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How To Keep A Dog From Pooping In Your Yard

The universal truth about having dogs is that they poop, and they’ll do it anywhere unless they are trained not to do it in a specific place. The first step is to teach your dog not to poop inside the house. 

Once you’ve potty trained your dog, it is time to teach him not to poop in the yard. It will require patience, time, and many treats, but it will make your life easier if you enjoy having a clean yard or lawn. 

In today’s article, we’ll tell you all about teaching your dog not to poop in your yard. We’ll also share the tips you’ll need, the dangers of dog poop in your yard, and why dogs like to poop in yards.

Why Do Dogs Poop in Yards?

Photo of Dog Pooping On Lawn

Have you noticed that your dog usually poops in the same spot every time?

Well, there’s a reason for that, and it is called instinct. Dogs use their poop as a way of communication, similar to marking with pee. A dog’s poop can be used to communicate many things to other dogs. 

The poop can mean that the territory is his or hers, or it can mean that a female dog is on heat. It can also mean that the dog is friendly to others or will attack if someone gets close. The scent can tell many things, and it is one of the main ways a dog communicates with other dogs and animals. 

Dogs like to pee and poop in the same place because they see it as their territory. That’s the reason why your dog might always pee on the same spot, and that’s why someone else’s dog might choose your yard or lawn as his favorite poop spot. 

Another reason a dog might poop in a specific space could be related to the earth’s magnetic field. Some dogs like to poop aligned to the north-south axis when pooping, and they might have their spot for that in your yard.  

Can You Train Your Dog Not to Poop in the Yard?

You can teach your dog not to poop in your yard the same way you taught him not to poop inside the house.

However, keep in mind that the process can be longer if your dog is already an adult. If you don’t want your dog to poop in your yard, teach him not to do it since he is a pup, and he will learn faster. 

Here’s everything you should do to teach your dog not to poop in your yard: 

Take Your Dog For Poop Walks

Photo of yorkie poops

If you want your dog to learn not to poop in your yard, then take away the possibility of it happening. Dogs tend to poop every time after they eat.

So, if your dog eats three times a day, you should take him out three times a day for poop walks. You should do the same if he eats two times a day. 

Taking your dog for poop walks and allowing him to pick a spot for his business is the best way to stop him from doing it in your yard.

However, you should keep in mind that if your dog has already picked his spot in your yard, it will be difficult for him to choose another one. 

Reward Poops Outside

You took your dog outside, and he did his business where you wanted.

Great, now it is time to encourage that behavior. To do so, you need to carry with you some treats that your dog loves.

Your dog will relate pooping outside to getting those delicious treats, which will encourage him to hold it until it’s time to go out. 

Be Patient

Depending on your dog’s breed, it might take some time for them to learn that pooping outside means a delicious treat.

You must be constant and not give up, or otherwise, your dog will never understand it.  

Other Things You Could Do to Prevent Your Dog From Pooping in the Yard

Photo of Dog Poops On Lawn

You can do other things to prevent your dog or someone else’s dog from pooping in your yard or lawn. 

Here’s what you can do to prevent your dog from pooping in your yard: 

Keep Your Yard Dog Free

One solution, or the easiest solution, is to make your yard completely dog-free. This option will work if you don’t have a dog, but someone else’s dog is pooping in your yard regularly. 

You can barricade your yard with a fence or hedge to keep dogs away. By doing this, you’ll be able to control your yard in a much more efficient way. 

Use Sprinklers

One way to stop a dog from pooping in your lawn is to use automated sprinklers that activate with movement.

Basically, you’ll be telling the dog that if he gets close to your yard, there will be water waiting for him. It is an excellent way to stop dogs that are not your own from pooping in your yard. 

Create a Dog Poop Zone In Your Yard

Photo of Dog Poop Area

If you don’t want your dog to poop in your yard, but you don’t have the time to take him out after every meal, you should create a poo-zone in your yard. 

A poo-zone for your dog is a part of the yard designed for him to do his business, giving him the space he needs and protecting the rest of your garden. 

You can use a corner of your yard and fill it with sand to make it easier to clean. Teach your dog to poop only in that zone, which you can achieve by rewarding every poop done in the poo-zone. 

Use Different Scents in Your Yard

Dogs can smell a lot more than humans and even more than most animals. One of the reasons a dog likes to poop in a specific spot is because of the smell of previous poops.

If you manage to change the yard’s fragrance, you can help your dog find a different area to poop. 

