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Should I Wake My Puppy Up in the Morning?

Unless there are special circumstances where your puppy must wake up, you should let him sleep in. 

That’s because you want your puppy’s sleeping schedule to be seamless. So, waking him up can disturb your dog’s routine as well as lead to behavioral issues.

Why Should I Not Wake My Puppy Up in the Morning?

Even if it seems like he slept too much or that he’s having a bad dream, you shouldn’t wake up a sleeping dog.

black pug sleeping in the summer sun in the living room on a knitwear blanket

No matter how well-behaved your furry friend is, waking him up can startle him, and then, he might even bite you.

Think about it, you wouldn’t like it if someone woke you up from your deep sleep either. 

Moreover, small puppies are often scared, especially if they recently got separated from their mother or old home. So, they’re more likely to get startled if you wake them up.

However, it’s more likely that your pup will wake you up, not the other way around. Dogs tend to generally wake up around 5.30 A.M. While you might consider this to be the middle of the night, dogs’ biological clocks are wired that way!

You can train older dogs to sleep in, but it might take some work when it comes to puppies. So, you should expect a lot of early mornings with puppies.

Is My Puppy Sleeping for Too Long?

While old dogs sleep for about 12 to 14 hours per day, puppies can nap for up to 20 hours!

This is only natural since puppies are more energetic and are still growing and learning. They need extra sleep to replenish their energy.

There’s no cause for concern over the furry sleeping beauty. Still, you should consult a vet if you notice any of the following:

  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Difficulty waking your puppy up
  • Lethargy even after a full-night sleep
  • Falling asleep suddenly
  • Increase in urination or defecation
  • Aggressive behavior

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When Should I Wake Up My Puppy?

You might need to wake up your puppy under certain circumstances. 

“Let sleeping dogs lie” is a popular phrase, but it doesn’t apply to puppies! Puppies aged three to nine months usually don’t have enough bladder control to keep them asleep through the entire night.

That’s why you should be waking up your small best friend in the middle of his sleep so he can pee. That’s if your pup doesn’t wake you up for a potty break.

Still, some puppies are deep sleepers. That’s why it’s best to gently shake your pet awake to avoid any accidents.

This potty break should be as boring as possible. After all, you don’t want your puppy to get so excited that he can’t fall back asleep!

Waking up at night can be incredibly tiring, so another option might be to line your puppy’s crate with a pee pad.

How to Wake Up a Sleeping Puppy

You must be as calm as possible when it’s time to wake your pup up to go to the potty.

The first thing you’ll need to do is kneel by him. This way, the puppy will find you less intimidating and will be less likely to get scared.

Don’t attempt to shake your pet awake. Instead, slowly pet your friend and talk to him in a gentle low tone.

Morning Routine After Waking Up

Puppy yawning

So, now that your furry friend has woken up, keeping a morning schedule for him is essential, especially considering how dogs are creatures of habit.

Set an Alarm

Though you typically shouldn’t wake your puppy up, you should both wake up at the same time, especially if you want to get him on the same sleep schedule as you.

To do that, you may need to gently wake him up a few times until his waking time matches yours.

After some time, your pet’s biological clock will rewire, so he’ll naturally wake up at the same time as you!

Breakfast and a Walk

As might be expected, if your dog is excited about the day, he’ll wake up more easily. For this reason, you should always start the day with different activities that your dog might enjoy.

First, a healthy balanced breakfast is sure to energize your pup for the day ahead. Then, you can do any of your dog’s favorite activities: going on a walk, playing catch, etc.

Yet, it’s inevitable that you won’t be able to keep up this full-schedule, especially if you have a full time job. That’s why you should pay close attention to your pup’s bedtime routine, too.

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How to Maintain a Sleep Schedule for Your Puppy

The ideal sleeping schedule for your puppy should be the same as yours. Ultimately, you don’t want your pup keeping you awake throughout the night.

Training your puppy for sleep is just as important as any other form of training. Dogs need a bedtime routine just like we do!

Exercise Before Bed

Most dog owners find it hard to get their dogs to sleep at night. Mainly, this is because the pup is just not tired enough!

To prep your dog for bedtime, you’ll need to tire him out. You can do this by exercising your dog a few hours before bedtime. 

Create a Comfortable Environment

Sleeping Sharpei Dog

Puppies are easily scared. So, you’ll need to create a safe, inviting environment where your friend can soundly sleep.

You can place your dog’s favorite toy, or other familiar objects, in the bed where he sleeps. Additionally, creating a relaxing environment using sounds and soft light can greatly help.

Crate Your Pup

Crating your puppy overnight is a fool-proof training method. This allows your puppy to have his own safe shelter where he can sleep peacefully.

The best thing about using a dog crate is that it’s completely customizable.

You can add any toys, dog beds, and pee pads to the crate. Plus, you can place your puppy’s crate in your room, so your dog will nestle next to you all night.