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Serbian Tricolour Hound Temperament: The Best of Both Worlds?

At first glance, it seems that the Serbian Tricolour Hound temperament makes him a perfect family dog. And in the right hands, it does.

He is a devoted and obedient scenthound that the Serbians love and keep as pets as well as hunting partners.

But as a hunter, he has a high exercise need and can be hard to train. He is not the right choice for everyone.

16 Serbian Tricolour Hound Temperament and Personality Traits

1. Intelligent

Like most hunting dogs, the Serbian Tricolour Hound is smart and learns easily.

2. Independent

This is a common hunting-dog trait. The Serbian Tricolour Hound may be less independent than other hunting breeds. Even so, he is not always easy to train.

This trait can make the Serbian Tricolour Hound temperament difficult for beginners to manage.

3. Obedient

With proper training, though, he is eager to please.

4. Loving

The Serbian Tricolour Hound temperament is affectionate and loving with his family.

5. Gentle

He has a kind, sweet nature and is very good with children.

6. Devoted

He forms very strong bonds with his family and is completely loyal to them.

7. Self-Confident

The Serbian Tricolour Hound temperament is pretty self-assured. He is not shy or aggressive.

8. Lively

This dog is bright and enthusiastic, both at work and at play. He has a fun personality.

9. Friendly

The Serbian Tricolour Hound temperament is welcoming to almost everyone, including strangers and other dogs.

10. Energetic

As a hunting breed, the Serbian Tricolour Hound has a strong need for exercise. Exercise is key to a successful relationship with this breed.

Read our article to learn why it's important to exercise your dog daily.

11. Playful

This guy loves to play with children, and this is a good way to burn off his excess energy.

12. Social

A strong component of the Serbian Tricolour Hound temperament is his pack mentality. He gets along well with other dogs.

13. Stubborn

Although this dog is eager to please with proper training, without it he can demonstrate the stubbornness that many hounds are known for.

14. Dominant

The Serbian Tricolour Hound temperament is prone to dominance issues. He needs proper training and socialization to bring out his best qualities.

15. Vocal

The Serbian Tricolour Hound is a hunting dog that is a natural barker. It may be hard to control this in the home, particularly if he is bored or restless.

16. Tenacious

Hunters appreciate this dog’s determination in the hunt. He has great stamina and doesn’t like to give up.

Other Serbian Tricolour Hound Breed Names

The following are all names that the Serbian Tricolour Hound answer to:

  • Serbian Tricolor Hound.
  • Srpski Trobojni Gonič.
  • Yugoslavian Tricolour Hound (former name, changed in 1991).
  • Jugoslavenski Trobojni Gonič.

Serbian Tricolour Hound History

The Serbian Tricolour is a rare breed that is not well known outside of his native land of the Balkans.

It is one of three Yugoslavian hounds that were created from ancient Phoenician hounds. The other two are the Montenegrin Mountain Hound (formerly known as the Yugoslavian Mountain Hound) and the Serbian Hound (formerly called the Balkan Hound).

These three dogs originated in different regions of Yugoslavia, but they were considered the same breed by many. One theory is that the Tricolour is a variant of the Serbian Hound that was selectively bred for color.

In 1946, the three breeds were separated and given individual standards.

The only real physical difference among them is color. While the Tricolour has a white mark on the chest, the other two are bicolored, without the white.

The Tricolour was known as the Yugoslavian Tricolour Hound until the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the names of all three dogs were changed because Yugoslavia no longer existed.

They were originally bred for hunting game in packs but have begun to fulfill a more domestic role in recent years. Owners discovered that their gentle and affectionate dispositions made them excellent companion animals as well.

The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognized the Yugoslavian Tricolour Hound in 1961, and the United Kennel Club (UKC) accepted it in 2006. This breed has not yet been recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Serbian Tricolour Hound Training

This dog is bright and known for its obedience. However, he can be stubborn and has a tendency to dominant behavior.

He needs strong leadership to learn that he is not in charge. An inexperienced dog owner may find the task difficult.

The Tricolour is evolving into a companion animal, but he is still a working dog at heart. He needs exercise and mental stimulation if he’s going to live as a companion dog.

Without these things, he can become restless, bored, and destructive. He may also make the neighbors crazy with incessant barking.

This breed also needs socialization to strangers and children to bring out his playful and friendly nature.

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Serbian Tricolour Hound Appearance

General Appearance

The Serbian Tricolour Hound is a medium-sized hound with a muscular, rectangular body. He has a strong chest and powerful legs.

His overcoat is short, thick, and glossy. The hair lays flat. The undercoat is well-developed. His hair is longer on the legs and tail.

Serbian Tricolour Hound color can be fox red or deep red with a black saddle. He has a white star and a blaze that extends down the muzzle. He also has a white star on his chest. The end of his tail can also be white.

His skull is slightly rounded, and the muzzle is shorter than the skull. His eyes are almond-shaped, medium-sized, and dark. The medium-length, pendulous ears are set high and hang close to the cheeks.

He has a powerful neck that is slightly arched, strong jaws, and a scissor bite.

Serbian Tricolour Hound Size

Average Serbian Tricolour Hound weight is 44 to 55 pounds.

