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What Treats Can I Give My 8-Week-Old Puppy?

Ideally, you should give your puppies delicious and nutritious treats that entice them to respond to training. For example, store-bought treats, meat, fruits, and vegetables are all delicious options for your puppy to savor.

However, 8-week-old puppies have only recently become dependent on dog food.

So, what treats can I give my 8-week-old puppy? There are many options, but it’s best to be careful when introducing treats, especially homemade ones or table scraps.

5 Healthy Treat Ideas for 8-Week-Old Puppies

At eight weeks, your pup should be eating around four main meals daily at roughly equal intervals. In between those meals, you might want to add a treat or two for training purposes.

Here are five simple treats that you can use as a rewarding system for your little buddy:

1.   Regular Dog Food

As surprising as this may seem, most eight-week-old puppies aren’t really aware that their regular puppy food isn’t special.

That’s why you can use a mini portion to motivate young puppies while training. However, they’ll soon realize this trick and start demanding other treats.

So, while it’s convenient, it’ll only be a temporary option in most cases.

2.   Store-Bought Puppy Treats

close up of dog treats in someone's hand

There are more brands of puppy treats than you can keep track of, and most come with delicious flavors too.

The only way to determine whether you should stick with particular store-bought treats or not is through trial and error.

That said, it’s crucial to check the ingredients before buying dog treats. After all, you must ensure they’re healthy, especially if your puppy has allergies.

Here’s what to look for in commercially-sold dog treats:


For a starter, try to steer clear of any additives and preservatives. Instead, the bulk of the treats should be natural ingredients.

If it contains meat, make sure it’s high-quality, grass-fed cuts and not just meat by-products.


The treat also should be low in carbs. While pet food carbs like wheat, corn, and rice aren’t harmful, too many of them can increase your puppy’s weight.

3.   Meat

Dogs savor meat, and it should make up the highest percentage of their diet. However, you shouldn’t feed your puppy undercooked meat or any bones, as that may harm them.

You can feed them all types of meat products like beef, veal, fish, liver, and chicken.

Before giving meat treats, one thing to keep in mind is to cut them into pea-sized chunks. That way, you won’t exceed your puppy’s recommended caloric intake and will also make it easier for them to chew.

That said, you may want to stay away from meat jerkies. That’s mainly because meat jerkies contain added salt and spices, which can cause gastric upset for young pups.

In addition, a typical jerky is usually hard, so it can be difficult for an 8-week-old puppy to chew.

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4.   Vegetables and Fruits

The perk of getting an 8-week-old puppy is that you can accustom them to fruits