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Understanding The Pyrenean Mastiff Temperament (Independent, Intelligent, Loving)

The Pyrenean Mastiff temperament isn’t what you might expect based on his stature. If you go by his looks, you might expect a widely aggressive dog that needs to assert his dominance. But this description doesn’t fit him at all.

He’s instead a calm, well-tempered dog that could be a wonderful pet for many different households. There’s a stubbornness issue, which could make him a less than ideal companion for a first-time owner.

But otherwise, he’s a lovable, massive dog who will protect his family at all cost. He’s even able to get along with other animals as well. If you’re looking for a larger dog, there aren’t many better options than a Pyrenean Mastiff.

The Pyrenean Mastiff Temperament & Personality

As we discuss the following traits, you’ll see why the Pyrenean Mastiff temperament makes him such a good pet. Even his less than desirable characteristics are easily fixable and don’t cause a significant amount of issues.

Calm & Dog-Friendly

The Pyrenean Mastiff temperament is one that features an enduring calm quality. This sense of calmness gives him a unique ability, which a lot of larger breeds lack: being dog-friendly. As a result, he becomes an ideal pet for someone looking for a second dog.

He’s even friendly with other animals such as cats as well. This trait is the result of his ancestors being the protector of farm animals for centuries; it’s just in his DNA. You do have to watch him during his interactions with other animals because of his strength.

He can get a little carried away at times, but it’s easy to reel him in or control with a handler who can showcase strong leadership. It also essential you socialize him early to ensure this trait emerges.


Even with his calm personality, he will not hesitate to use his strength on something he perceives as a threat. His guardian nature will come out to protect his loved ones, which makes him a fantastic guard dog.

Intruders won’t make your house a priority with him roaming around inside. And if they do try to attempt a break in, he will ensure it’s not a successful one. But this protectiveness does have a drawback; he tends to be very untrusting of people he doesn’t know.

If he’s not socialized correctly, this innate distrust of strangers could cause him to be aggressive. As you might expect, this situation could end being problematic. But since he’s easily trainable, this issue isn’t significant and one that you can deal with rather quickly.

Independent & Strong-Willed

One of the more challenging parts of the Pyrenean Mastiff temperament is its independent nature. He will often do things in the way he sees fit rather than adjusting his behavior.

Given this trait, you can see how training him could be slightly tricky for an inexperienced owner. He’ll need someone who can assert their authority over him or issues could arise. But this independent nature isn’t all bad though.

It also means he’ll be perfectly fine doing this own thing. You won’t have to worry about continually entertaining him or being crowded by him. And it makes him the perfect dog for working applications like herding animals such as sheep.


Although he’s strong-willed and quite stubborn, training him isn’t too difficult because of his high IQ. This high IQ makes it easy for him to pick up new concepts incredibly quickly. As a result, teaching him basic commands is quite simple with the right handler.

This high-level of intelligence also means he needs more mental stimulation than some other breeds. With this in mind, it’s essential you find some way to mental challenge him, or he could become restless.

His restless energy will manifest in ways no dog owner would like to experience: ripping apart couches, pillows, shoes, etc. Pyrenean Mastiff owners often find that puzzle toys are a great source of entertainment for them.

Exercise is also a great way to deal with behavioral problems.

You could also try hiding his food or treats around the house to make his dinner a more beneficial experience. It’ll slow down his food intake rate and lessen the risk he contracts bloat as well.

Loving and Affectionate

Pyrenean Mastiffs are gentle giants who often show their family a lot of love. Even at their massive size, it’s not uncommon for him to try and lay on top of you. He doesn’t realize that a dog the Pyrenean Mastiff size isn’t meant to be lap dogs.

He‘ll gladly spend his Sunday afternoon laying right next to on the couch watching football. If you’re looking for a nap time buddy, there isn’t a dog breed that’s better equipped than a Pyrenean Mastiff.

However, he will snore and drool throughout the sleeping sessions. It’s adorable but can be quite annoying and gross.

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