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6 Signs That the Polish Hound Temperament is Right for You

The Polish Hound Temperament would make a fantastic addition to most households. He’s a loyal, smart, affectionate dog that everyone in your family will love. But his high exercise needs could represent a problem for some owners.

It’s these little details that make understanding the Polish Hound traits essential for any potential owner. And the discussions below dive deep into his temperament to ensure you have the necessary information.

The Polish Hound Temperament and Personality

1. Loyal and Protective

The Polish Hound temperament is one filled with a loyalty to his loved ones. His sense of devotion goes a long way, as he’s willing to protect his family. This trait makes him an adequate guard dog to have around your home.

His role of protector is something he takes seriously. Intruders would have a hard time breaking into your home with a Polish Hound on the case. He’ll do whatever he needs to ensure his family is safe.

This trait does have a downside though as it makes him reserved around strangers. But this particular Polish Hound behavior is easily correctable with the proper training methods. Early socialization is another crucial part of solving this issue.

2. Pet and Kid Friendly

One of the Polish Hound temperament’s best parts is he’s friendly toward both pets and children. This particular trait puts him among a rare class within the dog community. You see most breeds either have issues with one or both of these groups.

But the Polish Hound will calmly interact with both without issues. It makes him an excellent option for a family or someone that wants a second pet. But this trait doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch his interactions with your kids or pets closely.

He’s not perfect, and there might be a slip up from time to time. But he’s a lot less prone to these incidents than almost every other breed. It also helps that other dogs seem to love him as much as he loves them.

3. Affectionate

Few dog breeds love their families more than the Polish Hound. And he’ll show this admiration through affectionate acts such as hugs. It’s adorable and something any dog owner would love to have in their home.

These affectionate acts aren’t only reserved for one person either. He instead will rotate throughout the family and emit a sense of joy inside your home. He’s even known to cuddle up with other pets as well.

4. Intelligent

This next trait might be the most useful within the Polish Hound temperament, his high-level intelligence. This aspect makes training a relative breeze with his ability to grasp new concepts quickly.

It also helps that he has a top-notch memory, which ensures the lessons take effect quickly. This level of smarts does come with its own set of challenges though. You see a smart dog is also a stubborn one and might find his way more appealing than yours.

This scenario is something you’ll have to watch out if/when you become a Polish Hound owner. But with the right approach, this potential issue shouldn’t be too hard to correct in training.

5. Highly Active

This breed’s exercise needs are legendary. He loves to keep busy and needs at least 90 minutes of activity per day. You can imagine how this part of the Polish Hound temperament can be a hassle for some owners.

But it’s also perfect for potential dog owners that want a running companion. He’s ideally suited for this role with his hunting background that provides him with great stamina. His calm personality means you can allow your kids to help him meet his activity needs as well.

He’ll gladly run around with them in the backyard and won’t overreact to an accidental pull or tug. His friendly disposition also makes him a great candidate to take out into the public. Th