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Meet the Swiss Hound Temperament (Passionate Hunters BUT Docile)

The components of the Swiss Hound temperament make the Swiss Hound a highly successful hunter.

This stunning breed is often described as having a noble appearance. The Swiss Hound comes in a few distinct varieties which will be discussed in more detail later in the article.

If you believe that the Swiss Hound temperament might be the perfect fit for your lifestyle, this article will give you an initial glimpse into the Swiss Hound personality.

It is important to learn as much as you can about Swiss Hound behaviors before you bring one into your home.

5 Common Swiss Hound Temperament Traits Every Potential Owner Should Know

This section will explore the most common components of the Swiss Hound temperament.

However, please keep in mind that all dogs have their own individual personalities.

Therefore, your Swiss Hound might not display all of these behavioral traits.

1. A Lively and Passionate Hunter

The Swiss Hound temperament makes this breed a formidable hunter.

Swiss Hounds are hard working, driven, highly motivated and highly intelligent.

These dogs need to feel like they have a job.

If you do not plan to hunt with your Swiss Hound, you will need to be committed to providing it with adequate physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Swiss Hound exercise can take the form of hiking, jogging, biking, or a canine sport such as nosework or tracking.

These dogs are definitely not going to lounge around all day.

Young Swiss Hounds need at least an hour of vigorous exercise every single day. Without enough exercise, your Swiss Hound might develop unwanted behaviors such as chewing or digging.

If you do not have enough time to devote to exercising a young Swiss Hound, consider adopting an older Swiss Hound. Older dogs often need homes and they are usually calmer than puppies or adolescents.

You can also look into pet sitters and doggie daycares to make sure that you meet your dog’s daily energy needs.

2. Sensitive and Docile at Home

As long as you are providing enough exercise and mental enrichment, the Swiss Hound will settle down and become a docile companion in the home.

The sweet Swiss Hound temperament can make these dogs wonderful family pets.

Socialize them properly and they will do well with children and other pets

Never forget to always supervise young children when they interact with a dog of any breed.

This will keep the interactions safe for both the child and the pet.

Also, make sure to supervise your Swiss Hound anytime he interacts with other animals.

3. Devoted to his Master

The loyal Swiss Hound temperament makes this breed extremely devoted to its master.

The Swiss Hound forms a deep bond with its guardians.

In fact, this breed can be prone to developing separation anxiety.

If you believe your Swiss Hound may be developing separation anxiety, seek advice from your veterinarian and a canine behaviorist right away.

4. Keen Sense of Smell

The Swiss Hound has an extremely powerful nose.

Sometimes this trait can get them into trouble.

Always keep your Swiss Hound on a leash or in a securely fenced yard. If your Swiss Hound catches the odor of a prey animal your dog might bolt after that scent.

This can be an extremely dangerous situation if they run across a busy road or they wander too far from home and get lost.

Teach your dog to always come when called, but remember that even a well-trained dog may not follow this command if they are too distracted.

For this reason, always keep them on a leash or within a fence to be o