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Should My Puppy Nap in His Crate?

Typically, you should make the crate your puppy’s designated napping spot. This way, he’ll have a more balanced sleep routine.

What’s more is you should start this process as early as possible. After all, the younger the puppy is, the easier he’ll be to train, since older dogs are less likely to let go of their habits.

As long as you create a crate that’s safe and inviting, your puppy will usually have no problems napping there.

Is Keeping My Puppy in His Crate a Part of Crate Training?

Puppy sleeping in his crate

Keeping your pup in his crate during naptime is an essential step in crate training.

The reason for this is that you want your pet to associate his crate with sleep. So, this process will make it easier for him to stay in his crate without any fuss.

Placing your pup in his crate while sleeping has many additional benefits. Since puppies are often too scared, their crate provides them with a shelter where they can soundly sleep.

The great thing is, if your puppy is already well-trained, he’s more likely to nap in his crate anyway!

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Can My Puppy Nap Outside His Crate?

It’s inevitable for your learning puppy to sleep outside his crate every once in a while. The best course of action then would be to move him. 

Still, if you’re unable to move him to his crate, that’s totally fine, too. His crate training can still go on as usual.

On the other hand, you may decide not to crate train your dog at all. In this case, there’s no point in him napping in a crate. 

Keep in mind though, that an untrained dog can be uncooperative and unsafe at times.

Why Should My Puppy Nap in His Crate?

You now know that puppies can either sleep inside their crate or outside it. Nonetheless, keeping nap time strictly in the crate has many benefits.

Bonding Time

The great thing about crates is that you can put them anywhere you like. This way, you’ll be able to bond with your furry friend as well as keep an eye on him at all times.

Instead of your pet sleeping in a random spot, napping inside his crate allows for a great bonding experience between you and your puppy.

How to Bond With Your Puppy Inside His Crate

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