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Swedish Vallhund Price: How Much Does One Really Cost?

Planning to get a new Swedish Vallhund? Perfect choice. This dog can be an ideal companion for your family, especially if you have young children.

But what about the Swedish Vallhund price?

Read on for more information about the average price of purchasing or adopting a Swedish Vallhund, as well as the cost of keeping and training it.

What Is the Price of Swedish Vallhund?

Generally speaking, the price of a Swedish Vallhund ranges between $300 and $2500. This depends on several factors, though.

For starters, are you purchasing the dog from a breeder or adopting it from a shelter?

The Price of Adopting a Swedish Vallhund

If you decide to adopt a Swedish Vallhund from a local rescue shelter, you can get it for as low as $300 to $600. This sum is only to cover the expenses of keeping the dog prior to adoption.

Interestingly, the price doesn’t generally vary in adoption. This means that the age and pedigree won’t make any difference. In other words, you get whatever is available.

The Price of Purchasing a Swedish Vallhund

If you want to choose the color, pedigree, or age of your new furry friend, you should opt for purchasing it from a reputable breeder. However, this will cost a lot more than adoption.

Depending on the breeding and general condition of the dog, the price would range between $800 and $2500.

5 Key Factors Affecting the Price of Swedish Vallhund

Here’s a list of five key factors that affect the overall price of a Swedish Vallhund.

1. Pedigree

This is one of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a Swedish Vallhund.

Is the puppy pure or mixed-bred?

It goes without saying that purebreds are pricier. In fact, the price increases with the length of the dog’s traceable lineage.

In addition, the status of the puppy's parents is highly important. If they hold titles or have won shows, you can expect to get a puppy with show-quality traits.

This factor is key if you’re purchasing a dog for shows.

2. Scarcity and Demand

The Swedish Vallhund isn’t scarce per se. This factor refers to the size of the litter, or the number of puppies born together from the same mother.

On average, the litter size of Swedish Vallhund ranges between four and ten puppies. However, when the mother gives birth to less than four healthy puppies, the price of the dog increases.

It depends on the basic idea of supply and demand.

3. Location

Every state imposes its own laws on breeders. The prices of breeding under these laws typically translate into an addition to the price you pay to purchase the dog. 

Swedish Vallhund

4. Breeding

Like most dogs, Swedish Vallhund can be bred for two different purposes, as family pets or as show dogs.

Show dogs require a lot more money to breed, which means they’ll cost more than domestic family dogs.

Additionally, show dogs are well taken care of, and get special training and food to ensure that they pass the breeding standards of Swedish Vallhunds.

5. Age

Younger puppies cost more than older dogs. It’s much easier to introduce a little puppy into a new home and environment.

Moreover, the smaller the puppy is, the easier it bonds with people and accepts training.

Other than the typical Swedish Vallhund traits, a young puppy still hasn’t developed its own character and behavior.

Average Annual Cost of Raising Swedish Vallhund

Apart from the initial price you pay for taking a Swedish Vallhund home, you should consider the costs of raising such a dog.

This can range between $500 and $2000 annually, depending on several factors such as:


The cost of food can range between $30 and $50 per month, depending on the type you choose. This means between $360 and $600 yearly.

We recommend giving your Swedish Vallhund two meals, each containing about a cup of premium quality dry food that’s rich in protein and fat.

Health/Vet Care

Vet care usually costs somewhere between $600 and $1500 annually. Note that you pay the most during the first year of the dog’s life.

That’s because your dog would need some necessary tests during that first year, including:

  • An initial physical examination
  • Fecal examination
  • Several vaccinations
  • Heartworm test
  • Spay or neuter
  • Flea and tick prevention

Swedish Vallhunds are robust healthy dogs. However, there are two main health issues they’re most prone to:

1. Joint Issues

Swedish Vallhunds are prone to Patellar Luxation and Hip Dysplasia. Patellar Luxation is a medical condition when joint abnormalities make the knee move in and out of place.

It’s painful and may, occasionally, cause lameness. To solve this problem, vets usually opt for surgical treatment in severe cases only.

On the other hand, Hip Dysplasia is a common problem among all breeds of dogs. It’s when the hip joint is misshapen or abnormally large.

This condition causes the joint to rub and grind instead of slide into the socket. It causes problems in the long run, such as secondary osteoarthritis, lameness, and general pain. That’s why vets prefer surgical interference early on.

2. Eye-Sight Disorders

Swedish Vallhunds can develop a progressive degenerative disease called Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). It’s a genetic disorder that affects the retina, leading to blindness.


Grooming is an additional annual cost that ranges between $15 and $100 per month; that is $180 to $1200 annually.

The good news is that this breed doesn’t require much grooming. Simply, perform the routine nail trimming and brushing.

You can easily groom your Swedish Vallhund yourself. All you need is:

– Comb

– Brush

– Nail clippers


– Conditioner

Insurance Costs

The average annual cost of an overall pet insurance plan ranges between $360 and $1500. This depends on the insurance company and benefits.

You can choose between a plan that covers only accidents or one that takes care of everyday injuries and mild illnesses.

Given the health problems your Swedish Vallhund can develop, we recommend the full plan or at least the one covering illnesses.


You can allocate about $100 annually to pamper your little friend with toys.

Swedish Vallhunds are active and social dogs. They’ll definitely need a great deal of playing and exercise. Fortunately, they don’t require special toys.


Swedish Vallhund jumping

Training isn’t really an annual cost. It’s rather a once-in-a-lifetime cost that ranges between $300 and $800.

Swedish Vallhunds are easily trainable. Normally, they won’t require additional training or special treatment in any way.

You can sign your dog up for group or private training sessions. With an average of six to eight one-hour sessions in total, you can expect to get a totally trained Swedish Vallhund.

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