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Small Munsterlander Temperament (Hardworking, Devoted): The Lovable Hunter

The Small Munsterlander is a German versatile hunting dog—a tracker, pointer, and retriever. He is also a great home and family dog who loves to be around people.

He is best suited to hunting families, or at the very least, families with active lives who will involve their Small Munsterlander in their outdoor activities.

The Small Munsterlander Temperament


This is a smart breed that learns quickly and is easy to train.


He needs a firm but gentle hand. He can be stubborn if you try to discipline him harshly.


The Small Munsterlander temperament is cheerful and sunny. He is a joy to be around.


There is nothing aggressive about this breed. He is wonderful with kids.


The Small Munsterlander needs gentle training and correction or he may ignore commands.


This breed needs to be with people. The Small Munsterlander temperament is not suited to spending a lot of time alone. He is prone to depression if you allow him to get lonely.


He is an ideal home companion who loves his human family. He will want to sit on your feet and sleep in your bed.


The Small Munsterlander temperament is friendly. He enjoys people, other dogs, kids, and strangers most of the time.


This breed loves to play with children and other dogs. Choose the game, and he’s all in.


The Small Munsterlander temperament is very affectionate.


Work or play, he is up for any activity you might have in mind—you won’t have to ask twice.


This breed is cooperative and calm. They make good search-and-rescue and assistive or therapy dogs.


As long as he gets enough exercise, the Small Munsterlander is happy inside or outdoors. He is not an apartment dog, though. He needs plenty of room to run.


The Small Munsterlander is not a good watchdog, but he is alert to his surroundings. He will let you know if a stranger approaches.


This breed can run for hours. He has a high need for exercise and needs daily physical and mental stimulation.


The Small Munsterlander is an excellent pointer. As a falconry dog, his job was to point prey. He needed to wait patiently in the point position until the hunter arrived to retrieve it.


This breed has a lot of endurance and is tolerant of both hot and cold weather.


He can be a tireless hunter who doesn’t give up easily.


The Small Munsterlander is all about the hunt. He is not easily distracted when working.


He is determined and hardworking when he has a job to do.

Small Munsterlander Training

The Small Munsterlander is intelligent and easily trainable. The Small Munsterlander temperament is gentle, so he needs positive reinforcement. Again, if you use harsh methods to correct him, you will only make him more stubborn.

That said, like most intelligent dogs, the Small Munsterlander temperament can be strong-willed. He needs a firm and consistent owner who can maintain control.

This breed takes nearly two years to mature. You will have to accept that you will have a puppy on your hands until that time. He may need to learn to control some of his Small Munsterlander behaviors in the home.

For example, with his enthusiasm and love for people, he will likely jump on visitors in greeting.

If you plan to hunt your Small Munsterlander, of course you will need a structured training program. The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) is a good resource for programs and tips.

Gun Dog Magazine is a good source of training information as well. You can also find training videos on YouTube.

Another option for training your Small Munsterlander as a hunting dog is “stay training.” Some breed