You have to make your yard smell differently from before as dogs are wary of new places. They prefer to poop or pee in spots they’ve already been. Use their scent against them by changing the fertilizer. 

Repellents Can Be a Great Ally

There are some repellents you can use to make your dog think twice before he tries to do his business in your yard.

These repellents can be made at home with some garlic, olive oil, and peppermint. Mix them and place them around your yard, and you’ll see your dog avoid the places you’ve sprayed. 

Is Dog Poop a Health Hazard?

Photo of Is Dogs Poop Health Hazard

Dog poop can be a health hazard for you, your family, and other pets. Dog poop in warm climates can lead to an infestation of maggots and worms. This can lead to parasites that can put your life and your family’s life at risk.

Worms and parasites are the most significant health hazards when it comes to leaving dog poop in your yard. After days, the larvae and eggs will hatch and will become highly infectious for other animals. These same worms and parasites can be transmitted to family members through the same dogs and pets. 

One way to avoid this is to deworm your dog monthly, especially if they go out to the park or walk around the neighborhood. Keeping your dog worm-free will improve your dog’s health and will help you keep your family safe. 

If you live in humid places, then the poop can become moldy. Molt is dangerous for humans, especially if you have kids that play outside in the garden. Kids can step on it or touch it, and by doing so, they can catch the disease. 

Another health issue caused by dog poop is the risk of parvovirus. Dog poop can carry the disease, a highly-lethal intestinal virus that can kill small kids who have not been vaccinated. Parvovirus can live in the environment for long periods, so it is better to avoid dog poop in your yard.

Is Dog Poop a Hazard For Your Yard or Lawn? 

Dog poop does not work as a fertilizer, and leaving it in your yard won’t lead to your yard being more healthy.

The main reason is that a dog’s diet includes a lot more protein than farm animals like cows, whose poop can be used as an excellent fertilizer. 

The extra protein makes the poop more acidic, which in time will destroy the acidic level of your yard’s soil. On the other hand, cow poop is a more balanced stool because of its vegetarian diet. 

You can turn the dog’s stool into fertilizer through different methods and combine it with other items. However, the dangers of dog poop are not worth the time and effort needed for turning stool into fertilizer. 

If you still want to use dog stool as a fertilizer, you need to heat the excrement above 140℉ (60°C). Yet, even when heated, the fertilizer won’t be useful for plants you plan to consume. 

Disposing of Dog Poop and Safety Tips For Dog Owners

We already know that dog poop can be a hazard for your health and your yard, so the correct thing to do is dispose of it properly.

Remember that your dog’s and your family’s health is vital. 

The Proper Disposal of Dog Poop

Photo of Dog Poop Dispose

The proper disposal of the dog’s poop is essential for a healthy yard and your family’s health. The first thing you should keep in mind is that the sooner you pick up the poop, the better. 

Pick the poop right after your dog does it. You’ll avoid the possibility of diseases spreading among your pets and family. One more thing you should avoid doing is coming in contact with the poop. 

Use plastic bags or other types of bags to dispose of your dog’s poop. You can also use gloves when disposing of it, and always wash your hands after picking up your dog’s business. 

Finally, keep the dog poop sealed as it can leave a terrible odor. Place it in a particular bin to keep the smell away and keep that bin outside the house. 

Safety Tips

The best way to avoid any health issues for you, your family, and your pets is to keep your pets dewormed and vaccinated. The vaccines will keep your dog healthy, meaning they won’t be able to transmit diseases that could be lethal for humans or other pets. 

Keeping your dog dewormed will also help you keep you and your family healthy. This is because the worms and parasites that live inside a dog can be transmitted to humans too. Deworm your dog every month, and do not forget to pick up the poop as soon as possible. 

There are medications for preventing worms in your dog. If you use them, they will also deworm your dog if done monthly. Above everything else, keeping you and your family healthy is the most crucial part, so keep your kids away from the dog’s stools. 


If you want to keep your dog from pooping in your yard, what you must do is teach him to do his business elsewhere.

It will take some time, and you will have to take him for walks more often, but he will eventually learn that pooping outside is better than pooping inside. However, it will only work if you are constant with the training. 

You can try to make your yard a dog-free zone or create a poop zone inside the yard for your dog to use. Keep in mind that dogs’ stools can be a health hazard for you and your family, so dispose of them as soon as possible. 

Overall, teaching your dog not to poop inside the yard is possible, and it is the best option. Use some treats to make the process a lot easier and more fun for your dog. Keep your pets dewormed and vaccinated, and your yard won’t become a hotspot for diseases and parasites.