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Jagdterrier Temperament: Get to Know the German Hunt Terrier

The Jagdterrier temperament is bold and intense. These little guys may be small but they are mighty!

The Jagdterrier (pronounced “Yack Terrier”) is also known as the German Hunt Terrier or the Deutscher Jagdterrier.

If you are thinking about adding a Jagdterrier to your household, this article will provide you with an introduction to the vivacious Jagdterrier personality.

You can learn even more by speaking with Jagdterrier owners and breeders. You can also connect with the Jagdterrier community online through Facebook and other websites.

It is important to do extensive research before you bring one home to make sure you are prepared for common Jagdterrier behaviors.

These little hunting dogs are definitely not for everyone.

Like many other terriers, Jagdterriers are tenacious, courageous, energetic and intelligent.

They need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to channel their energy into constructive outlets.

They are not usually recommended for novice dog owners or for apartment dwellers.

Jagdterrier Temperament: The Most Common Jagdterrier Traits

In this section, we will explore some of the most common components of the Jagdterrier temperament.

However, please keep in mind that all dogs are individuals, so there will always be some variation between dogs within a breed.

Your specific Jagdterrier may not display all of these characteristics.

Still, this section will provide you with an overview of the Jagdterrier temperament.

High Prey Drive

One component of the Jagdterrier temperament is a high prey drive towards smaller animals.

The Jagdterrier was bred to hunt and kill small game such as rabbits, foxes, and badgers.

This prey drive is very deeply entrenched in their DNA.

For this reason, a Jagdterrier is not generally a good choice for a home with small pets such as rabbits, ferrets or cats.

There may be some exceptions to this rule, but most terriers cannot be fully trusted with small critters.

Be very cautious if you try to introduce your Jagdterrier to other animals. Always supervise their interactions and separate them if you cannot monitor them.

Clever, Trainable

The smart Jagdterrier temperament makes this breed very trainable.

In fact, it is crucial to provide your Jagdterrier with plenty of training and mental enrichment.

Without enough mental stimulation, your Jagdterrier will easily become bored.

A bored Jagdterrier may develop unwanted behaviors such as chewing, digging, barking, or trying to escape.

You can also keep your Jagdterrier entertained with a variety of toys and food puzzles.

You can purchase interactive toys from your local pet supply store, and you can even make some yourself from common household items.

Courageous, Tenacious

Like most terriers, the Jagdterrier temperament is extremely tenacious.

Terriers are known to take on adversaries two or three times their own size!

Your Jagdterrier should be closely supervised when interacting with other dogs. A terrier will usually not back down from a fight if they are provoked.

Early socialization will help your Jagdterrier learn better social skills with other canines.

The fearless Jagdterrier temperament trait also makes this breed an excellent watchdog.

A Jagdterrier will do anything to protect his family if he feels that they are threatened.

High Energy

The Jagdterrier temperament can be described as high energy or even hyper.

These little guys need a lot of physical exercise.

Even though they are small, they are not couch potatoes or lap dogs.

If you bring home one of these dogs, you should be prepared for at least an hour of vigorous exercise per day.

Jagdterrier exercise can take the form of hiking, jogging, biking, or a canine sport.

Doggie daycare can be another great outlet for your Jagdterrier’s excess energy.

Needs a Job or a Sport

The Jagdterrier is happiest when he has a job to do.

If you do not plan to participate in hunting with your Jagdterrier, another great option is a canine sport.

There are dozens of fun and interesting canine sports.

Jagdterriers excel at sports such as barn hunt. Barn hunt is a sport that tests a dog’s ability to find vermin in an underground maze.

Other options of canine sports include agility, nosework, Frisbee, flyball, and many more!

Jagdterrier History: Where does the Jagdterrier Dog Breed come from?

The Jagdterrier is a fairly new dog breed.

The breed originated in Germany after World War I. Its name literally translates to “Hunt Terrier” in German.

The breed was developed by crossing Fox Terriers, Welsh Terriers, and Old English Wirehaired Terriers.

The result was a small, versatile, black and tan hunting terrier.

The Jagdterrier is primarily used for hunting small game, but he is brave and hardy enough to hunt large game as well.

The German Hunting Terrier Club was founded in 1926.

The Jagdterrier is recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) as well as the United Kennel Club (UKC). However, it is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) at this time.

Jagdterrier Size and Appearance

The FCI breed standard describes the Jagdterrier as, “A smallish, generally black and tan, compact, well-proportioned working hunting dog.”

The average Jagdterrier height is between 13 and 16 inches at the withers.

The typical Jagdterrier weight range is between 17 and 22 pounds.

Jagdterrier colors are almost always black and tan. Small white markings are permitted on the chest and toes.

The Jagdterrier coat can be either rough or smooth.

The tail was historically docked to about 1/3 of its normal length. However, now that many countries are outlawing cosmetic surgery such as tail docking, the tail can also be left at its natural length.

Jagdterrier Training

The intelligent Jagdterrier temperament means that this breed is an excellent candidate for training.

In fact, if you own a Jagdterrier, daily training sessions are a must. Daily training will keep your dog’s mind active and engaged.

Start socialization and training at an early age if possible.

If you get your dog as a puppy, sign up for a puppy socialization class. This is a great way for your puppy to learn basic commands and also learn social skills from other canines.

