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Lowchen Price and Expense Breakdown

The Lowchen price from a reputable breeder ranges between $5000–$8000. A cheaper option is adopting from a dog shelter, which considerably lowers the cost to $50–$300.

However, on top of the initial price, there are other annual expenses to owning a Lowchen.

Photo of Lowchen Sitting

Why Is the Price of a Lowchen So High?

The Lowchen breed is usually listed among the most expensive dogs. Go through the list of reasons that cause the high Lowchen price:


Lowchens are rare. In fact, their numbers dwindled to 65 during the early 1970s. This threatened their existence.

Nowadays, this rarity puts them high up on the price ladder. As such, it may take some time to secure a puppy, especially from a reputable breeder.

There’s also a slim chance you’d find a Lowchen in a shelter. Still, try to contact nearby rescue facilities, to see if they have one.


Reputable breeders usually provide a pedigree certificate during the sale. This document details the dog’s heritage.

If you’re buying a purebred, which is also a pedigree dog, then it will cost more. Buying a purebred educates owners about the potential health issues, general behavior, and temperament of the dog.

This predictability is preferred by most as mixed breeds are harder to figure out.

Location and Demand

Lowchen puppies aren’t always available in some areas. Logically, more demand and low supply make them more expensive.

Moreover, buyers or other breeders may source from somewhere else. This usually racks up the price to cover travel costs.

Reputable Breeder

You may find lower Lowchen prices in the market. Still, going for a reputable breeder with a price range of $5000 to $8000 is your best choice.

The years of experience speak volumes about the breeding expertise and the kind of care given to every dog.

Furthermore, expect your puppy to be vaccinated and medically examined. Plus, the contract of sale usually comes with pedigree and registration certificates, and medical records. These things will prove valuable in the long run.

Average Annual Cost of Lowchen

Buying a Lowchen is one thing. Owning one is another. Besides the initial price you pay for a Lowchen puppy, you also need to prepare for the annual expenses.

In your pup's first year, you'll likely spend around $500–$2000 for necessities. Succeeding years will likely cost less.

Here's a breakdown of the expenses you need to account for:


Naturally, the bulk of the annual cost is allocated for food. This goes around $120–$500.

Factors like the size of your dog would dictate the amount of food intake, and eventually the cost of feeding.

Moreover, puppies require quality protein to support their growth. The amount is considerably more than what adults need.

Make sure that you get animal-based protein as opposed to vegetable-based counterparts. They contain amino acids that are beneficial to your dog.

Creating a balanced and well-portioned diet can also prevent eye and joint issues that your Lowchen may have. Consider the following diet inclusions that can help:

  • High-fat foods
  • High-fiber foods
  • Medium-moisture foods
  • Antioxidant-rich foods

Health and Veterinary Care

Photo of Portrait Lowchen

A huge chunk of the annual cost goes to the health and veterinary care of your Lowchen.

It will set you back around $100–$350. Additionally, you need to apportion the budget for flea and tick prevention around $40–$200.

Frequent vet visits may seem costly. However, they can keep your Lowchen healthy. It also helps detect conditions early on.

One ailment that can affect Lowchens is Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This is an eye condition that can make your dog blind.

Moreover, this breed can suffer from Hip Dysplasia. This is fairly common in small dogs. They may feel mobility discomforts that may require surgery.

Furthermore, Lowchens are also prone to Luxating Patella. This is a knee joint displacement that’s extremely painful and needs treatment.

If your dog suffers from any of these conditions, then be sure to have an emergency fund that amounts to at least $1000.


Your Lowchen will need grooming just like any other dog. Costs will depend largely on the extent of grooming you want.

You can set aside $30 annually for basic needs like washing, nail trimming, and teeth cleaning.

Nevertheless, it can go to as high as $500 a year for more extensive and frequent visits. This includes going for a lion-cut every two months.

Insurance Costs

Lowchens are healthy dogs. However, they're still prone to medical conditions as mentioned above.

The best way to manage emergencies is to get pet insurance. This can run around $90 monthly, which costs more than what you'd pay for mixed breeds.

Since this is a purebred, there's a greater chance for claims due to hereditary conditions.

Plus, treatments are more expensive. Therefore, insurance costs are higher.

Toys, Chews, and Treats

Toys and other entertainment accessories are necessary additional expenses for Lowchens. They help stimulate the brain and aid in their motor skills.

Costs can go as high as $400 annually. You can cut it down by investing in more durable toys. Nonetheless, your dog will be needing fewer toys as it ages.

Photo of Lowchen


Lowchens can assert their dominance, so training your pup is imperative. This dog breed is highly trainable and understands better with positive reinforcement.

Put in a budget of about $250 a year depending on the number of classes you want your pup to take. You can also train at home on other days. It won’t only lower the cost, but also give you more time to bond.

Other Costs

There are still other costs that go with owning a Lowchen. Take, for example, a collar and a leash. These will come in handy once you take your pup home.

Plus, a bed should be set up. This will cost you around $70–$250.

Additionally, you may need sitters and walkers on days that you can’t attend to your dog. Factor this into your budget as well. You may need to spend $15–$50 per activity depending on duration.

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