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The Top 10 Bichon Frise Mixes (+13 MORE)

Photo of Bichon Frise With Green Apples on Lawn | Dog Temperament

If I'm having a bad day, a photo of a happy dog is all I need to ease my troubles. While most breeds can make me smile, a Bichon Frise can make me laugh.

Just one look at those black beady eyes and fluffy face is enough to make even the most stoic people giggly.

Bichons' faces are just so expressive. It's not hard for a dog to look happy. Lower the jaw, stick out the tongue and pant a little. Done.

But for a dog to be able to look at you with pursed lips and appear as if he's silently judging you? Now that's talent (not to mention, funny).

What follows is a list of the top 10 most popular Bichon Frise mixes. (I know what you're thinking and yes, there are actually that many…and more)

1. The Bichpoo – Bichon Frise Poodle Mix

When a Bichon Frise mates with a poodle, the shortened name for their offspring is a Bichpoo (or a Poochon).

Photo of Happy Bichon Poodle Mix Min
Photo by mbtrama  [CC BY]

A Bichpoo sounds like the kind of name you might scream out when you discover your little Bichpoo is being naughty

The Bichpoo is smart, playful, and socializes well with everyone. She'll do just fine in a family of small children, and existing pets are no bother for her.

In fact, it's more important to monitor your children around her, rather than monitoring her around your children.

This is because children can get excited by the dog's small size and try to play rough with her as if she were a toy.

Bichpoos have an inordinate amount of energy, and so they are prone to chewing or barking if they are not regularly taken out for exercise.

They will also act out if left alone for too long, so it is important to spend as much time with them as you would any other member of your family.

2. The Shichon – Bichon Frise Shih Tzu Mix

No, a Bichon Frise who mates with a Shih Tzu does not produce a BichShiht.

Although you might be tempted to call him that if he left you a  “present”  on your living room rug (don't worry nothing good housebreaking training can't fix).

Photo of Shichon

The Shichon, or Zuchon, is a somewhat calmer Bichon Frise mix, which makes him less high maintenance.

One thing that you will have to do often with this Bichon Frise mix is to brush him. Daily.

It may seem like he doesn't shed much, but that's only because of his hair clumps together.

A Shichon is known to be a great watchdog and therapy dog.

He does have a bit of a stubborn streak, which can make you want to pull your hair out while trying to housebreak him.

3. The Maltichon – Bichon Frise Maltese Mix

Combine a Bichon Frise and a Maltese and you get…a Maltichon!

The Maltichon is ideal for folks who live in smaller spaces, like an apartment, as her happiness does not rely on having a big yard to run around in.

Photo of Cheerful Maltese Bichon Mix Min

The Maltichon is a fun-loving and energetic dog. She loves to be with her masters, which makes training her a lot easier than it is to train some of the other Bichon Frise mixes out there.

The Maltichon is great with children and other pets. Just don't leave her for too long, or she'll think you're never coming back!

4. The Yorkie Bichon – Bichon Frise Yorkie Mix

The Yorkie Bichon is the result of a hookup between a Bichon Frise and a Yorkshire terrier.

This is yet another Bichon Frise mix that has inherited an even balance of characteristics from both of his parents.

The Yorkie Bichon loves his independence just as much as he loves to spend time with you.

A Yorkie Bichon is the ideal dog for someone who works a nine-to-five schedule.

When he's alone, his independence kicks in. This dog won't be freaking out after you leave, worrying that you'll never come home.

However, Yorkie Bichon's have a penchant for being stubborn and curious to a fault.

In addition to training him, you should ensure that you leave a good supply of toys around for him if you know you're going to be gone a while.

5. The Chi Chon – Bichon Frise Chihuahua Mix

When a Bichon Frise and a Chihuahua get together, they make…a Chi Chon!

If you're one of the very few who don't mind the repetitive, sharp tones of a dog's bark, then you'll love the Chi Chon.

She loves being in the spotlight, and if you shine it anywhere else, she'll bark until she's the focus of your attention once again.

If you leave your Chi Chon alone for too long, she may get destructive and…chewy. To combat this, you can keep her in a crate with some of her favorite toys until you return.

She loves kids and other pets, but you should still keep an eye on her to ensure she doesn't get carried away and/or mistreated while playing.

6. The Kashon – Bichon Frise Cairn Terrier Mix

What do you get when you cross a Bichon Frise with a Cairn terrier? The Kashon!

Photo of Cairn Bichon Firse Mix Min

The Kashon is smart, sweet, and a gentle soul.

She's also got a playful streak to her that requires lots of exercises to prevent her from releasing that energy elsewhere – like with her jaws, on the corners of your couch.

Her Bichon side is evident in her innate joie de vivre.

The Kashon is protective and alert. She can be independent but not to the point of being stubborn. In other words, if you command her to do something, she will listen.

7. The Goldichon – Bichon Frise Golden Retriever Mix

The Goldichon is a mix of Golden Retriever and Bichon Frise, and he's just as adorable as his name would suggest.