If you adopt your dog as an adult, it is still a great idea to sign up for a basic obedience class with your new pet.

Just make sure you do your research and find a trainer that uses positive reinforcement methods.

Helpful Dog Training Resource:

For help with training your Jagdterrier dog, you should take a look at The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan. Doggy Dan is an expert Dog Trainer based in New Zealand. His online resource contains Hundreds of Excellent Dog Training Videos that will take you step-by-step through the process of developing a healthy, happy well-behaved dog.

The Jagdterrier does not respond well to rough or forceful handling. Avoid trainers that use painful training devices such as shock collars or choke chains.

These outdated tactics are not necessary and may severely compromise your bond with your new dog.

Instead, sign up for a class that uses modern, force-free training methods. This type of training will be fun for you and your dog. It will help to strengthen your relationship.

Once you have completed basic training, you can explore more advanced activities. As previously stated, the Jagdterrier is an outstanding competitor in many canine sports including agility, barn hunt, rally obedience, and flyball.

A Guide to Jagdterrier Grooming

The Jagdterrier does not require too much effort when it comes to grooming.

Both the rough coated Jagdterrier and the smooth coated Jagdterrier need minimal upkeep.

Occasional bathing and brushing will suffice.

It is also important to provide them with regular nail trims, ear cleaning, and dental care.

Jagdterrier shedding is light and manageable.

However, the Jagdterrier is not a hypoallergenic breed. If you or someone in your family has allergies to dog dander, check out this article for a list of hypoallergenic breeds.

Staying Healthy: Jagdterrier Health Issues

Happily, the majority of Jagdterriers are healthy dogs.

However, like all breeds, Jagdterriers can be prone to certain health conditions.

Talk with your breeder and/or veterinarian to find out what to expect before you bring one home.

If you acquire your dog from a breeder, ask if they have performed any testing (such as hip or eye evaluations on their breeding dogs).

If you adopt from a rescue group, ask if there is any medical history available.

Be sure to be on the watch for the following health conditions in your Jagdterrier:

Helpful Dog Health Resource:

Note: Don't let the many issues above scare you. The best way to approach health problems is to prevent them in the first place. The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health is a great place to start. Get a copy to keep at home. It will help you prevent the painful health issues that can plague your lovely dog from expressing his winning personality and maximizing his life expectancy.

Like all dogs, your Jagterrier needs to visit a veterinarian at least once per year for an annual exam and vaccinations.

Likewise, make sure you keep your Jagdterrier up to date on flea prevention, tick prevention, and heartworm prevention all year round.

Spaying and neutering are highly recommended for all household pets. Speak with your veterinarian about the best time to schedule this procedure.

Also, speak with your vet about the best diet for your Jagdterrier. Select high-quality food without fillers or additives such as corn or animal by-products.

With good care and nutrition, the average Jagdterrier lifespan is between 10 and 12 years.

Jagdterrier Adoption and Rescue

If you decide that the Jagdterrier temperament is the right match for your household, your next step will be to find one. This may prove challenging since this is such a rare breed of dog, especially outside of Germany.

Adoption can be a great way to add a pet to your family!

The Benefits of Adoption

There are many reasons to consider adoption.

First of all, there are so many homeless pets in the country. It is very rewarding to adopt a pet and save a life!

Animals that are up for adoption are usually a little bit older and more settled. They do not require as much exercise or training as puppies.

Adoption fees are also significantly less expensive than breeder fees.

For example, when you adopt from a rescue group or an animal shelter, the adoption fee is usually between $100 and $300. This price generally includes some basic vetting.

On the other hand, when you purchase a puppy from a breeder, the Jagdterrier price can easily exceed $1000!

How to find a Jagdterrier for Adoption

A great place to start your search for a new pet is at your local animal shelter or humane society.

Even though Jagdterriers are rare in American animal shelters, the staff can direct you towards other organizations such as specialized rescue groups.

They can also keep your information on file and contact you about similar breeds.

Another great option is to search for adoptable dogs online through websites such as Facebook, Petfinder, Adoptapet, or Getyourpet.

You can also search for rescue groups that specialize in terriers and terrier mixes.

How to Find a Jagdterrier for Sale from a Reputable Breeder

Another possible option is to try to find a Jagdterrier puppy from a reputable Jagdterrier breeder.

There are very few Jagdterrier breeders in the United States, so this will require time and patience.

You can ask a representative from the American Kennel Club for referrals for good breeders.

However, it is still highly recommended that you visit the breeder in person before agreeing to do business with them.

This will allow you to check out the property and the health of the breeding dogs. A good breeder will always welcome your visit. If a breeder does not want you to visit their premises, this is a red flag!

Sadly, there are many unscrupulous breeders in the world that will try to take advantage of unsuspecting puppy buyers.

To avoid scams, never purchase Jagdterrier puppies over the internet or from a pet store.

Conclusion: Why the Jagdterrier?

The Jagdterrier temperament makes this breed a fun and lively pet.

The Jagdterrier is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an active and entertaining companion in a small package.

Do not be fooled by their size! These small terriers still need a lot of exercise and attention. Make sure you are prepared for a high energy pet before you commit to a Jagdterrier.

If you are looking for a dog that will keep you laughing and keep you on your toes, the Jagdterrier might be the perfect choice for you!