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Pomapoo Temperament, Plus 9 Things You Don’t Know About the Pomeranian Poodle Mix

If you’re looking for a great crossbred dog, the temperament of the Pomapoo – a mix between a Pomeranian and a Poodle – may be just the right choice for your family.

Think about a crossbreed like this: It’s a breed of dog that combines the best of both the Pomeranian and the Poodle into one neat little package to create a friendly and outgoing bundle of love.

The Pomapoo Temperament and Personality

Because the Pomapoo is a crossbreed, you truly never know what you’re going to get temperament wise. Every dog is unique.

The best you can do is study up on both Pomeranians and Poodles to learn what makes each breed tick. From there, you can get any combination of personality traits – and perhaps even some new ones!

Here are some of the more prominent traits you can expect from the Pomapoo temperament:


The Pomapoo makes the perfect friend for retired folks because he can make them feel young again. He loves to be the center of attention, and he does a great job keeping himself entertained!


Because he’s so playful, he makes for a great family dog. He’s great with kids, so long as they respect his more delicate frame and don’t roughhouse with him too much.


Pomapoos love to give love as much as they love to receive it. For a small dog, he has a huge heart!


The poodle part of a Pomapoo is what gives him his impressive intelligence, which helps out big-time when you’re trying to train him.

A Little History

The Pomapoo temperament benefits most from first-generation breeding. In other words, you want to find a Pomeranian bred with a Poodle, not multi-generational breedings from Pomapoo to Pomapoo.

Pomapoo crossbreeding has gone on for generations because breeders wanted to offer customers something that was teddy bear cuddly without being a Yorkie or Silky Terrier. The end result? The Pomapoo.

No one truly knows the origin of the Pomapoo, though. The idea is that there existed an innumerable amount of Poodle and Pomeranian mixes throughout history. However, we can’t know for sure because no one kept track of them or even considered them a breed until designer dogs became all the rage.

1. This Dog Can Play!

This is not to say that the Pomapoo doesn’t love a more active lifestyle, especially when his humans get involved. The Pomapoo temperament lends itself well to activities like flyball and agility.

2. And He’s Hypoallergenic Too!

A classic and desirable trait of the Pomapoo is that he is one of the more hypoallergenic dogs out there. He gets this from the poodle side of the family.

However, no dog is allergen-free. Spend time with the pup you want to bring home be