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Stabyhoun Temperament (Loyal but Stubborn): Stand by Me

The Stabyhoun (properly pronounced Sta-BYE-hoon but sometimes STAB-be-hoon) is a rare dog whose name is very fitting: Stabyhoun means “stand by me” in Dutch. The name aptly describes the Stabyhoun temperament.

In the past, this breed has worked as small game hunter and pest exterminator. Today he is more likely to be a companion dog because of his gentle, loving, and loyal disposition.

The Stabyhoun temperament, though, is not for everyone. If you’re thinking about adding a Staby (his common nickname) to your family, you will want to take the whole package into consideration.

The Stabyhoun Temperament


The Stabyhoun is a smart breed and learns quickly. He needs a gentle hand, though, or he will choose not to obey.


This breed wants to be near his people—always. He becomes very attached to adults and children. Some say he may become too attached!

Eager to Please

The Stabyhoun is very obedient with proper training. He wants to make you happy.


Without that training, however, he will show you his stubborn side when he doesn’t feel like obeying.


This is a happy breed. They love life, and it shows.


The Stabyhoun temperament is not a good match for a home where no one is home during the day. He needs to be with his people.

He may develop separation anxiety if you leave him alone for long periods of time.


The Stabyhoun has a mind of his own because of the job he was bred to do. He was expected to destroy prey on his own, with no human supervision. He trusts his own instincts—possibly more than yours.


This is a gentle breed that needs a light touch with training. He does not respond well to harsh correction methods.

He likes a calm environment. A chaotic home will cause him distress. Loud noises can make him anxious.


The Stabyhoun traits of calmness and tolerance make him an ideal family dog. This is not an aggressive breed. He loves children and is good with them.


The Stabyhoun is very cuddly. He loves to be touching his people and to “give kisses.” He may need a little extra training here if that bothers you.


The Stabyhoun has a lot of energy and needs a moderate level of exercise.


He is quick and athletic. He is a natural at agility, rally, and other canine sporting events. This would also give him the physical and mental stimulation he needs.


He will enjoy playing active games with the kids like flyball, and he also loves to swim.

Prey Drive

The Stabyhoun is a hunter bred to find and retrieve. They aren’t used much more as hunters anymore, but some Stabyhoun still have the instinctive drive to chase small animals. You will need to keep this guy contained.

And good luck getting him to stop digging! He’s hunting for rodents. At that moment, he’s obeying a drive much more powerful than his desire to please you.


He is curious and likes to explore. He needs a fenced-in yard. Never exercise him off-leash. He will roam.


The Stabyhoun makes an excellent watchdog in spite of his gentle disposition. They bark, and some bark a lot.


The Stabyhoun temperament is generally calm, but he is always alert and watchful. He will bark if he perceives something new in his environment and can become agitated.


He is friendly with nearly anyone. Some say he is friendly to all, but he’s a friend to only a few.

That friendliness includes