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A Breakdown of Puggle Prices: Surprises Included!!

A puggle puppy bought in the US typically costs around $1350. Its price range varies from $400 to $2000, highly dependent on the breeder's reputation and the characteristics of its puggle parents.

A puggle is the crossbreed of a pug and a beagle, usually incorporating the wrinkles of its pug parents and the long muzzles, ears, and tails of a beagle.

This pug-beagle mix has distinguishable barking and howling noises, but its friendly and playful nature makes it desirable to own.

The US media named puggle as the ‘hottest dog of 2005', leading puggles to account for more than 50% of all the crossbreed sales in the US in 2006. This number includes adoption, which costs anywhere from $200 to $500.

Though the growing popularity of puggles ensues higher market prices for them, numerous different factors affect their price.

Factors Considered in Pricing Puggles

The buyers' preference dramatically affects the prices of hybrid dogs like puggles.

Some buyers have biases about the backgrounds of the breeders. In contrast, some have preferences regarding the specific traits of the puggle itself: the number of wrinkles, mask color, generation, and overall appearance.

Breeder's Reputation

A significant factor determining puggle price is how well-known the breeder is since it lets buyers know what to expect when purchasing.

Experienced breeders usually charge more since they provide more assurance to the buyers about the well-being of the puppies.

Generation and Purity

Puggle puppies from purebred parents (a pug and a beagle) cost about $100 to $200 more than puppies from puggle parents. First-generation crossbreeds are expensive because you are paying the premium of having a purely-bred puggle with minimal risks of hybrid mixes.

Puggle puppies from puggle parents are likely to have small percentages of other dog breeds, which isn’t ideal for many buyers.

Coat Colors

Fawn-colored puggles are more common than dark and black-colored puggles, which makes fawn puggles relatively cheaper than black ones.

They also come in other shades: white, light red, yellow, or a combination. The pure-colored ones would cost more than the other ones since it indicates purity.

Overall Appearance

Puggles’ prices can differ according to how hard it is to find or breed such a desired appearance. Purebred puggles, which have several layered wrinkles, cost more than plain purebred puggles since breeding into particular distinctions is difficult.

On top of that, smaller puggles, reaching heights of 10 to 13 inches, are typically more expensive than bigger ones.

Lonely Puggle

The Costs of Raising a Puggle

Raising a puggle can be expensive, but it depends on how you want to grow your puppy.

The average cost of owning a puggle for about 13 years is approximately $16035.

The most expensive year of raising a puggle is its first year, considering vaccination costs and the various dog tools you’ll need. The first-year expenses of raising a puggle are around $2595, while the average annual costs after such a year will be about $1120, which is less than half the amount.

Veterinary Bills

Some vet costs of raising a puggle are spaying and neutering, vaccination shots, rabies shots, and booster shots. These one-time bills may cost around $165 to $500, only considering the first rounds of vaccination shots.

Vet Clinics also offer pet insurances, which offer around $50 monthly to reduce clinic costs for specific procedures.


The average food cost for puggles ranges from $30 to $100 monthly, depending on the dogs’ diet.

According to veterinarians, puggle puppies should eat at least three times a day, while adult puggles weighing 18 to 30 pounds should eat twice daily but in bigger portions.

Puggle dog food must be 100% grain-free to provide optimal levels of protein and fat. Their food must also contain Omega 6 and fatty acids to strengthen their joint structure, considering that puggles have proportionally tiny legs.


Your puggles must be well-groomed for them to have shiny and healthier coats.

Puggle grooming services cost around $30 to $50, but home-grooming your pups can be cheaper.

Grooming tools for puggles may include a comb ($10), brush ($15), dog shampoo and conditioner ($15), canine toothpaste and toothbrush ($10), and pet dog nail clippers ($10).

Training and Play

Puggles are energetic social dogs. They love to interact and play with their owners, which is why a puggle makes a perfect dog to train.

Hiring a professional dog trainer for an average-sized puggle will generally cost you around $1000, but since puggles aren't that hard to train, you may opt to teach them yourselves.

Training them at home is best equipped with training kits that include house training pads ($25), leash ($10), dog collar ($10), treats ($10), and chew toys ($15).

Walking your dog is also an important activity that helps your dog stay fit and socialized. Dog walking services range from $15 to $25 per walk, which may account for an hour or two.

Puggle in a field

Additional Costs

Some additional costs of raising puggles include buying cages, dog beds, ID tags or microchips, and convenient maintenance supplies and services.

Puggles require at least 24-inch to 30-inch cages, which cost from $20 to $80. Dog beds of the exact sizes cost about $15 to $65, but the non-fibrous ones ($65) should be the stronger preference to prevent the dogs’ hair from sticking to the bed sheets.

You may also want to spend a little more for your dog's safety. Using ID tags or microchipping provides contact information about your dog if it ever gets lost.

ID tags cost about $5 to $20 while microchipping ranges from $25 to $50.

If you ever need universal access to your dog's identification, you may license your puggles for about $10 to $20 in the US. A dog license is a handy legal document for your pup that allows you to check the backgrounds of your dogs quickly.

If you’re not around to take care of your dog, dog boarding can also be an option. Dog boarding costs approximately $25 to $85 per day, depending on the size of the puggle.

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