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Pyrenean Shepherd Temperament: A Working Dog at Heart

The Pyrenean Shepherd temperament reflects its innate drive to work. Prepare yourself for an adorable ball of energy!Photo of Pyrenean Shepherd Holding Easter Basket | Dog Temperament

The Pyrenean Shepherd is alert, motivated, energetic and incredibly intelligent. This quick and agile little French breed is truly a herding dog at heart.

Pyrenean Shepherds routinely cover 25 miles a day while working on farms in their native France.

If you own one of these dogs as a pet in a city, you must be prepared to provide an outlet for your dog’s desire to perform a job.

Pyrenean Shepherd Temperament

Before you bring a Pyrenean Shepherd into your life, spend as much time as possible researching this breed.

You can visit dog shows to speak with owners of Pyr Shepherds and learn more about the needs of the breed.

Below are the most important components of the Pyrenean Shepherd temperament. Keep these in mind while you decide if this is the breed for you:


Pyrenean Shepherds are so smart they are sometimes reputed to read their masters’ minds!

Their brains are always in gear. You will need to provide plenty of mental stimulation to keep them focused on constructive tasks.

Food puzzles, brain game toys, frozen Kongs, and trick training are all good outlets for their mental energy.

Without constructive channels, your Pyrenean Shepherd will concoct its own “job,” which might be something along the lines of de-stuffing the couch cushions or chewing the corner off of every stair in the staircase.

The best way to avoid nuisance behaviors is to keep you Pyr Shepherd entertained with approved activities and prevent boredom from setting in.

If you work long hours, you may need to invest in doggie daycare or a dog walker so your new pet is not alone for eight hours straight.


Pyrenean Shepherds are small and portable, but they are still extremely hardy. They can keep up with adventurous, outdoorsy owners.

They are perfect companions for hiking and camping. After all, they originated in the unforgiving Pyrenees Mountains.

One person said, “Nature created this breed. He was made by the mountains and wind.”

If you are looking for the stamina of a large breed dog in a smaller package, the Pyrenean Shepherd fits the bill!


Photo of Pyrenean Shepherd hGiving | Dog Temperament

This is an athletic, energetic breed. The Pyrenean Shepherd is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle.

Do not acquire a Pyrenean Shepherd un