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Norrbottenspets Temperament: Back from the Brink of Extinction

When this elusive breed was declared extinct after World War II, the Norrbottenspets temperament almost disappeared from the earth entirely. However, the breed actually survived in remote Scandinavian villages and is making a comeback today.

Norrbottenspets are a variety of Nordic spitz. Spitz-type dogs are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of cold climates. All Spitz breeds have sturdy, compact bodies and thick fur. Norbottenspets are no exception!

Norrbottenspets are agile, alert and attentive little dogs.

They are extremely rare outside the countries of Sweden and Norway.

If you think you might be interested in this unusual breed, it is important to learn all you can about their needs. In this article, we will explore some of the most widespread Norrbottenspets traits.

Norrbottenspets Behaviors and Temperament

Below are some of the most common Norrbottenspets temperament traits. Of course, it is vital to remember that not all individual dogs will display all of these characteristics. There will always be some variation between individual dogs.

Agile and Athletic

Norrbottenspets may be small, but they are hardy and active dogs. They were bred to hunt large game in the forests of Scandinavia. Consequently, Norrbottenspets had to be quick, agile, and tough.

If you own one of these dogs as a pet, you will need to provide an outlet for their desire to work.

With Norrbottenspets exercise is a must! This breed needs daily exercise and playtime.

Jogging, walking, and hiking are all great activities for Norrbottenspets.

Without proper exercise, Norrbottenspets can become bored and destructive. If you are dealing with nuisance behaviors such as barking, digging, howling or chewing, this probably indicates that your pet needs more exercise.

Sensitive to Heat

This Nordic breed is tolerant of cold weather, but you have to be careful in the heat. Norbottenspets are susceptible to heat stroke.

Colder climates are ideal for these dogs. They love to romp in the snow.

If you live in a warmer region, you may need to do exercise sessions indoors during the heat of the summer.

One option would be to find a doggie daycare where playgroups are conducted indoors. This would be a great way for your dog to get the exercise he needs without getting overheated during the hot summer season.

Strong Desire to Work

Since Norrbottenspets have such a strong drive to work, you can give them a job in the form of a canine sport.

There are numerous Norrbottenspets that have won titles in competitions such as Agility, Lure Coursing, Barn Hunt, Rally Obedience, and Nosework.

If your dog needs a job, you can also get involved with search and rescue or therapy work.

Fearless Watch Dogs

Norrbottenspets were designed to be versatile working dogs that could hunt during the day and guard the homestead at night.

To this day, Norrbottenspets make excellent watch dogs. They are keen and alert, and they bark to warn their guardians of any intruders on the property.

They are brave little dogs that will fearlessly take on perceived threats that are much larger than them.

Clever problem solvers

Norrbottenspets are very smart dogs.

They are good at solving puzzles and figuring out problems.

It is important to provide your dog with plenty of outlets for his creative mental energy.

For example, you can get him enrichment items and puzzle toys that dispense treats when he solves the puzzle.

You can also teach him tricks such as “sp