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Russo-European Laika Temperament: A Breed For the Bold (YOU?)

The Russo-European Laika temperament is brave, intelligent and loyal.

The Russo-European Laika is a Spitz type dog that was originally bred to hunt large game such as bear, wolves, elk and wild boar.

As you can imagine, these dogs are courageous and powerful.

The Russo-European Laika temperament may be too challenging for a novice owner. However, these dogs make excellent companions for experienced handlers.

The breed originated in Russia and is also known as the Russian-European Laika, the Karelian Bear Laika, or the Laika Ruissisch Europaish.

This article will provide you with an introduction to common Russo-European Laika behaviors and characteristics.

If you are thinking about adding this dog to your household, learn as much as you can about the Russo-European Laika temperament to make sure you can provide the kind of home that it needs.

5 Russo-European Laika Temperament Traits to Know About Before You Bring One Home

In this section we will explore the most common components of the Russo-European Laika temperament.

However, please remember that there will always be some variation between individual dogs within a breed.

Your Russo-European Laika may not display every single one of these temperament traits.

Still, this article will provide you with a good starting point as you research the characteristics of this breed.

1. Fearless and Protective

The protective Russo-European Laika temperament makes this breed an excellent watchdog.

Russo-European Laikas are alert and brave. They will fearlessly guard the homestead against any unwanted intruders. After all, they were bred to hunt bear, so they are not easily intimidated.

Russo-European Laikas have excellent eyesight and hearing. They consider it their duty to keep an eye on their territory and sound the alarm if they notice suspicious activity.

This can be a helpful quality, but it is important not to let it get out of hand.

If your dog is becoming too aggressive, you should work with a professional trainer to redirect that behavior into more appropriate behavior.

2. Hunting Instinct

Russo-European Laikas have a strong hunting instinct.

They have a powerful desire to pursue and capture game.

Russo-European Laikas are happiest when they have a job to do. If you do not plan to hunt with your Russo-European Laika, you should be prepared to provide another outlet for their energy.

This is a breed that requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Russo-European Laika exercise activities can include pastimes such as jogging, hiking, or biking. Make sure you are ready for an active companion before you bring home a Russo-European Laika.

Likewise, be prepared to provide mental enrichment to keep them from getting bored. If your dog becomes bored he may develop problem behaviors such as chewing or digging.

If your dog is developing destructive tendencies, try increasing his exercise. A tired dog is a good dog! If you work long hours, you might need to consider a dog walker or a doggie daycare.

Due to their strong hunting drive, Russo-European Laikas need supervision around other animals such as cats or ferrets.

They should always be walked on leash to ensure that they cannot dart away after a squirrel or chipmunk. Never let them off the leash unless you are in a securely fenced area. Even a well-trained Laika might not follow commands when its hunting drive kicks in.