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Peekapoo Temperament: Life with Your Pekingese Poodle Mix Dog

The Peekapoo possesses one of the most sought-after temperaments of any dog out there. This is because the Peekapoo was one of the first poodle mixes back in the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, Poodle mixes are some of the oldest crosses out there, and the Peekapoo – or Pekingese mixed with Poodle – is one of the latest on the scene to excite Poodle-mix fans.

Why The Peekapoo Temperament and Personality Could Work Beautifully for You?

Peekapoos are little bundles of loving energy that make a great family dog. Especially if you’re looking for a dog who is hypoallergenic.

A Peekapoo’s heredity, training, and socialization all play important roles in the development of a Peekapoo’s personality and behavior.

Peekapoos are loving, trusting dogs who prefer to hang out with their families.

Here are other Peekapoo temperament traits that you'll enjoy. But pay close attention and don't ignore the last one.

Peekapoos are Playful with a Prey Drive

Peekapoos love to romp in the yard or walk on the beach. But she’ll think nothing of taking off after a squirrel or other small animal who wanders onto her property.

For this reason, you’ll want to keep her on a leash or in a fenced-in property when she’s outside. She’s small enough, so a four-foot fence should be enough to keep her in the yard to which she belongs.

Peekapoos are Good Watchdogs

Peekapoos love to bark and, because of that, they make for excellent watch dogs.

They are Great with other Dogs and All Family Members

When properly socialized, they fit in well with a family that already has dogs in it. And, because they tend to be snuggle bunnies, Peekapoos are also terrific with older adults and mature children.

Peekapoos Love Meeting Strangers

Peekapoos are interesting little creatures because they are both friendly and curious. This means that a Peekapoo takes no issue with going up to a stranger to investigate.

She’ll even allow him to pick her up to get to know her better.

Keep in mind, though, that this is the behavior of a dog who received proper early socialization.

Regularly introduce your dog to other people and animals while she’s young. If you do this, then she will have a healthy curiosity when she's older, rather than fear, anger or trepidation.

Peekapoos are Alert

Peekapoos are pretty alert, though, so if she senses something is off about a situation, she’ll have no problems letting you know. In other words, when raised properly, she has a perfect balance of getting to know strangers without letting her guard down if trouble is truly afoot.

Peekapoos are Adaptable

When it comes to her ideal living space, the Peekapoo does just fine whether it’s an apartment with no yard or a house with a large one. So long as she can be with the people she loves, she will be content.

Best to NOT leave them Alone for Long

If you have a schedule that would leave a Peekapoo alone for long periods of time, know that this crossbred dog sometimes suffers from separation anxiety. Walks and playtime in a fenced-in yard can help ease the pup’s stress.

A Brief History of the Peekapoo Breed

Breeders developed the Peekapoo in the 1950s specifically for people who suffer from allergies. They bred the dogs to have coats that were non- to low-shed