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15 Drever Temperament Taits and the One Thing You Must Know

The Drever temperament is delightful and charming. He has a happy disposition, is nearly always wagging his tail, loves people and is good with kids. Bringing up a well trained Drever puppy can make a lovely family dog.

That said, the Drever is also a headstrong scent hound with a strong prey drive and a stubborn resistance to training.

The Drever is not a breed for an inexperienced owner.

The Drever Temperament


This breed forms very close bonds with his people. He loves people and wants to be near them all the time.


The Drever temperament is calm and easygoing. He is content to lie around the house if he gets enough exercise.

Drever Temperament is Stubborn

The One Thing You Must Know

The Drever breed is fairly difficult to train, they can be stubborn and refuse to obey.

If you are going to bring a Drever home you need to give them very firm, consistent, and continual training.

See our recommended guidelines for training the Drever


He gets along well with people, other dogs, strangers, and kids. He needs early socialization for other pets, though, because of his strong prey drive.


He loves to show affection to those he loves.


The Drever temperament is great for children when he’s socialized early. It also helps if they are raised together. He will play for as long as they care to join him.


He has a very kind, gentle disposition.


The Drever temperament is hard-working and determined. This works great in the field, but it can make him stubborn at home.


The Drever temperament is courageous. He has no problem facing up to large game like deer and wild boar.

Good with other dogs

He enjoys the company of other dogs and is never aggressive.


The Drever is a sturdy, agile dog. He loves physical activity and is good at it.


He has great endurance when hunting and can cover long distances. He is willing to work long after the hunter is done.


The Drever temperament is never anxious, aggressive, or shy.


They do bark sometimes, particularly when they’re playing or as an alert. They Drever temperament is too gentle to make a good watchdog, however.


He is not immediately accepting of strangers and will sound the alarm when one is nearby. If he is socialized to them when he is young, he will be more confident with them.

Drever History

The Drever is a short-legged, long-bodied scent hound from Germany. He is descended from a German hound, the Westphalian Dachsbracke (or simply Bracke).

The name Drever comes from the word “drev,” Swedish for hunt.

Their history in Sweden began when hunters were looking for a dog that could handle their tough terrain. In 1910, they began crossing the German Westphalian Dachsbracke with the native Swedish hounds.

The result was a crossbreed that was a little larger than the original Dachsbracke. His short legs and long body turned out to be perfect for the terrain he was to cover.

The Swedes then held a contest to name the new breed of hound. They held a newspaper competition in 1947, and the name Drever was chosen.

The Drever was recognized