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18 Things to Know About the Porcelaine Temperament

There’s a lot to appreciate about the Porcelaine temperament. This dog is a beautiful scent hound from France who is a fierce pack hunter with a gentle side.

She has a sweet, loving personality that makes her a great family companion. However, she can be challenging to train.

If you’re interested in this rare breed, you will want to learn more about her temperament.

The Porcelaine Temperament


The Porcelaine has a gentle soul and a sweet personality. She makes a wonderful home companion. She is good with children and never aggressive.


The Porcelaine temperament can be stubborn. As a pack hunter, she often works without immediate human supervision. Because of this, she has developed an independent nature.

She needs proper training from an early age to keep the stubborn streak under control.


Her independence can often lead to stubbornness. She is not as eager to please as many other breeds. Again, she needs proper early training.


She is vigorous with a high energy level and a tireless hunter who is used to running long distances. She will be calm in the home, though, if she gets all the exercise she needs.


The Porcelaine temperament is alert to suspicious noises or strangers. She will bark, but she is too gentle to be a good watchdog.


The Porcelaine temperament is courageous. As a hunter of wild boar, she doesn’t back down to anything.


She forms a strong bond with her hunting companion and loves her family members as well.


She has a delicate, streamlined shape with a French sophistication. When seen from afar, she can look as though she is made of glass.


She is agile and sleek with a graceful gait.


The Porcelaine temperament is loving and affectionate to her human family. She loves a hug or to sit on your lap. (She doesn’t know that she’s a little large to be a lap dog!)


The Porcelaine gets along with just about everyone, including other dogs. Again, she will bark to alert, but she will not act aggressively.


She needs to be with people—working, playing, or just relaxing at home. If left alone for too long, she can suffer from separation anxiety. You may also see some destructive Porcelaine behaviors.


The Porcelaine temperament is proud and confident. She is never timid or shy. She knows her own mind. This trait can sometimes turn to willfulness.


The American Kennel Club (AKC) refers to the Porcelaine as a fierce hunter.


The Porcelaine has great endurance in the hunt and at play. She can run long distances.


This breed does not bark a lot. She is quiet in the kennel or in the home. She has a lovely bay when she’s hunting, often called musical.

High Prey Drive

You will need to watch the Porcelaine around small pets. She is, of course, a hunting breed.

Outdoors, she will need to be fenced in or she will run at the first interesting scent.

Pack Mentality

The Porcelaine is a pack hound. She will consider her family her pack and will want to participate in all family activities.

She also needs a strong pack leader. Otherwise, her independence can turn to stubbornness.

Porcelaine History

The Porcelaine is a French scent hound. Many think it is the oldest of all French breeds.

The breed’s background isn’t fully known. There was disagreement at one time as to whether the breed was French or Swiss.

One of its French names is Chien de Franche-Comte. This name refers to a region on the border between Switze