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The Slovenský Kopov Hound Temperament: Independent but Delightful

If the thought of a super-skilled hunting dog who loves to be part of a family appeals to you, you should check out the Slovenský Kopov Hound temperament.

If you don’t hunt but would like a partner for active outdoor adventures, he might fit the bill there, too.

Read on to learn more about the Slovenský Kopov Hound.

Slovenský Kopov Hound Temperament

1. Intelligent

Like most hunting dogs, the Slovenský Kopov Hound is smart and learns easily.

2. Independent

The Slovenský Kopov can be very strong-willed, particularly the males. They need a trainer who can make them understand who’s in charge.

3. Loyal

The Slovenský Kopov Hound temperament if faithful and people-oriented. He loves to be with his human family.

But he will usually form an especially strong bond with his primary trainer or caretaker.

4. Happy

He has a cheerful disposition and is fun to be around.

5. Playful

He is very good with kids and loves to play with them. His exuberance is sometimes too much for small children, though. He may need to be supervised with them.

6. Energetic

He has a high energy level, like most hunting breeds. But if he’s well-exercised, he can relax nicely at home.

7. Loving

The Slovenský Kopov Hound temperament is very affectionate. He will love all of the members of his family, adults and children alike.

8. Adaptable

These dogs do well in the house or in an outside kennel. They even adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise.

9. Calm

When he’s not working, the Slovenský Kopov Hound temperament is relaxed and easygoing.

10. Courageous

This is one of the defining features of the Slovenský Kopov Hound temperament. He is tenacious and fierce when facing a wild boar.

11. Alert

This breed makes a very good watchdog and guard dog. This is due to the Slovenský Kopov Hound traits of intense loyalty to family and distrust of strangers.

Aggression is not typically a component of the Slovenský Kopov Hound temperament. But he has been known to attack if provoked.

12. Hard-working

The Slovenský Kopov dog loves his job. He has excellent stamina and enthusiasm for the hunt.

13. Determined

He is a very passionate hunter who will track game for miles. And he’ll love every minute of it.

14. Hardy

The Slovakian Hound is strong and has great endurance. He’s not bothered by challenging terrain or cold weather.

15. Vocal

He is a natural bayer with a loud voice. If you have nearby neighbors, this may be an issue.

Slovenský Kopov Hound History

The Slovenský Kopov Hound (also known as the Slovakian Hound or Black Forest Hound) is an ancient breed that goes back to the Dark Ages.

Historians believe that his ancestors include the Austrian Black and Tan Hound (Brandlbracke), the Hungarian Greyhound (Magyar Agar), and the Hungarian Greyhound (Chart Polski).

This dog is beloved in its homeland. It is officially the national breed of Slovakia.

In the late 18th century, the Czechoslovakian government passed a law making it illegal for Slovenský Kopov Hound breeders to cross the Slovakian Hound with any other breed.

Following World War II, the Slovenský Kopov Hound population was dramatically reduced. A Slovakian named Koloman Slimak started a selective breeding program to restore the breed.

Ten years later, the program was considered successful, and the Slovenský Kopov Hound breed standard was written. The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) accepted the Slovenský Kopov Hound in 1963.

As of recently, the Slovenský Kopov Hound is slowly gaining a presence in North America. The American Kennel Club (AKC) accepted this breed into their Foundation Stock Service in 2015.

His prey is now deer and elk rather than wild boar.

Slovenský Kopov Hound Training

The Slovakian Hound is very intelligent, so he learns quickly and easily. But, like most hounds, he is also independent-minded and can be stubborn.

For this reason, he needs firm obedience training from the very beginning. The Slovenský Kopov Hound traits that make him a great hunter may be challenging to deal with at home.

It may take many repetitions before he will obey a command perfectly. Consistency and patience will be key with this breed. Positive reinforcement works well with the Slovakian Hound.

He also needs a fairly high level of socialization to prevent shyness. This dog should be exposed to a lot of people and many situations from an early age.

He should also be socialized to small animals, particularly if he is to live with them. Although he specializes in large game, he will chase smaller creatures.

Depending on where you live, you may also want to train him to control his barking.

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Slovenský Kopov Hound Appearance

General Appearance

The Slovenský Kopov Hound is a medium-sized dog with a light but solid build. He is rectangularly shaped (length longer than height). His overall appearance is sleek and elegant.

The Slovenský Kopov Hound color is always black with tan markings. He has a short topcoat that is dense and coarse. His undercoat is also dense and thicker in winter.

His head is fairly long and rectangular in shape with a slight dome. The ears are large, triangular, and hang down beyond his lips.

He has deep-set, almond-shaped brown eyes with a lively expression. His nose is black.

His muzzle is long but not too broad. The neck is short and muscular neck.

He has a straight back that is medium in length and a broad chest. His legs are fairly short but muscular.

He has a strong, low-set, tapered tail that hangs down at rest. He carries it saber-style when he is moving.

Slovenský Kopov Hound Size

Slovenský Kopov Hound height averages 18 to 20 inches for males and 17 to 19 inches for females.

Average Slovenský Kopov Hound weight is 33 to 44 pounds.

Slovenský Kopov Hound Information

Slovenský Kopov Hound Lifespan

The life expectancy of this breed is 12 to 13 years.

Other Names

The Slovakian Hound and the Slovak Hound.

At some point, he came to be known as the Black Forest Hound in North America. But this dog has no connection with the