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Cane Corso Price: What’s the True Cost of Owning a Cane Corso?

Photo of Cane Corso Running | Cane Corso Temperament

If you are thinking about adding a Cane Corso to your household, it is important to think through all of the components of the Cane Corso price. There are many financial aspects to owning this giant breed of dog.


The cost of Cane Corso ownership goes well beyond the initial purchase price of the Cane Corso.

In this article, we will discuss everything from the price of purchasing a Cane Corso puppy, to the cost of adopting a Cane Corso from a rescue group, to the possible vet bills that could arise during the lifetime of your pet. We will even delve into the monthly cost of feeding and medicating such a large breed of dog.

Before you bring home any new pet, it is crucial to make sure that you can provide proper care for the animal’s whole life.

The true Cane Corso price is much more than the initial fee that you pay to the breeder or rescue group.

Is a Cane Corso Right for You?

Before we delve into the financial aspects of owning a Cane Corso, let’s determine if the Cane Corso temperament is a good match for your lifestyle.

Cane Corso Temperament

The Cane Corso temperament is known for being watchful, protective and loyal.

These dogs were developed centuries ago in Italy. They were bred to protect homesteads, farms and flocks of livestock.

At over 100 lbs., these Mastiff-type dogs can look extremely intimidating to intruders.

However, Cane Corsos are actually loving and gentle with their families. Of course, training and socialization are critical parts of raising a well-rounded Cane Corso.

Photo of Cane Corso With Young Girl | Cane Corso Temperament

The Cost of Purchasing a Cane Corso from a Breeder

When you purchase a Cane Corso puppy from a high-quality breeder, the average Cane Corso puppy price will be between $1000 and $4000.

If you want a certain coloration or bloodline, it may even be higher. For example the Blue Cane Corso price could easily be more than $4000.

Although you might be able to find Cane Corso puppies cheaper in the newspaper or online, be very careful not to get scammed.

Do not buy Cane Corso puppies over the internet or from a pet store without visiting the breeder in person.

A good Cane Corso breeder will provide health records, genetic testing, and lifetime support for their puppies. Their dogs will be happy, indoor pets and they will be in excellent physical condition.

Contact the Cane Corso Association of America for recommendations of reputable Cane Corso breeders in your region.

Keep in mind that you may have to travel to get to a good Cane Corso breeder.

The Cane Corso puppy price does not include travel expenses or accommodations.

Check out this informative guide for more tips on finding a reputable breeder.

The Cost of Adopting a Cane Corso from a Rescue Group

One way to reduce the cost of acquiring a Cane Corso is to adopt a Cane Corso from a rescue group or animal shelter rather than purchasing one from a breeder.

Adoption fees are generally between $100 and $300 depending on the organization. The adoption fee usually covers basic veterinary services such as spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchip.

There are always Cane Corsos in need of loving homes.

Visit your local animal shelter to put an application on file. You can also search for adoptable Cane Corsos online using Facebook, Petfinder.com, Adoptapet.com or Getyourpet.com.

There are also rescue groups that are dedicated specifically to helping Cane Corsos and other giant breeds of dog.

Visit the rescue section of the website of Cane Corso Association of America for more information about Cane Corso rescue groups around the United States.

The Cost of Caring for a Cane Corso

The initial adoption fee or breeder’s fee is just the tip of the iceberg.

In this section, we will discuss the ongoing costs of caring for a Cane Corso for the course of their lifetime.

Photo of Cane Corso With Girl | Cane Corso Temperament

The Price of Feeding a Cane Corso

Cane Corsos weigh over 100 lbs., and eat about four cups of food per day.

This can add up quickly, especially if you are feeding your Cane Corso a high-quality (i.e. expensive) dog food.

For example, a 30 lb. bag of food can cost about $50. If you are feeding your Cane Corso 4 cups a day, a 30 lb. bag will only last you about one month.

Therefore, you need to be prepared to spend about $50 per month on dog food alone.

This does not include supplemental items like treats, dental chews, or rawhides.

The Price of Training a Cane Corso

Training and socialization are crucial for this breed.

If you are going to own a dog that weighs over 100 lbs., you need to invest time and money into obedience training. It is imperative that you be able to control such a large pet.

If you acquire your Cane Corso as a puppy, sign up for a puppy socialization class. This is a great way for your Cane Corso puppy to learn good canine social skills.

The price of a puppy socialization class is usually between $75 and $200 for a 5- or 6-week session.

Helpful Dog Training Resource:

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After you finish puppy kindergarten, sign up for a basic obedience class with a positive reinforcement trainer.

Make sure you find a trainer that uses positive training methods and avoid trainers that use punishment, pain or fear.

A basic obedience class is usually 5 or 6 sessions, and it usually costs between $100 and $200 depending on the trainer.

Another option is to do private one-on-one training with a trainer that comes to your house. This is a more expensive option. Private trainers usually charge between $80 and $150 per hour of their time.

Fun and Games: Toys and Enrichment

You will need to keep your Cane Corso entertained so that he does become bored and destructive.

Cane Corso Running

Stock up on a few interactive toys like Kongs and food puzzles. High-quality toys for large-breed dogs cost about $20 or $25 each.

Cane Corso’s are heavy chewers, so you will also want to invest in some antlers, bully sticks or rawhides. These can get expensive, but it’s worth it to keep your Cane Corso from chewing on your shoes and furniture.

Do not forget to invest in an extra-large crate to keep your Cane Corso cozy and secure when you leave him unattended. An extra-large crate will cost about $150 if you purchase it new. However, you may be able to find a used crate at a yard sale or on the internet.

If you work long hours, you may need to budget for a dog walker or a doggie daycare. Call local businesses to see what they charge for dog walking, pet sitting, and doggie daycare.

The Cost of Grooming a Cane Corso

Luckily, Cane Corso’s do not require extensive grooming.

Therefore, grooming will not be a major expense for Cane Corso owners.

You should be able to maintain your Cane Corso’s short coat by brushing and bathing him periodically at home.

It will cost about $20 to get his nails trimmed regularly at a groomer or vet clinic. However, if you feel comfortable clipping your dog’s nails, you can save some money by doing this yourself.

Staying Healthy: Cane Corso Vet Bills

Of course, the biggest ongoing expense for your Cane Corso is going to be vet bills.

Veterinary care can be extremely expensive, especially for large breed dogs.

Remember that medication costs are determined by weight. If you own a dog that is 120 lbs., you are basically purchasing medication for the equivalent of a small person.

Cane Corsos are prone to some health conditions that can require major surgery. For example:

If a surgical procedure is needed for one of these health issues, you will be looking at thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Purebred dogs are more susceptible to genetic conditions, so adopting a Cane Corso mix could save you some money when it comes to veterinary care.

However, even routine vet care can add up fast for such a big dog.

You will have to purchase the largest doses of flea, tick and heartworm prevention on a monthly basis.

For example, 6 months of Trifexis for an extra-large dog will cost about $115.99 before tax and shipping.

Your dog will need a dental cleaning every couple of years, and this procedure will cost between 0 and 0 depending on the veterinarian.

Pet health insurance is a new trend among dog owners. Talk with your vet to see if pet health insurance would be a good option for you and your Cane Corso.

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Conclusion: Owning a Cane Corso is Not Cheap!

Cane Corsos are expensive dogs.

They are extremely pricey if you purchase one from a breeder, but you can save some money and save a life by adopting.

After you bring one home, you will still need to budget for food, training, and medical care.

You will definitely want to examine your finances before making a commitment to this breed of dog.