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Hungarian Greyhound Temperament: Meet this Sturdy Yet Elegant Breed

If you’re looking for a lovable family dog, consider the Hungarian Greyhound temperament.

This breed, also called the Magyar Agár, is a sighthound known for its long-distance running speed. He is also a delightful family dog who enjoys children and is loyal to his people.

He does need a lot of exercise, though, so he really needs to be with an active family.

What's the Hungarian Greyhound Temperament and Personality (11 Traits)?

1. Intelligent

This is a smart breed that’s easy to train.

2. Social

The Hungarian Greyhound temperament is quite people-oriented. They need a lot of human interaction.

3. Affectionate

He is loving and openly affectionate with his human family.

4. Gentle

The Hungarian Greyhound temperament is docile and calm. They are usually good with children, but they can be nervous around very young ones.

5. Relaxed

In spite of his high need for exercise, he has no trouble relaxing. He is content to snuggle on the couch for hours.

6. Faithful

The Hungarian Greyhound is known for being loyal to his family members. He forms strong bonds with them.

7. Playful

As a rule, the Magyar Agár loves playing with children. As above, though, some can be nervous around small ones.

8. Calm

The Hungarian Greyhound temperament is fairly quiet and reserved, especially to strangers. He is not shy, though.

9. Energetic

This is one of the hallmarks of the Hungarian Greyhound temperament. This dog has great stamina and can run tirelessly for miles.

10. Vigilant

The Hungarian Greyhound temperament is well suited to watchdog duties. He is alert to what’s going on in his environment. He will bark to announce strangers, but he is not an aggressive dog.

11. Prey Drive

This dog is a sighthound, so he will always want to chase movement. Many can be socialized to not bother the family cat. But they may not be trustworthy around other household pets.

Other Hungarian Greyhound Breed Names

Whenever you hear or see any of the names below they are referring to the Hungarian Greyhound:

  • Magyar Agár.
  • Magyar Greyhound.
  • Magyarorszag.
  • Levrier Hongrois (French).
  • Lebrel hungaro (Spanish).
  • Ungarischer Windhund (German).

Hungarian Greyhound History

This breed has a long history that dates back to the early Middle Ages when the Magyar people invaded what is now Hungary.

Historians believe that these dogs were considered family pets as well as hunting partners. A fossil record suggests that the Magyar Agár traveled with this nomad population.

No one seems to know what breeds were used to develop the Magyar Agár. There is no written record of the breed before the 1800s.

At that time, breeders began crossing sighthound breeds. They were trying to create a dog with greater stamina. They needed dogs that could run 20 or 30 miles at a time to keep up with their masters on horseback. The prey was usually deer and hare.

Interestingly, the Hungarian Greyhound was unlike most hunting breeds of that time. Hunting was considered a sport of the nobility in most of Europe. But commoners also owned and hunted with the Magyar Agár.

These dogs were smaller than those the nobility used and were called “Hare Catchers” or “Farm Agars.” This smaller variety is now extinct.

These days, the Hungarian Greyhound excels at long-distance racing but is still used as a sighthound as well.

The Magyar Agár is highly valued in its native land. It is not well known anywhere else in the world.

There are some in North America, though.