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Old English Sheepdog Price Guide

On average, the price for an Old English sheepdog puppy is $1,200 to $1,500. Meanwhile, the average price from an animal rescue shelter can range from $50 to $350.

Surprisingly, Old English sheepdogs with superior breeding and lineage can go for as high as $6,800. Puppies with breeding rights or show quality can cost even more.

Photo of Old English Sheepdogs

Many factors affect the total price and annual costs of owning this special dog. Get to know them all in this Old English sheepdog price guide.

Factors Affecting the Price of an Old English Sheepdog

Price consists of the initial payment to get a sheepdog, excluding costs beyond the point of purchase. The following factors greatly influence the price of this adorable dog:


Old English sheepdogs, native to the U.K., were almost at risk for extinction. In 2020, the breed officially became part of the country’s Vulnerable Native Breeds list.

Its numbers have been growing in recent years, but the overall supply remains small. Interested buyers are often put on long waiting lists for several months.

The scarcity factor definitely raises the price you'll have to pay to get one.


This breed is fairly popular with the masses. It ranked 69th in American Kennel Club's Most Popular Dog Breed List for 2021.

The dogs' trusting and affectionate nature makes them appealing to both kids and fur parents. Many people are also drawn to their bearish looks and stylish shaggy coats.

Despite being endangered, demand for these attractive companions has grown steadily in recent years, driving their prices higher.


Old English sheepdogs aren't the most expensive pets, but they're still considered a luxury breed. Purebred sheepdogs are rare and have an impressive show-winning bloodline, too!

These valuable traits can put a premium on their price tag. What's more, a sheepdog with complete pedigree papers can get even more expensive compared to an unregistered one.


This breed is commonly found in the southwestern parts of England. They started entering the U.S. market in the 1880s and gained much popularity.

Unfortunately, Old English sheepdogs have since dwindled in number. At present, the breed is endangered in both the United States and England.

If you live outside of these locations, the total sheepdog price might include additional shipping fees and import costs.

Annual Cost of Owning an Old English Sheepdog

Photo of Old English Sheepdog Running

You’ll need a sizable sum to keep your furry friend healthy, well-fed, and happy.

All in all, the average cost range of having this doggy in your home is about $1,500 to $3,500 per year. This amount includes most of the necessary expenses in caring for your pet, such as the following:

1. Food

When it comes to food, expect to spend around $60 to $150 each month. Sheepdogs have a medium to large build, and can easily consume three to four cups of food per day.

It's best to feed them with age-appropriate and high-quality dog food. Your total food bill will depend on the following:

  • Dog's age
  • Eating habits
  • Store-bought vs. homemade dog food
  • Meal plan ingredients

2. Health/Vet Care

Health/Vet care can cost you $120 to $1,500 per year, depending on your choice of services and products. To remain in good condition, your sheepdog needs the following care procedures regularly:

  • Vaccination
  • Dental care
  • Routine check-up
  • Parasite Prevention

Old English sheepdogs are generally a healthy and strong breed. However, they're genetically prone to some specific issues, like hip dysplasia and hearing loss.

As your dog ages, it’s a good idea to increase your budget to cover more vet visits and prescribed medication.

3. Grooming

You might need some extra help in maintaining your dog's dense and lengthy coat. Aside from daily brushing, haircuts may be necessary to help him see and feel better during warmer seasons.

His large size can also make it tricky to give him full baths and nail clippings. If so, you can visit a professional to get it done conveniently.

Full grooming sessions can cost you about $90 to $360 a year, depending on frequency.

4. Insurance Costs

Sheepdogs are prone to health issues like cataracts and diabetes, which can be pretty expensive to treat. To help prepare for possible surgery and medical costs, you can sign up for a pet insurance plan.

There are specialized plans that cost $420 to $672 per year. Some plans have a maximum limit of $5,000 annually while others have unlimited coverage.

5. Toys

Challenging games and interesting toys are a must-have for these relatively energetic dogs. Their need for mental stimulation is quite high, compared to other breeds.

Have fun playing the following games with your sheepdog to keep him alert and active:

  • Fetch
  • Ball games
  • Tug of War
  • Obstacle courses

Various puzzles, balls, and chew toys can cost you around $30 to $120 per year.

6. Training

Old English sheepdogs are generally eager to please. This makes them cooperative and easy to train.

Leaving these dogs untrained can be problematic, due to their large size and playfulness. It's worth investing in group training classes costing around $150 to $200 per year.

Individual sessions are also available at a much larger cost. Training for this particular breed usually involves the following helpful lessons:

  • Basic commands like sitting, coming, and staying
  • Reactivity to other dogs and humans
  • Preventing aggressive behavior
  • Control over barking

7. Other Costs

The following expenses are optional, but you might find them handy during particular occasions:

Pet Boarding

If you can't take your sheepdog with you on a trip or vacation, pet hotels are a great alternative! These boarding places can give your pooch the TLC he needs while you’re away.

They usually cost around $30 to $50 per night.

Dog Walking

Photo of Old English Sheepdog Running Around

Old English sheepdogs need at least two hours of activity daily. Dog walking services are perfect for days when your sheepdog needs some exercise but you're short on time.

On average, a 30-minute walking service costs about $10 to $20. 


A collar, dog tag, or leash can be useful when taking your sheepdog to parks and public places. They’re especially handy when your puppy needs a little discipline or hasn’t been fully trained yet.

You can get these items for $10 to $50 depending on size and quality.

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