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Pitsky Price: How Much Are Pitsky Puppies

Different breeds of dogs have different draws and some people like to go a bit rarer. What results is interesting mashups of different breeds of dogs. Huskies and pit bulls aren't the first dog to be considered when crossbreeding together, but the end result is a gorgeous dog.

Pitsky puppies will cost between $500 and $2,000, often depending on the breeder and what sort of pedigree the puppies have. Sometimes the breeder or rescue will factor into how much a Pitsky will cost, and there is usually only an overarching estimate for purchasing a Pitsky puppy.

Calculating what goes into purchasing a puppy is often the first step in figuring out if getting a puppy is a good decision.

Price of Initial Adoption – Reputable Breeder

Pitsky puppies are a mix of Pitbulls and Huskies, so there are no purebred Pitskies. This can sometimes make it hard to find a reputable breeder. However, most Pitskies cost a minimum of $500, so if your Pitsky puppy breeder is charging you less than $500 per puppy, you should likely be worried about the puppies they are selling.

Making sure the breeder is reputable is important when adopting and buying from a breeder. Especially one that can't be a registered breeder for dogs like Pitskies. Upper-class pedigreed Pitskies can go for as much as $2,000, but fact-checking the breeder of choice is smart. Don't settle for a cheaper option, even if it is cheaper simply because not all the facts are there, and buying from a breeder that has inhumane practices will be as good as endorsing them.

It can be difficult to find a reputable breeder, but some signs you can look for that they're good to buy from is that they'll have done a few different things. They'll have done a health screen for the parents so that genetic issues are less likely to be passed down. They'll happily provide the health documents and family tree when you look at adopting which means they'll have the vaccinations up to date and be upfront with the medical history of each puppy.

They'll also want to meet you in person to make sure you're a good match for their puppies and a reputable breeder will have been training and socializing their puppies as they get old enough to be adopted. All of these combined make for a reputable breeder. (Source)

Price of Adoption From a Shelter or Rescue

Finding a Pitsky in a shelter or a rescue organization isn't all that easy, especially since it's not all that often that Pitskies land in a shelter thankfully. It's not easy to find a specific breed in a shelter, but if you can, the Pitsky might have some health issues, be somewhat frightened or exhibit some behavioral issues that will require some patience to work through.

The top price of Pitskies from breeders is around $2,000, and shelters are much more affordable, averaging more at the bottom of the Pitsky price range at $500. This is usually for the adoption fee and anything else they might ask you to pay. It's better to adopt a dog if and when possible, but that might not always be an option.

Pitskies are fiercely loyal to their owners when treated well and while they can be temperamental and stubborn, with enough patience, their training will come in handy and they'll listen to commands and have their attention and focus on their owner.

Cost of a Pitsky

Now that the initial fees and findings of the puppy are through, it might take a second to calculate, but it is important to know how much it'll impact the finances to take care of a Pitsky puppy.

Note: cost $500-$2,000 initial adoption

Things that will need to be factored into a monthly budget like dog food, annual vet visits, an emergency fund for pet-related health emergencies, the grooming costs, insurance for the Pitsky, and then some more random ones such as training, toys that might get purchased, and anything else that might need to be factored into the overall planning.

Average food costs will have some difference depending on what kind of food is purchased, but it can average about $150 a month. This is a pretty hefty price for pet food, but with the understanding of what the Pitsky's diet looks like, it does make sense as to why their food, especially as a puppy, might be more expensive.

The dog food given to a Pitsky will have to be designed for higher-energy dogs. Pitskies are great at having a lot of energy and this factors heavily into their dietary needs. A medium to large dog will be a good estimate of what type of food with a good portion of protein. If at all possible, have a veterinarian doctor recommend either a brand or amount of food.

A Pitsky can get to be about 80 pounds and can start at 30 pounds when they are first adopted. It might get to be a bit more expensive depending on what pet food is selected.

Health/Vet Care
The average annual costs for vet bills and health care for a dog are between $700-$1,500. This doesn't account for any emergency services or things that might come up that way. Plan to have some extra to ensure that the dog is well taken care of and that there is careful monitoring of potential health issues.

The Pitsky hasn't been fully explored as to what their health issues might be, but the most that has come up is hypothyroidism which is treatable and is exhibited by wheezing and/or shortness of breath from the Pitsky.

Grooming for a Pitsky should have an annual budget of $240-$450, accounting for the size of the dog as well as the consistency of a professional groomer. Pitskies aren't the most high maintenance to groom, but with the husky genes, they might need a bit more attention so that they shed and get their coat cleaned and brushed properly.

Insurance Costs
A pet owner can expect to pay between $500-$1000 annually for pet insurance, depending on what the insurance company says and any specific they might have for breeds and things they won't do. That is largely up to the insurance company.

The budget for toys is a bit different as most dogs will either be more gentle with their toys or rougher, which results in buying new ones more often. Pit bulls and huskies are among the breeds that are rougher with their toys.

A Pitsky owner will want to plan for an average budget yearly of between $50 – $200. The toys will need to be durable and usually, those are pricier than any regular toy, additionally, the husky part of a Pitsky can get bored extremely easily and the pit side can develop severe anxiety, so providing stimulation with toys will help alleviate that.

The training of a husky is much more difficult than a pit bull, so some of those genes might be more present than the pit bull genes. Most dog training facilities charge between $30-$80 for an hour of class. Training a dog can take up to two months or longer.

The average annual price to plan for with weekly dog lessons should be between $200-$600 to allow for some room if training takes longer.

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