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Swedish Lapphund Temperament Traits (Intelligent, Loving, +15 MORE)

The Swedish Lapphund temperament is gentle, loving, and loyal. This is an amazing breed. She is the national dog of Sweden, and for good reason.

The Swedish Lapphunds has cheerful dispositions and love for people. They make charming companion dogs.

However, the Swedish Lapphund is traditionally a working dog, serving as hunters, herders, and guard dogs. They have also worked as search-and-rescue and Army dogs.

They have also worked as search-and-rescue and Army dogs.

Today they are now more likely to be family dogs, but they still have their instinctive hunting drive.

If you are thinking of adding a Swedish Lapphund to your family, you should first understand the Swedish Lapphund temperament.

The Swedish Lapphund Temperament


The Swedish Lapphund is a smart breed. They need constant mental stimulation and love puzzles and games.


Like many intelligent dogs, she can have a mind of her own and think that she knows best.


You may see this side of the Swedish Lapphund temperament in training. She needs to learn early that she is not in charge.

Eager to Please

With the right training, she is very obedient. One of the nicest things about Swedish Lapphund behaviors is that she will naturally want to make you happy.


The Swedish Lapphund is a courageous and protective breed. They once hunted bears and wolves.

This breed has great endurance in a fight, however, she is not aggressive and will only fight if she feels it’s necessary.


Swedish Lapphunds form strong bonds with their families. They make wonderful pets and love activities that involve the whole family.


The Swedish Lapphund temperament is not suitable for homes where no one is home during the day. You should not leave her alone for long periods.

She needs to be with her people. Otherwise, she may suffer from depression and separation anxiety.


The Swedish Lapphund temperament is friendly to children, cats, and dogs. She is a wonderful family dog.


The Swedish Lapphund temperament is sweet and gentle.


She will love every member of the household, and she will show it.


The Swedish Lapphund is an energetic breed. However, she has an “on-off switch” that allows her to go from work to relaxing at home easily. This makes her a great family pet.


She loves to play, so she enjoys children. She also enjoys canine sporting events like agility, herding, rally, and nose work.


She is eager to please and easy to train if done early.


She is protective of her home and family and suspicious of strangers. She is not stranger aggressive, however.


The Swedish Lapphund still has her herding and guarding instincts. You may be able to train her to bark only when necessary if you start when she’s young. She is suspicious of strangers (but not aggressive) and makes a good watchdog.


She has an energetic, enthusiastic personality. The Swedish Lapphund temperament makes her fun to be around.


She is very attentive to her environment. This instinct is bred into her from her guarding and herding days. She will let you know when a stranger approaches or she senses something out of the ordinary.


This breed is strong and agile. Because of these Swedish Lapphund traits, she excels at organized dog sports.


This is a tough breed. With her weatherproof coat, she is able to live and work in cold temperatures. She doesn’t do well in very warm climates, though.

Swedish Lapphund History

Historians believe that the Swedish Lapphund is more than 7000 years old. It is one of the oldest known dog breeds.

The breed originated in Lapland, an area that includes northern regions of Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

It is one of th