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Red Nose Pit Bull Temperament: Don’t Believe the Bull, Get to Know the Real Red Nose Pit Bull

The Red Nose Pit Bulls temperament makes them friendly, people-oriented dogs who are incredibly loyal to their families. In fact, their temperament is very similar to that of the American Pit Bull Terrier.  The Red Nose Pit Bull is actually a sub-category of the American Pit Bull Terrier dog breed.

Photo of Red Nose Pit Bulls Playing With Tennis Ball

There are many varieties of American Pit Bull Terriers including Red Nose Pit Bulls, Blue Nose Pit Bulls, etc.

The Red Nose Pit Bull shares many personality traits with American Pit Bull Terriers of other varieties.

Like other varieties, the Red Nose Pit Bull temperament is also often misunderstood.

For a more thorough examination of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the Pit Bull breed, check out this article.

What is a Red Nose Pit Bull?

The biggest distinguishing characteristic of the Red Nose Pit Bull is its distinctive coloration.

Red Nose Pit Bulls are known for having a copper coloration—including a red nose, red lips, red toenails, and red or amber eyes.

They are also known by other names including the Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier and the American Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier.

Red Nose Pit Bull vs. Blue Nose Pit Bull

Neither of these colorations is a true breed. They are simply two different varieties of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Before you adopt a Red Nose Pit Bull

If you are thinking about adopting any type of pet, it is important to do a lot of research to make sure that the pet will be a good fit for your lifestyle.

This is especially true of the Red Nose Pit Bull.

The Red Nose Pit Bull temperament is not the right fit for everyone because their behaviors can be too challenging for novice dog owners.

Photo of Red Nose Pit Bull Lying Outdoors Mountain Background Min

Red Nose Pit Bulls do best with experienced handlers.

This article will provide an introduction to the characteristics of the Red Nose Pit Bull personality. Below you will find a plethora of Red Nose Pit Bull facts that will help you answer your questions about this category of Pit Bull.

Red Nose Pit Bull Temperament: Can you handle the Most Common Red Nose Pit Bull Traits?

In this section, we will explore the most common components of the Red Nose Pit Bull temperament.

However, please keep in mind that individual dogs will vary from each other.

Therefore, not every Red Nose Pit Bull will display all of the following temperament traits.

Still, this list will give you a sense of what to expect if you bring a Red Nose Pit Bull into your home.

Loyal, People-Oriented

The Red Nose Pit Bull temperament is extremely loyal and loving. Red Nose Pit Bulls become very devoted to their families.

These dogs love to be with people as much as possible. They will follow you from room to room and stay by your side.

If you want to feel like the center of someone’s world, adopt a Red Nose Pit Bull.

Red Nose Pit Bulls are cuddle bugs, they will eagerly sleep in the bed or snuggle on the sofa. And they do not understand the concept of personal space.

They tend to give lots of kisses and they are very affectionate with their loved ones.

They can get lonely and bored if they are left out in the backyard by themselves.

These dogs want to be part of the family.

Terrier Prey Drive

Red Nose Pit Bulls are part of a category of dogs known as terriers. Terriers were bred to hunt small vermin such as mice, rats, badgers, etc.

Photo of Red Nosed Pit Bull Portrait

Terriers of all shapes and sizes are known to have a high prey drive towards other animals, including cats, rabbits, ferrets, and sometimes other dogs.

This can certainly be true in the Red Nose Pit Bull.

Although aggression towards humans is extremely rare, aggression towards other animals can be more common.

This is not always the case. There are plenty of examples of Red Nose Pit Bulls that live peacefully with other pets.

However, if you have other animals, be cautious when introducing your new dog. Always supervise their interactions and separate them when they are left unsupervised.

Smart and Trainable

The intelligent Red Nose Pit Bull temperament makes this breed highly trainable.

Pit Bull Terriers are so smart that they are actually used for all kinds of jobs including search and rescue, drug detection, service dogs, and military work.

If you own a Red Nose Pit Bull, you will need to keep his mind engaged with mental enrichment such as interactive toys and food puzzles.

If your Red Nose Pit Bull gets bored, he may engage in destructive behavior such as chewing.

Providing your Red Nose Pit Bull with lots of exercise is another way to keep him happy and healthy.

Alert, Attentive

The Red Nose Pit Bull temperament is alert and attentive to his surroundings.

These dogs make good watchdogs because they will bark when they hear strange noises on the property.

Red Nose Pit Bulls look intimidating, so intruders are not likely to mess with a home that is protected by a Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier. Even though in reality, most Red Nose Pit Bulls are big sweethearts.

Silly, Lovable

The Red Nose Pit Bull temperament is goofy and clownish.

These dogs are so happy and joyful, you cannot help but be amused by their silly antics.

They love to roll in the grass and they make cute little grunting sounds when they are getting cozy in their beds. Side note—they also snore!

If you open your home to a Red Nose Pit Bull, you are opening your home to a lot of fun and joy.

Red Nose Pit Bull History: The Origins of the Red Nose Pit Bull Dog Breed

The ancestors of the American Pit Bull Terrier originated in the United Kingdom where they were used for blood sports such as bull-baiting and dogfighting.

Immigrants brought them to the United States where they become popular as watchdogs and family pets.

Red Nose Pit Bulls descend from a bloodline called, “Old Family Red Nose” or “Irish Family Red Nose.” This bloodline originated in Ireland and came to the New World with Irish immigrants.