The Goldichon is a rare mix. Picture a 25-35 lb. Bichon Frise with slightly browner fur, and that's a Goldichon.

Goldichons are people-lovers, something you would expect from the product of two breeds that both adore being with people.

The Goldichon is clever and easy to train, though he also has a devilish side to him. This doesn't typically lead to bad behavior, per se, but he will think nothing of playing cat and mouse with the family cat.

8. The Chonzer – Bichon Frise Miniature Schnauzer Mix

The Chonzer is the result of a romance between a Bichon Frise and a Miniature Schnauzer.

The Chonzer is an affectionate and social dog. She loves to sit in your lap or follow you around.

However, this can work against her, as she may become overly clingy and jealous after you focus your attention on the children and/or other animals in the home.

The Chonzer can be trained to be better in social situations, though she will make you work for her attention as she can become easily distracted.

There are two factors that are crucial when training a dog: consistency and firmness. Show her that you're the boss, and she will shape up and heed your instructions.

9. The Glechon – Bichon Frise Beagle Mix

The Glechon is the love child of a beagle and a Bichon Frise. Their large eyes and floppy ears make these dogs are a-dor-a-ble.

The Glechon loves her family, including children, though she may not get on as well with other animals.

You can help her work on this by taking her to your local dog park to socialize with the other dogs there.

Despite being small, she may have to be leashed up, as she may be tempted to chase smaller animals.

The Glechon has a keen sense of smell, so it's not unheard of for her to run off while tracking a scent. She also makes a good watchdog due to her strong sense of alertness.

10. The Corgi Bichon – Bichon Frise Corgi Mix

A Corgi and a Bichon Frise together make a Corgi Bichon or a Corgi Frise.

This Bichon Frise mix is a high-energy, family-loving and independent dog. He's also rather playful, which may sometimes get him into trouble.

The Corgi Bichon can become a barker if left alone for too long. However, with early intervention, you can train him to stop before it gets worse.

He may also be apprehensive toward those he doesn't know, but as time goes on, he will get better with them, just as a person would.

You can train your Corgi Bichon to recognize the difference between a friend that he just doesn't know yet and a complete stranger.

In time, he will come to understand who he can bark at and who he can take his time evaluating before raising his voice.

Also, as with many other Bichon Frise mixes, don't let your Corgi Bichon get bored.

Corgi Bichons who are bored or left alone for too long may tear up your furniture and/or carpet.

Save money (and your sanity) and either train him early or make sure someone is always home with him.

11. The Cavachon – King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix

The King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix or Cavachon for short is one to please everyone in the family.

Photo of Cavachon Lying On Carpet Floor Min
Photo by Mww113 [CC BY-SA]

He’s great with kids, and he’s small enough for Grandma. He is a smart dog who’s easy to train and adapts well to smaller living environments.

While the Cavachon is active, he’s not hyperactive, so he needs his exercise, yes, but he won’t drive you crazy.

He’s a good watchdog, so he’ll let you know if trouble looms near. However, he can be a bit clingy, so you may want to have someone home with home most of the day.

There are a few health problems to watch out for with this breed, though neither exercise nor grooming is all that taxing for this breed.

This mixed breed inherited all the sweetness of the Bichon and combined it with the loving personality of the Cavalier King Charles.

He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body.

12. The La-Chon – Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix

The La-Chon is an interesting breed because it’s two entirely different breeds coming together to make one lovable dog.

The guard dog side of the Lhasa Apso can come out sometimes when the La-Chon is around other dogs.

In other words, the La-Chon can try to act twice his size to measure up to larger dogs and protect his family.

For the most part, though, the La-Chon tends to get along well with other dogs, especially if you raise them together and socialize him early.

If you are looking for a guard dog, though, the La-Chon is one of the best Bichon mixes for the job.

He loves to do tricks for your attention, or the attention of anyone who will watch!

He also makes a fantastic jogging partner, and he excels at retrieving. This is a great dog to play ball or Frisbee with!

13. The Doxie-Chon – Bichon Frise Dachshund Mix

Seeing as how they’re both small dogs, it makes sense that a Bichon Frise Dachshund mix would exist.

The Doxie-Chon is the epitome of a good lapdog. So, if you’re looking for a small dog to keep Grandma company who isn’t high-energy, the Doxie-Chon is it.

This little dog loves to curl up in your lap and go to sleep while you watch TV.

The Doxie-Chon is a low-maintenance dog, which is a relief when you want a dog but without the work that would come with owning, say, a Husky.

The Doxie-Chon can be nervous around new people, though, so introduce her to them slowly.

You can combat this by socializing her early and often while she’s still young.

14. The Havachon – Bichon Frise Havenese Mix

When a Havanese and a Bichon Frise fall in love…they make the Havachon!

Havachons have earned the nickname “Cuban Velcro dog” because of their clinginess with their owners.

You have to be careful with clingy dogs, though, because this often leads to separation anxiety.

You don’t want to leave a clingy dog alone for too long, or they could take out their loneliness and boredom on your home by chewing your possessions.

