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Montenegrin Mountain Hound Temperament (Trustworthy and Devoted)

The Montenegrin Mountain Hound temperament is well rounded, loyal and affectionate.

These medium-sized, black and tan scent hounds can make wonderful family companions, but they are exceedingly uncommon—especially in the United States.

In fact, the Montenegrin Mountain Hound is so rare that the American Rare Breed Association considers the breed endangered.

If you are thinking about adding a Montenegrin Mountain Hound to your family, this article will provide a basic introduction to the Montenegrin Mountain Hound personality.

You will still need to do further research into Montenegrin Mountain Hound behaviors to make sure that the breed will be a good fit for your lifestyle, but this article will provide you with a starting point.

Typical Montenegrin Mountain Hound Temperament Traits

In this section, we will dive into the most common components of the Montenegrin Mountain Hound temperament.

However, please keep in mind that all dogs are individuals. So there will always be some variability between the characteristics of individual dogs.

Your own Montenegrin Mountain Hound might not display all of these behavioral traits.

Rugged and Athletic

The rugged Montenegrin Mountain Hound temperament makes this breed hardy and a tireless hunter.

As their name suggests, they were bred to be able to work in the rough terrain of the Balkan Mountains.

They are true athletes. They are not couch potatoes.

If you own one, you need to be ready to provide adequate daily exercise.

Montenegrin Mountain Dog exercise can take the form of vigorous walking, jogging, hiking, or a canine sport such as nosework.

Young Montenegrin Mountain Dogs need at least an hour of strenuous exercise per day.

Without enough daily exercise and mental stimulation, these dogs can become bored and destructive. They can exhibit unwanted behaviors such as barking, chewing or digging in the yard.

Attached to its Master

The loyal Montenegrin Mountain Hound temperament makes this breed very devoted to its family.

The Montenegrin Mountain Hound forms a close attachment to all members of its “pack”- including children and other dogs.

Socialize these hounds properly and they will generally get along well with kids and other dogs.

Always supervise interactions between children and dogs of any breed to make sure that all parties stay safe.

Likewise, always supervise your Montenegrin Mountain Hound when he interacts with other dogs.

Due to their hunting drive, Montenegrin Mountain Hounds generally do not do well with cats or other small pets such as rabbits or ferrets. However, exceptions to this rule do exist.

Scent Driven

The Montenegrin Mountain Hound has a very keen sense of smell.

Like most scent hounds, they are easily distracted by the aromas of other animals.

They can become so focused on a smell that they cannot concentrate on anything else.

For this reason, always keep your Montenegrin Mountain Hound on a leash unless you are in a securely fenced area.

Even a well-trained hound might ignore commands if they are on a captivating scent trail.

This could be extremely dangerous to your dog if he darts across traffic or becomes disoriented and lost.

Make sure your dog is microchipped and wearing identification tags at all times to be extra safe.

Not Suited for Apartment Life

The active Montenegrin Mountain Dog temperament makes this breed a poor choice for apartment living.

In addition to their high energy level, Montenegrin Mountain Dogs can also be vocal.

Like most hounds, they can howl or “bay” when they are exc