Pit Bull Terriers are recognized as a distinct dog breed by the United Kennel Club (UKC) but not by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Red Nose Pit Bull Size and Appearance

A full-grown Red Nose Pit Bull is a medium-sized, stocky, muscular dog.

The average Red Nose Pit Bull weight range is between 30 lbs. and 60 lbs.

The typical Red Nose Pit Bull height range is between 17 inches and 21 inches at the withers.

The classic Red Nose Pit Bull colors are copper, red, or red with a small amount of white.

The Red Nose Pit Bull ears and tail should be natural. Some people will crop their ears, but this can lead to health issues as well as interfere with their natural ability to communicate with other dogs using body language.

A Guide to Red Nose Pit Bull Training

The smart and focused Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier temperament makes this breed a fun and easy breed to train!

Red Nose Pit Bulls love to work with their owners and do anything to please their owners!

Training your dog is part of being a responsible dog owner, so it is important to start immediately.

As soon as you bring home a new dog, sign up for a puppy socialization class or a beginner’s obedience class.

Take some time to find the right dog trainer. Make sure you find a trainer that uses positive, force-free training tactics. Steer clear of any training programs that incorporate outdated tactics that are based on dominance or pain. Never use painful training devices such as shock collars or pinch collars.

Instead, find a trainer that uses science-based methods and positive reinforcement. This type of training will be much more enjoyable for you and your Red Nose Pit Bull.

Helpful Dog Health Resource:

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A Guide to Red Nose Pit Bull Grooming

Red Nose Pit Bulls are easy to groom.

Their short, sleek coats require minimal upkeep.

We recommend you brush them with a soft bristle brush about once per week. You can bathe them as needed—about once every month or two should suffice.

Red Nose Pit Bull shedding is very light and manageable. They shed a little bit, but not nearly as much as breeds with longer coats such as Siberian Huskies or German Shepherds.

Like all breeds, they also benefit from routine ear cleanings and dental care.

Is the Red Nose Pit Bull Hypoallergenic?

The Red Nose Pit Bull is not a hypoallergenic breed. If you are looking for a breed that is hypoallergenic, check out this helpful article for a list of possibilities.

Staying Healthy: Red Nose Pit Bull Health Issues

All dogs are prone to certain health conditions.

The Red Nose Pit Bull is no exception.

Talk with your veterinarian about what to expect before you bring home a new dog of any breed.

Below are some of the medical issues to be on the watch for in your Red Nose Pit Bull:

Helpful Dog Health Resource:

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Other Health Tips

As with all dogs, you should bring your Red Nose Pit Bull to a veterinarian for a yearly checkup.

Your Red Nose Pit Bull must be on parasite prevention for its whole life.

Talk with your vet about the best types of heartworm prevention, flea prevention, and tick prevention for your Red Nose Pit Bull.

Please get your pet spayed or neutered. There are many health and behavioral benefits of this procedure. It also prevents unwanted litters from being born and adding to the overpopulation problem in this country.

Red Nose Pit Bull Life Expectancy

The average Red Nose Pit Bull lifespan is between 10 and 12 years with good nutrition and care.

Red Nose Pit Bull Rescue and Adoption

If you think the Red Nose Pit Bull temperament is right for you, the next step is to find the perfect Red Nose Pit Bull for adoption.

Many adopters are starting to realize the wonderful qualities of Pit Bull terriers, and Pit Bull adoption is on the rise.

This is welcome news because there is a serious overpopulation of Pit Bulls in American animal shelters. Sadly, many Pit Bulls are euthanized every year due to a lack of available homes.

Most Red Nose Pit Bulls in shelters and rescues are there through no fault of their own.

Many are surrendered due to landlord restrictions or insurance restrictions.

Doublecheck your housing policies before you adopt a Red Nose Pit Bull to make sure that you are allowed to have one.

Many Pit Bull puppies are born by accident when owners lack the resources to have their pets spayed and neutered.

If you are looking for a Red Nose Pit Bull puppy, you will still be able to find one through a rescue organization.

Since there already so many Red Nose Pit Bulls looking for homes, please do not purchase a Red Nose Pit Bull puppy from a breeder.

At this point in time, no responsible breeder should be bringing more Red Nose Pit Bull puppies into the world.

Please choose to adopt your Red Nose Pit Bull and please get your pet spayed or neutered.

Finding the Perfect Red Nose Pit Bull

Start your adoption search by going to your local animal shelter or humane society.

Tell the staff about the qualities that you are looking for in your Red Nose Pit Bull.

If you are looking for specific qualities (i.e. good with cats, kids, dogs), you may want to work with a rescue group that places their pets in foster homes. This will give you a better sense of the dog’s temperament.

You can also search for available dogs on Facebook, Petfinder.com, Adoptapet.com and Getyourpet.com.

There are even rescue groups that specialize in the Pit Bull breed. Two of the largest Pit Bull Rescue groups are Animal Farm Foundation (in New York) and Bad Rap (in California).

When you adopt through a rescue organization, the Red Nose Pit Bull price could be anywhere between $25 and $250 depending on the organization. This fee generally includes spay/neuter, vaccines and a microchip.

Conclusion: Why the Red Nose Pit Bull?

Red Nose Pit Bulls might look tough, but when you get to know them, you will find that the Red Nose Pit Bull temperament is goofy, affectionate, playful and loyal.