Serbian Tricolour Hound height averages 18 to 22 inches for males and 17 to 21 inches for females.

Hunting with a Serbian Tricolour Hound

The Serbian Tricolour is a scenthound that was bred to hunt off-leash, unlike many other hounds.

This dog has a reputation as a fierce and tenacious hunter. He generally hunted fox and hare, but some were used for larger prey such as deer and even boar.

This dog was able to do his job well on difficult terrain. He was prized for his loud voice as well as his hunting skills.

In recent years, there has been less need for hunting dogs. With the Serbian Tricolour Hound traits of gentleness and loyalty, the breed is making a smooth transition to life as family pets.

This dog is well-loved in his homeland and is still very popular. However, he is not well known outside of Europe.

Serbian Tricolour Hound Health Issues

This is considered a very healthy breed. Because of its rarity, though, there are no known studies of its health.

Because of his size and working-dog status, the breed may be prone to hip dysplasia. This is a malformation of the ball-and-socket joint of the dog’s hip. It can cause lameness, arthritis, and severe pain. It’s fairly common in large dogs and working breeds.

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Serbian Tricolour Hound Lifespan

The life expectancy of this breed is 12 to 15 years.

Caring for the Serbian Tricolour Hound

Serbian Tricolour Hound Grooming

This is a short-haired breed that needs only a weekly brushing. He should not be bathed often.

You should check his ears regularly for debris and signs of infection. He also needs his teeth brushed routinely and his nails trimmed when needed.

Serbian Tricolour Hound Diet

This dog should do well on any high-quality commercial food. If he is hunting, you may want to feed him a working-dog formula, which has more protein and fat.

If you to go this route, you will need to watch his weight carefully to be sure he is not getting too many calories.

Serbian Tricolour Hound Exercise

This breed is a working dog that needs a lot of exercise. If you are keeping one as a pet and not hunting him, you will need to find an alternative form of exercise.

This guy really needs an hour or two a day of outdoor exercise. This is one of the reasons that this dog would be challenging to own for most non-hunters.

Again, if that exercise need is not met, this dog is likely to chew, dig, and bark.

He does best in rural areas where he has a large area to run free, off-leash if possible. He would probably not do well living in an apartment unless you lead a very active outdoor life and include him in it.

The Serbian Tricolour Hound would make great hiking, biking, or jogging buddy. Hunting trials would be an ideal form of exercise for him.

Finding a Serbian Tricolour Hound

Buying a Serbian Tricolour Hound from a Breeder

This dog is a rare breed. Finding a Serbian Tricolour Hound for sale will take patience. At the time of this writing, an Internet search found no Serbian Tricolour Hound breeders in North America.

This breed is recognized by the UKC, so it might pay off to do a search of the breeder lists on their web site.

We were also able to find Facebook groups for this breed as well as YouTube videos. A search of those sites may turn up owners, breeders, or other group members who can help you find a Serbian Tricolour Hound breeder.

If all else fails, you might look into importing a Serbian Tricolour Hound puppy from Europe. You could start with the FCI or eurobreeder.com. They may be able to help you find a Serbian Tricolour Hound breeder.

Vetting the Breeder

If you do find a breeder, do your homework before purchasing a Serbian Tricolour Hound puppy. Try to get trustworthy recommendations from one or two of the sources given above. You don’t want to purchase a dog from a puppy mill or “backyard breeder.”

When you contact the breeder, ask if you can make a site visit. Even it’s not possible to do that, ask anyway. If they say no, that should be a red flag that they are hiding something.

Respectable breeders welcome visits to their site. They will want to ask you questions to be sure the breed is a good fit for your lifestyle. They also guarantee the health of their puppies.

It’s highly unlikely that puppy mills selling Serbian Tricolour Hound puppies will have tended to the puppies’ health at all. They will offer no guarantees.

Serbian Tricolour Hound Rescue/Adoption

If you would prefer to find a Serbian Tricolour Hound for adoption, it will still be difficult. You’re not likely to find one of these rare dogs at your local dog shelter.

You could try the tips above to start with. You might also try broadening your search to rescues that work with several hound breeds.

If you’re able to find a rescue, you will most likely be adopting an adult dog. Rescuing an adult has some great advantages over buying a puppy.

It would already be spayed or neutered. Someone else would already have gone through those early sleepless puppy nights with it.

Chances are good he would be housebroken. He may even be microchipped. You may also have an opportunity to visit with the dog and get to know its personality. This is not really possible with a brand-new puppy.

But best of all, you would experience the joy of providing a safe and loving home to a dog who needs one.

Is the Serbian Tricolour Hound Temperament the Right for You?

The Serbian Tricolour Hound is a lovely dog, whether you’re looking for a hunting partner or a faithful family dog. It certainly has the temperament to excel at both.

However, this dog needs an active life with an hour or two a day of vigorous exercise. Because he can be stubborn and have dominance issues, he needs a strong leader. You would have to commit to the patience and firmness needed to bring out his best qualities.

If you live an active life and would like an adventure partner, this dog may be just what you’re looking for.

If you are also willing to commit to the training and socialization he needs, the Serbian Tricolour Hound temperament is well worth checking out. He will reward you with a lifetime of loving devotion.