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Azawakh Price: Is it Right for Your Wallet?”

The average price of an Azawakh puppy from a reputable breeder averages at $2000 – $2500. The African Sighthound is rare in the US with only a handful of breeders, which explains the elevated price.

Adopting an Azawakh isn’t particularly cheap; you can get one for around $400. However, it’s hard to find Azawakhs for adoption given the rarity of the breed.

The Azawakh is a high-maintenance breed, so expect to pay an additional cost for its upkeep.

Photo of Azawakh Dog Running On The Beach

Factors that Affect the Price of Azawakh

When it comes to Azawakh, the main factor that affects the price is the breeder’s offerings.

Here’s how.

Breeder’s Offers

When it comes to rare dog breeds like the Azawakh, you need to pay attention to what the breeder is offering you. Some of them are after money rather than the breed’s welfare.

Most breeders will offer you a microchip for the Azawakh puppy alongside a three-year health guarantee. You want to take that offering even if it adds to the price because it’s the only way to ensure the health condition of your dog and the purity of its bloodline.

The location and reputation of the breeder also come into play with such rare breeds.

Additional options that breeders offer include training, socialization, microchipping, and vaccination. All these factors surely increase the price of Azawakh.

Average Annual Cost of Azawakh Breed

You’ll spend an average annual cost of $1000 to $2000 to raise an Azawakh, depending on your parenting style and dog needs.

This number might jump to $2500 in the first year because of the initial screenings and additional health care requirements for puppies.


Feeding an Azawakh would cost you around $200 per year.

The best practice is to keep feeding your Azawakh the same food their breeder has been feeding them and adjust gradually. 

Photo of  Azawakh Dogs

The slender body of an Azawakh tells a lot; no overeating so as not to gain weight. Plus, protein is essential to stay lean whether for competition or physical well-being.

Azawakh puppies need three to four regular meals with 20% to 25% protein content. As they grow older, adult Azawakh might do well on two meals only, given that you don’t compromise the protein content.

Veternity Care

The average annual cost for veterinary care of an Azawakh is $600 – $1500.

Unfortunately, Azawakh is prone to hip dysplasia problems, which might lead to epileptic seizures in adults. They’re also subject to auto-immune diseases and spondylosis. Less common but equally fatal health problems include Wobbler disease and Demodectic Mange.

Given their African origins, Azawakhs don’t do well in colder climates, and they need special care in such settings.

Ideally, your dog breeder should sell you the dog vaccinated. If that’s not the case, you’ll need to get your dog vaccinated for $40 to $100. Preferably, you should give them flea prevention medication, which costs $50 to $200, depending on the type.

Regular routine checkups at the vet are around $50 per session. In case they find a disease, you’ll be paying $500 -$1000 for scans and blood tests.

Dental examinations cost around $200.


The Azawakh requires minimal grooming. Judging by its silky coat and slender body, you might expect it doesn’t shed much