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Portuguese Pointer Temperament: Meet the Intensely Devoted Hunter

If you’re looking for the “ultimate gundog” who will also be a great family pet, check out the Portuguese Pointer temperament.

The Portuguese Pointer is a bird dog that forms an unusually intense attachment to his people. Because of this, he is both an especially effective hunting partner and a loyal and loving family companion.

The Portuguese Pointer Temperament and Personality


The Portuguese Pointer is an intelligent dog. Some hunters say he often knows what they want before they give the command.


He has a very strong attachment to his human family and is intensely loyal.


The Portuguese Pointer temperament is so affectionate that its breed standard says it can be “inappropriate and inconvenient.”


He is typically happy to meet everyone, though he can be shy with strangers.


He will bark to alert you that a stranger is near. This makes him a good watchdog. As above, he is too friendly to make a good guard dog, though.


He has a need for attention that makes him unlike most other intelligent dogs.


The Portuguese Pointer is very playful and he is also good with children.


He has a laidback, easygoing demeanor.


The Portuguese Pointer temperament is adaptable. He is content in the field, in the home, and with whatever his family wants to do. He is also an all-climate dog.


He tends to be submissive around other dogs, and can also be shy and reserved with strangers. He needs early socialization to prevent this.


The Portuguese Pointer temperament is outgoing. He is enthusiastic and eager to follow commands.


He may find loud noises or voices distressing. He also needs gentle training methods.


He needs to be near his family. If you leave him alone for long periods of time, he is prone to separation anxiety.


This guy needs a lot of exercise and plenty of room to do it. He will be quite active in the house, too, though not hyperactive.


He is always happy to be busy and will be thrilled with any activity you suggest. He can’t get enough of working or playing with his owner.


The Portuguese Pointer is highly curious. He loves to explore his environment.


He has high endurance in all climates and all types of terrain.


The Portuguese Pointer temperament is tenacious and determined. He loves his job and doesn’t like to quit.


This breed is agile. His movements are smooth and powerful. He is an effortless runner on nearly all terrain.


He is always ready to do whatever his owner asks him to. He is a trustworthy hunting partner who will rarely let you down.

Portuguese Pointer History

The Portuguese Pointer’s lineage goes back to the 12th century. It was once a falconry dog of Portuguese royalty. He comes from the Iberian Peninsula. Some think he has Spanish heritage as well.

In the 1700s, the English found their way to Portugal and established wineries in the Oporto region of the country. They discovered Portuguese Pointers there and took some back to England with them.

These dogs became an ancestor of the English pointer.

In the 18th century, the breed became popular with the lower classes and was no longer owned solely by the nobility.

By the 19th century, the breed was nearly decimated. In the 1920s, breeders sought out these ancient dogs in an isolated part of the country and saved the breed.

The breed standard was created in