good morning. It’s without a doubt that dogs love […] Read more

a dog aggressively eating

The short answer is no; your dog will retain this behavior in some form unless you try to fix it. It’s in your puppy’s instincts to guard its resources. While your puppy’s food guarding may be benign at first. It’s best to rectify the issue before they mature. Strangers, and particularly children, can have some […] Read more

sleeping dog

The plain answer is yes; they do fight sleep. Just like humans, puppies may fight sleep due to issues with their physical well-being, emotional well-being, or just crankiness. Whenever your puppy’s head drops unconsciously, and then they snap it back up, that’s an indicator that they’re trying to fight sleep. However, you shouldn’t be alarmed. […] Read more

German shepherd puppies

Adult dogs farting is normal, but do puppies fart, too? Yes, they absolutely do, and it’s a natural thing! In fact, it’s important to notice if puppies fart early on as they grow. That way, you can discern if it’s just a natural occurrence or something concerning. Why Do Puppies Fart? Farting, or flatulence, is […] Read more

Photo of a dog biting

Teething is a normal developmental stage for your growing puppy, and yes, it comes with bleeding. You don’t have to worry, as it’s a common side-effect of teething. It usually doesn’t mean a serious problem, and they’ll eventually grow out of it. But first, you should know whether the bleeding is a result of teething […] Read more

German Shepherd Puppies

Do German Shepherd puppies change color? Yes, as they grow, these puppies naturally change their coats. If you own or plan to have a German Shepherd puppy, don’t think its coat color is permanent. Expect a dramatic coat change as it turns into an adult. It’s what makes them unique from other breeds. Do you […] Read more

Labrador Retriever Sleeping

Yes, music plays a helpful role in your puppy’s slumber. It’s common for a baby dog to be restless when you first take them home. It’s because they need to adjust to the new environment they’ve just been introduced to. So, to calm your pup’s nerves, go ahead and try popping on some music for […] Read more


Unfortunately, in most cases, you can’t fly with a puppy on your lap. Airlines will almost always require a carrier when you bring a pet on a flight. However, the one exception to the rule is if your puppy is an emotional support animal. Only then can you take your pup aboard your flight, as […] Read more