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17 Segugio Italiano Temperament Traits You Should Know

If you’re looking for a family dog that will be great with the kids but would also like a rabbit hunting partner, the Segugio Italiano temperament may be just what you’re looking for.

The Segugio Italiano is a friendly and protective breed that’s great with children. She is happy to spend time with the family, but she is a hunting breed who needs a lot of exercise.

The Segugio Italiano is happiest in a home with an active family.

Segugio Italiano Temperament

1. Intelligent

The Segugio Italiano is a smart dog who learns quickly.

2. Independent

Like most intelligent dogs (and most hunting dogs), the Segugio Italiano temperament can show an independent streak.

3. Eager to Please

In spite of her independence, she is generally eager to please, so she is easier to train than most hounds.

4. Friendly

She is not especially outgoing, but she has a kind and friendly disposition.

5. Affectionate

She can be very sweet and enjoys giving affection and getting it back from her family members.

6. Adaptable

The Segugio Italiano temperament is quite adaptable. As long as she gets enough exercise, she will transition easily from working in the field to relaxing at home.

She could also adapt to apartment life, but again, exercise is all-important.

7. Noble

Segugi Italiani have a distinguished and self-confident air about them. Their lean lines and “light bone” (from the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) breed standard) give the Segugio Italiano a very elegant look.

8. Calm

The Segugio Italiano temperament is generally quiet and reserved but not shy or timid. If she is well exercised, she will be happy to relax at home with her family.

9. Gentle

She has a kind, docile disposition that makes her a great family dog.

10. Sociable

The Segugio Italiano temperament is not well suited to a home where she will spend a lot of time alone. She loves company and does not like being left out of family activity.

This breed does not do well living outside or in a kennel. She needs to be with her people. If left alone too long, she may become bored. You may then see some destructive Segugio Italiano behaviors.

11. Alert

She will bark to let you know that a stranger is around. These dogs make good watchdogs. They are not aggressive, however, so the Segugio Italiano temperament is not suited to work as a guard dog.

12. Protective

The Segugio Italiano temperament is protective toward its family, especially the children.

13. Playful

They love to play and will happily wear the kids out for you.

14. Vocal

Many people find this breed's howl “melodious.” Even so, if you have close neighbors, she may need training early on to control it.

15. Tenacious

The Segugio Italiano is very determined. She is a single-minded hunter who shows impressive stamina in the field. She is eager to hunt all day, any day.

This dog is an unusual tracker and flusher who doesn’t always wait for the hunter to make the kill. She is happy to do it herself.

16. Athletic

This is an active breed that is fast and sure-footed. She is capable of moving quickly and gracefully over all types of terrain.

17. Hard-working

The Segugio Italiano temperament is very enthusiastic when it comes to her job. She is eager to hunt for as long as you will let her and doesn’t seem to get tired.

Segugio Italiano History

The Segugio Italiano is an ancient breed whose history is uncertain. The most common theory is that her ancestors were Egyptian hounds who were once owned by pharaohs and were brought to the Mediterranean area by Ph