Otherwise, the Havachon is a playful little clown of a dog. He’s a lovey-dovey little thing, which makes him perfect for homes with either young children or the elderly.

He can also be a stubborn little handful when he wants to be. This is one of those breeds who’s smart but can sometimes be a little too smart for his own good!

15. The Pushon – Bichon Frise Pug Mix

A Pug and a Bichon Frise combined make the Pushon – a happy-go-lucky dog with a sensitive side.

The Pushon is a social butterfly, though one of his favorite things to do is hang out in your lap.

As mentioned with the Havachon, you do have to worry about separation anxiety with the Pushon, so try training him out of it early.

Else, make sure someone can always be home with him – or at least for most of the day.

While the Pushon will bark to let you know a stranger is close, you can train him to only bark once, rather than allow him to become yappy and annoying.

The Pushon lives up to his name in that he can also act pushy.

Don’t let him try to push you around by acting all demand-y and bossy. Train him to understand that you’re the one who rules the roost around here – not him.

16. The Cock-a-Chon – Bichon Frise Cocker Spaniel Mix

The Cocker Spaniel and Bichon Frise come together to form the Cock-a-Chon, who is as smart as she is desiring to please her owners – and that’s a lot!

She’s energetic, trainable, and enjoys the company of people and other animals alike.

She likes living in smaller living spaces, so long as she gets frequent daily walks and indoor playtime.

However, when you take her for walks, make sure you keep her on a leash. Her desire to chase can overwhelm her sometimes, and you don’t need her darting out into traffic!

You should keep her mentally engaged, else she will find other ways of preoccupying herself, and you may not be a fan of them – such as digging or barking.

17. The Papichon – Bichon Frise Papillon Mix

The Bichon Frise Papillon mix, or Papichon, makes for a wonderful family pet.

She likes to help, and she also likes to feel like she belongs as a member of your pack.

Therefore, no matter whether you’re planning a trip to the store, or a hike in the woods, she wants to come along and be your buddy!

She is the kind of dog who earns everyone’s affection with her sunny disposition.

18. The Bichon-A-Ranian – Bichon Frise Pomeranian Mix

A Bichon Frise Pomeranian mix makes for a fantastic companion because that’s what breeders bred him for.

The Bichon-A-Ranian is one of those mixes who got all the best traits from both of his parents.

This little pup needs between 40 minutes and an hour a day of exercise.

So long as he gets that, he can adapt to any living situation.

Exercise is just as important for this breed as is feeding him the right food, and in the right amounts.

That’s because this breed can become overweight rather easily, and an overweight dog is more vulnerable to health problems than a dog of healthy weight.

19. The Peke-a-Chon – Bichon Frise Pekingese Mix

This Pekingese Bichon Frise mix is a temperamental one.

If the Peke-a-Chon takes after his Pekingese parent more, then you should keep him away from small children. The opposite is true if he’s more Bichon than Pekingese.

This is because the Pekingese will nip a small child if taunted long enough. He has zero patience for shenanigans.

This is another Bichon mix that hates when you leave him alone for too long.

And this is also another Bichon mix who actually makes a pretty good watchdog. Just make sure you train him on the appropriate times to bark, else he won’t know when to stop.

This becomes more of a big deal later on when he’s an adult, as it is more difficult – and sometimes impossible – to correct.

20. The Bostchon – Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix

The combination of a Boston Terrier and a Bichon Frise makes the Bostchon – a dog who requires more affection than activity.

Though, this is not to say you should neglect exercising him.

These outgoing little dogs require a moderate level of exercise every day and constant affection.

They get along well with children of all ages, and they’re also great companions for the elderly – especially those who are more active.

The Bostchon is very smart, which means he can take to training well – when he wants to.

As with most smart breeds, the Bostchon can act resistant toward training out of sheer stubbornness, but keep at it, and he’ll come around.

21. The Shelchon – Bichon Frise Sheltie Mix

You may think that crossing any breed with a Sheltie will result in increased grooming needs.

In the case of the Shelchon, you would be correct.

You should brush the Shelchon weekly to remove all the dead hair from her coat.

As for her personality, she is a charming and loving dog.

She can surprise you with how protective she is for such a little dog but darn it – she’ll do whatever she can to stand up to danger.

Like her Sheltie parent, the Shelchon has a high energy level and loves outdoor games like Frisbee.

She loves going for walks, but make sure to keep her on the leash.

She still has strong herding instincts left over from her ancestors, and she will give in to them if she senses “prey” is nearby.

22. The Frenchie Bichon – Bichon Frise French Bulldog Mix

A French Bulldog and a Bichon Frise – what kind of temperament do you think a cross between these two might have?

Answer? A smart, loving, and confident dog with a spunky attitude toward life.

The Frenchie Bichon loves learning new tricks because that’s all the more she can show off and earn the love and affection of her audience.

If you’re looking for a dog who can handle apartment life and who needs little in the way of maintenance, then the Frenchie Bichon is your buddy.

And the best part? While she loves to snuggle with you, she’s not as needy and clingy as some of the other Bichon mixes out there.