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Transylvanian Hound Temperament & Everything Else You Need to Know

In the Transylvania Mountains in Hungary over 1,000 years ago, a special hound developed that is now well-known for the excellent Transylvanian Hound temperament and its over-the-top ability to track by scent. Hunters valued them then and still do. But down through the years, that beautiful combination of nobility and good-nature has made him a treasured family pet, as well.

Hunters valued them then and still do. But down through the years, that beautiful combination of nobility and good-nature has made him a treasured family pet, as well.

His high, far-ranging, sonorous voice allows hunters sitting around a campfire to know the direction in which game is running.

How thrilling it is when the Transylvanian Hound’s head is lifted in full cry as he tracks his prey in the evening hours!

And at home, he patiently allows the little girls in the family to tie ribbons around his neck and cuddle him like a favorite baby-doll. The Transylvanian Hound is a rare combination of noble and generous character.

Alternative names for the Transylvanian Hound are Erdélyi kopó, Hungarian Hound, Transylvanian Scent Hound.

The Transylvanian Hound Temperament and Personality

The Transylvanian Hound temperament creates an especially good-natured, friendly dog that is a welcome addition to any family. His calm demeanor balances nicely with his playful nature to make an ideal family pet.

He is quiet enough to live in an apartment and courageous enough to be a bold guard on an urban estate. Ever loyal, the Transylvanian Hound makes friends for life.


The Transylvanian Hound temperament includes his noble character. As though he has a high standard to meet, he is always a gentleman and aristocrat.


This special hound was bred to be calm and quiet when not tracking prey with his handler in the woods and fields where he loves to run and chase various wild game. As soon as he’s finished his task, he’s back to his gentle, low-key attitude.


The Transylvanian dog may be happily snoozing on the floor at your feet, but as soon as you mention “walk” or “outside,” he’s on his feet and ready for fun.

His playfulness means he’s particularly good with children, and he’s sturdy enough to enjoy rough-housing with rambunctious kids.


The Transylvanian Hound temperament nearly guarantees a loyal, faithful and dependable companion.

Although each animal is an individual, Transylvanian dogs are known for their gentle, constant loyalty to their family and he will consider it his job to keep his family safe.

He is well-mannered and forms a deep attachment to his owners.

The Intelligent Transylvanian Hound Temperament

In part due to the conditions under which the Transylvanian Hound hunted, the breed is quite intelligent and an excellent problem-solver.

This is an easy-to-train breed that loves to learn.

He is exceptionally good at puzzles that dispense treats.

His intelligent brain and loyal nature make him an ideal partner for children as well as adults.

Loves Sports

The Transylvanian Hound would make a good partner for dog sports. Working as a team is something he does quite willingly, so sports like flyball, tracking trials, rally, and coon hunting are right up his alley.

He would also be great at other dog sports like agility, obedience, and dog parkour. With such an intelligent breed, your options are wide open.

History and Development

This ancient breed developed in the Transylvanian (Carpathian) Mountains of Hungary where it was bred specifically for the climate and hunting conditions there. The terrain was variable and the climate changeable, which h